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Super 8 (2011)


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Cary: Excuse me, can I have another order of fries? Because my friend here is fat.
Charles: Funny, Chompers. At least I don't need a booster seat.

Dr. Woodward: He's in me, you know... As I am in him. So... When you see him next, as I'm sure you will... I'll be watching you, too. (00:56:12)

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Charles Kaznyk: We gotta go get the camera fixed and the film developed from last night.
Joe Lamb: Okay!
Charles Kaznyk: I'm gonna go steal some money from my mom.

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Jen Kaznyk: So I can't go to Wendy's party or wear the shorts? Not fair!
Mrs. Kaznyk: Jennifer Anne, 'Not fair' is Africa.
Jen Kaznyk: [Storming off] Mom's racist!

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Louis Dainard: I've seen it... Nobody believes me...
Joe Lamb: I believe you.

Alice Dainard: I know he wishes it was him instead of her. And... sometimes I wish it too.
Joe Lamb: Don't say that. He's your dad.

Charles Kaznyk: They look like white Rubik's cubes or something. (00:20:55)

Joe Lamb: I know bad things happen... Bad things happen... But you can still live. (01:37:12)

Charles Kaznyk: Uh, Mr. Lamb that's your camera, sir, but technically, that's my film. (00:51:09)

Dr. Woodward: If you speak of this... Or else... you, and your parents will die. (00:23:45)

Cary: He's too stoned!
Martin: Oh, drugs are so bad!

Factual error: After the train crash, the teen characters discover cube-like items. One of them states it looks like a Rubik's Cube. The movie itself takes place in 1979, but the Rubik's Cube, although invented in 1974, was not licensed to sell in the USA until 1980. It was not even called a "Rubik's cube" until 1980 (prior to this, it was known as a "Magic Cube"). (00:21:55)


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Trivia: J.J. Abrams familiar 'Slusho' logo/ad can be seen briefly in the Kelvin gas station that gets destroyed.


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Question: During the scene where the kids are eating in the diner and they are talking about the train crash, you can see Joe's father getting out of his police car across the street at the Auto Sales lot. I've noticed in movies that they don't usually have a major character appear in a scene without a reason, even in the background. So it makes me wonder if they cut out some interaction with Joe's father in the diner, or if this diner scene was originally intended to appear at a different point in the film, such as when Joe's father visits the car lot when the owner is complaining about things missing from his cars. I've watched my DVD many times, and I only just noticed this. Now I'm dying to know.


Answer: The explanation for the police car going into the auto dealership when Joe and friends are at the dinner is provided by J.J. Abrams in the "Commentary": "As it was originally written, you [audience] were simultaneously with the father going into the car dealership... umm... and with the kids in the diner. We ended up moving the structure around. So, it wasn't... umm. It was no longer simultaneous." Abrams said that the kids had been rehearsing at the table. Filming the auto dealership scene was finished so they went ahead and filmed the kids at the diner, too.


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