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Big (1988)

Big picture

Stupidity: After Josh runs away from home after being turned into an adult, nothing seems to be done about his "disappearance." The only indication that he is missing is his picture on the back of a milk carton. There's no flyers about him missing. No mention of his disappearance in any newspapers or TV news about his mom saying that he's been "abducted" by a stranger. Even when Josh writes a letter home, he uses the actual address of where he's staying, but no cops turn up at his door after his mom receives the letter.

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The Little Mermaid picture

Stupidity: Apparently, Ariel forgets how to write when she gets human legs. Ariel was able to sign a scroll underwater, but she apparently cannot do so to inform prince Eric of her identity.

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Suggested correction: We see Ariel sign in English, but most likely they have an entirely different alphabet and language from our own.

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Scream 2 picture

Stupidity: Ghostface ambushes Sidney and her friend with the two detectives protecting her while in the car. Ghostface busts out of the driver window, and slashes the throat of the driver detective and then assaults his partner, kicking the crap out of him. Ghostface is obviously going with the intent to kill and has a weapon. He just killed one of the detectives and threw the other in the street in front of the car. When Ghostface jumps in the car to take off, the living detective, beaten, jumps up with his gun trained on Ghostface. But rather than do anything smart, he just yells at the killer, the cop killer, to freeze and get out of the running car that he's standing in front of. He just saw the guy kill his own partner and knows he is intending to kill the girls in the back. His gun is pointed at Ghostface who is about to drive over him, but he just yells at him instead of shooting.

Quantom X Premium member

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Alita: Battle Angel picture

Stupidity: In 300 years, in an empoverished world full of people hungry for techs, nobody ever tried to remove the ship from a small pond barely 15 feet deep, and everything inside seems intact. It is mentioned that few tried because the technology is hard to sell being unknown (which is laughable), but surely some would try to strip the ship for alloys, and certainly the lights and monitors wouldn't stay untouched in a world based on scavenging. For 300 years and so close to the city, even.

Sammo Premium member

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Aladdin picture

Stupidity: When Jasmine finds out that Prince Ali is actually the boy she met in the marketplace, she seems to completely forget about Jafar telling her he had been executed. She never asks why he's alive, nor does she even bother to confront Jafar about his treachery.


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Suggested correction: The fact Aladdin was alive only told her Jafar lied about it. When she is brought back by Aladdin to the palace it is still night, not long after that she is confronted by her father and Jafar who has him under a spell. She hardly had time to ask about the treachery, probably thinking to do it in the morning. It is there and then Jafar is exposed by Aladdin. She probably wondered about it, but didn't figure out the implications yet.


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Armageddon picture

Stupidity: Colonel Sharpe retrieves a gun from a locker on the Freedom shuttle. However, said gun is shown lying flat on the floor of the compartment, with no visible means of securing it, which would hardly be standard NASA procedure given the shuttle undergoes a high-G launch, orbital manoeuvres and various other high acceleration events. A loaded gun bouncing around is the last thing anyone would allow on a shuttle. (01:42:39)


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Speed 2: Cruise Control picture

Stupidity: Dafoe does a lot of looking around while flying the plane. He could have pulled up much sooner. Then he screams and puts his hand to his face, and then he sees the tower and crashes into it. (01:53:29)

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Top Gun picture

Stupidity: When Cougar (and later, Maverick and Goose) report to Stinger's office at the beginning of the film, a photo of an F-5 in flight (or possibly a T-38) appears on the wall beside his desk. However, the F-5s that appear in this movie are standing in as MiGs. Of all the aircraft photos the set designer could have selected for this scene, it seems strange to use one of an "enemy" aircraft.

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The Birds picture

Stupidity: When the birds gather in the schoolyard, Melanie runs in to warn Annie. Rather than calling the police or fire department for help and then shelter in place until aid arrives (which would take about ten minutes), they instead decide to make a run for it with the children, out in the open, getting attacked by the birds. As it's the 1960s, the schoolhouse presumably has a working phone.

raywest Premium member

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The Girl Next Door picture

Stupidity: When Matt goes to the bank to close out the account he learns that it's been closed already by Kelly. Matt says he will be expelled, but he never did anything wrong except lie about who Kelly was. The bank teller is the one who was flirting with him and gave him the money with out any proper ID or papers, so if anything the bank would reimburse Matt/the school.


