Speed 2: Cruise Control

Plot hole: Dafoe and Bullock leave the ship a long time before it hits the tanker and there is a lot more time before it crashes into the town and even more before Alex gets on that speedboat. No matter how fast he could have gone, there is no way he would have caught up with them.

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Factual error: In one scene they attempt to divert the ship by manually activating the ship's bowthruster. A thruster is a propeller in a transverse direction. This allows the ship to turn more efficiently when docking. However the thruster loses any efficiency above approximately 5 knots. In the film they use it at 17 knots. Secondly, a thruster is powered by an electric motor of at least 500 kW, yet they manage to turn it by hand. That handle does not exist in real life, and no one would be able to turn it anyway.

Factual error: You cannot walk into a ballast tank from the accommodation areas. The tanks are not painted white on the inside, and electric lights are not installed in ballasttanks. And finally, when filling ballasttanks, it is done through a pipe and a pump, not by opening gigantic doors in the ship's hull.

Factual error: No ship has ever been - or ever will be built without having emergency fuel shutoff devices that can be manually operated.

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Suggested correction: Yes, but the fuel shut off valves would have been located in the engine room. The doors to the engine room had been locked by the bad guy.

Not only in the engine room but also at the bridge and most probably the steering gear room as well.

Continuity mistake: When Annie has been taken hostage near the end, Alex takes his white shirt off and throws it down. Next shot he has a dark blue shirt on. (01:22:00)

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Continuity mistake: You have to look really close, but while they are dancing, when the alarms go off, Sandra Bullock is wearing hose. Later, when they are running around the ship, she has taken them off. Then towards the end, wear she is under water, with her hands tied together, she is wearing pantyhose again.

Factual error: In the scene where Dafoe is escaping in the hydro-plane with Bullock, it takes an extremely long time to take off. Those kind of planes needs 800-900 meters to achieve the necessary speed, taking about 45 sec., while the scene lasts almost 2 minutes.


Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie, the cameras show a wide shot of the cruise liner from the sky, the evening before all the commotion look for the name of the ship, it is painted over, but the next morning, the name is perfectly readable.

Factual error: Near the end, the starboard anchor runs out, into a car on the pier. The anchor chain on a normal vessel of that size is about 300 meters long, and fastened to the vessel at the end, in the bottom of the so-called chain-locker. And the anchor does not come out of the ship in a roll lead, it has its own opening in the hull.

Audio problem: When Jason Patric is pursuing Willem Dafoe and firing a shotgun, the gun is a semi-automatic (self-loading) model. However, the sound mix includes the very distinctive noise of a pump-action shotgun being cycled manually before each shot.

Factual error: When Willem Dafoe places the devices on the bridge, all lights are on. It is night outside, and if all lights are on inside, you can't see anything outside. All you will see, is your own reflection in the window.

Revealing mistake: When Seaborn Legend hits the Eindhoven Lion, some of the sparks come from places that are not making contact. (01:30:00)

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Continuity mistake: Before the Eindhoven Lion explodes, there are several shots of lifeboats being lowered to the sea, but in all subsequent shots around Eindhoven Lion, the lifeboats are nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: The Seaborn Legend hits the Eindhoven Lion and can be seen scraping off the end of the tanker. The shot then changes to Annie and the Seaborn Legend is a good distance away from the tanker. (01:30:20)

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Audio problem: When Alex orders that the second anchor be dropped, the 1st officer says "I'm telling you we're still too fast." However, his mouth doesn't move at all. (01:33:30)

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Factual error: The Eindhoven Lion exploding should almost be akin to a nuclear bomb going off. The boat they escape on would have been incinerated from the blast, or at the very least blown off the water.

Continuity mistake: In a shot of the ship's bow heading toward land, "Seabourn Legend" has been incorrectly spelt as "Seabojn Legend".

Plot hole: When Drew first went into the elevator, Geiger's clock on the countdown for evacuation said 5 minutes about. When Drew gets stuck in the elevator when Geiger blows up the charges he positioned throughout the ship, the countdown on the computer had stopped already. How could Drew be in the elevator for five minutes, if not longer? It wouldn't take 5 minutes to get up a couple of floors.

Other mistake: At the end when the plane hits the tanker, people shout "abandon ship" and next shot, a lifeboat full of people is halfway down the side of the ship. This would be impossible. (01:48:00)

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Alex: Go faster.
Maurice: Give me one good reason.
Alex: If you don't, I'll push you off the boat.
Maurice: That's a good reason.

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Question: I've never understood why Annie was such a terrible driver in this film (driving test scene). She says in Speed that she had her licence revoked for speeding, which doesn't make her a bad driver, just fast. She managed to drive the bus fairly well.

Answer: Annie is a reckless driver. The way she drives during her test certainly fits with the description she gives in the first film of why her license was revoked. She only says "speeding" when asked why her license was revoked but excessive speeding and reckless driving go hand in hand. It is doubtful that anyone who has had their license revoked for speeding tickets would be an otherwise safe and responsible driver.


Not everyone that speeds is reckless. The driving scene in Speed 2 is excessively bad.

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