Best romance movie stupidity of all time

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Stupidity: At the end, Jim tells Aurora that the medical diagnostic and treatment unit "AutoDoc" can place her back into a state of hibernation so that she can complete the journey to Homestead II. She immediately objects, saying, "But there's only one AutoDoc!" (i.e., saying she won't do it if it means leaving Jim behind). Really? Only one AutoDoc unit on a half-mile-long starship with over 5,000 passengers and crewmen? Stupidity.

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Charles Austin Miller
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Suggested correction: The auto-doc is a tool for human doctors, it was not meant to be the primary form of medical treatment. This is evident when the auto-doc refused to reveal a prognosis because there was no doctor present, and in another case, it refused to administer treatment without medical supervision, and someone had to choose the specific treatment (s) to apply. Plus, it's likely an extremely expensive piece of equipment and the for-profit company that built the ship didn't see a need to put more than one on the ship.

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Stupidity: When making apple sauce, just slapping a paper lid on the jar (instead of canning it properly) , would soon result in the jars turning to mold.

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Stupidity: When Charlie is being pursued by Rose on the rooftop, at one point they both fall down near each other and Rose drops her axe. Charlie could have easily picked up the axe and defused the whole situation...but instead he gets up and just keeps running.

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Gavin Jackson
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Stupidity: At the end, the police inspector talks Bruce Lee into surrendering, and about 8 people (including the inspector) escort him out of the school. As soon as they're outside, Bruce sees a formation of heavily-armed police preparing to fire. Realizing he was betrayed, Bruce Lee charges, screaming, straight into a barrage of gunfire as the action freezes for credits. However, before the action freezes, there's NO reaction from anyone standing behind Bruce Lee, even though they are directly in the line of fire. Even the police inspector (who knew the police gunmen were waiting outside) just stands there instead of immediately diving for cover.

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Stupidity: When Matt goes to the bank to close out the account he learns that it's been closed already by Kelly. Matt says he will be expelled, but he never did anything wrong except lie about who Kelly was. The bank teller is the one who was flirting with him and gave him the money with out any proper ID or papers, so if anything the bank would reimburse Matt/the school.

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Stupidity: Central to the plot is the layout of the Mars lander. There are no seats or any restraints of any kind in the lander, which is ridiculous. Spacecraft require safety belts in order to prevent astronauts from being injured during rapid course corrections. Additionally, ordinary rolling desk chairs would not be sent into space, and would certainly not be placed on a landing vehicle.

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