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The Lost Husband picture

Stupidity: At the outdoor market, Libby told her old girlfriends that she'd "be right back" and went into a stall in the women's room. Soon, her girlfriends came in but stayed in front by the mirror. Without bothering to look if anyone (particularly, Libby) was in one of the three stalls, they started talking negatively about Libby (e.g, " Ugh, what is it about her that is so irritating?", "I feel sorry for her", "She looks like she's wearing a Halloween costume", "She's like a lumberjack"). (00:55:08 - 00:56:00)


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Passengers picture

Stupidity: Gus is a blatant example of Deus Ex Machina. 1: The % of his pod malfuntion was too low. They mention multiple times how low the chances of a pod malfunction are (Jim's is the first in history), and then it happens twice? Jim's med-scanned him but Gus' didn't (?) so he had 610 things wrong with him. So he woke up dying 2: Gus' existence has only one objective: to give Jim the armband. 3: Before anything else can happen with Gus, he dies conveniently. Gus' existence had no other reason. We didn't care about him emotionally. He didn't advance the plot. He provided no new info or answers to questions. (failure cascade is easily discernible by Jim once he has access to the bridge) It would have been easier to just let Jim find an armband/access another way. DXM: holder of the macguffin magically appears (pod failure) delivers the macguffin (armband + code) goes away (dies without explanation) it's downright shameful.

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Suggested correction: This is all your opinion of a plotline - admittedly, an utterly lame one - not a film mistake. Film criticism and error spotting are two different things.

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The Handmaiden picture

Stupidity: When Sook-Hee walks into Hideko's bedroom before the two of them have sex, she slides the door open when going into the room and never closes it behind her. Once the two of them are in bed together and when they have sex, the door is left the way it is and never closed. Considering a sexual relationship between the two would have been completely forbidden, and, if they were caught, would likely ruin the plot to steal the inheritance money, it seems very foolish of them to ignore the open door, especially taking into account there are other people inside the mansion who could walk by at any moment. (00:41:30)

Casual Person

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Silver Streak picture

Stupidity: In Devereau's cabin, Hilly, George, and Grover are surrounding Devereau, with Grover and George training their pistols on him, but nobody notices Devereau slowly reaching for the "Call" button on the window sill which is in plain sight of Grover and Hilly.


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Baby Boom picture

Stupidity: When making apple sauce, just slapping a paper lid on the jar (instead of canning it properly) , would soon result in the jars turning to mold.

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A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song picture

Stupidity: When Gail shoos Luke off the first day, in fact nobody accompanies him to the door and they discuss the evil plans when he's not even gone nor they even check he is, they just go ahead with the script. It's a rather odd dynamic, very rushed and movie logic-like. Or theater logic, since it's a typical 'exit stage left' moment.

Sammo Premium member

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Forbidden Planet picture

Stupidity: All of Robbie's circuits have been burned out as a result of Morbius ordering him to kill the Id monster. The crew only has 24 hours to get the ship loaded and a safe distance away from Altair IV before it explodes. But one or more of the crew spends the little time they have fixing Robbie, a very sophisticated piece of technology, who is working the controls at the end of the movie.

Mike Lynch

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Running on Empty picture

Stupidity: Paul Manfield (Arthur Pope) and his family have been hiding from and eluding the FBI for fifteen years, but Paul gets so intoxicated one night that he loudly sings "Pretty Woman" walking toward his house - where neighbors could hear - and yells that he is not Paul, he is Arthur Pope. (00:52:18)


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Jagged Edge picture

Stupidity: After Jack is found not guilty, you would think the first thing he would do is to get rid of the typewriter he used to send the notes to Teddy to manipulate her into winning the case for him, especially when she is sleeping with him at his home. Not to even mention the fact he hid the typewriter in an unsecure manner in a closet behind a stack of towels, a place where it would very easily be found. This foolish mistake exposed the truth to Teddy and cost him his "freedom."


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