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Corrected entry: Everyone's reaction on Tuneman's boat to the explosion of the Eindhoven Lion doesn't follow human nature. In no camera shot does it show anyone on the boat looking back at the explosion. I would have thought something so dramatic would have at least piqued their interest.

Correction: You would have thought wrong then. Their attention is focused on their direction of travel. There are 4 people in Tuneman's boat, 2 of whom are have had their fill of watching things explode and all of whom are very well aware of the gigantic explosion which is about to occur behind them and who are quite keen to get as far away as possible.

Corrected entry: There are 2 clear references to Speed: Tune-Man, the owner of the $150,000 boat, is the same as the Jaguar owner which is destroyed by Jack (Reeves) in order to get into the bus - when Jason Patric asks him the boat, after introducing himself as police officer, you can hear Tune Man say something about the insurance. The second, near the end, while Sandra Bullock starts her driving exam, she almost hits a bus very similar to the famous 2525.


Correction: This is intentional, and far too obvious to be trivia.


Corrected entry: Whilst the ship is slowing down, the Scottish crewman is giving a running commentary of the speed decrease. When the boat comes to a rest, he looks bewildered and says "zero". A few shots later, the same exact same scene is duplicated with the same bewildered look saying the same thing.

Correction: The shot is not the same. In the first she he is moving around. If you look at the white panel it is obvious. In the second shot of him saying Zero, he is not moving.

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Corrected entry: When Annie and Alex are boarding the Sebourn Legend for the first time, they are approached by Dante, the cruise photographer. He takes a posed shot of them, but when Alex and Annie are walking away from him up the stairs, he keeps taking pictures of the backs of their heads! What kind of professional photographer would waste film on utterly useless shots?

Correction: Character mistake at best, but not really even that. He is attracted to Annie so much that he keeps taking them, possibly for his own personal benefit. Also, anyone who has ever gone on a cruise knows that photographers taking an insane amount of pictures of the same people is quite common, and they charge a hefty price for them. Wasting a few shots would not be out of line for him at all.


Corrected entry: During the sequence where they are manually turning the thruster, they turn the starboard thruster; from the outside shots, the ship turns to starboard. This is incorrect, the starboard thruster creates thrust from the starboard side, turning the ship to port.

Correction: Not true. Look at the bow thruster blades. They are turned at an angle that would in fact move the ship to starboard.

Corrected entry: When they attempt to drop the anchor it is torn off the ship, but when the ship is crashing through the port, you can see the anchor.

Correction: There are two anchors. The one that got ripped off the ship was on the port. The other one got stuck and stayed there.

Corrected entry: It is extremely unlikely that the float plane that exploded would carry that much fuel to create that size explosion, also the height of the plane in relation to the ship would also minimise its effects as the further the explosion has to travel, the more it dissipates.

Correction: It wasn't the plane's fuel that caused the big explosion, it was the Crude Oil in the gigantic tanker, which it crashed into. The plane's explosion caused a chain reaction which set off the rest of the ship in a huge fireball.


Corrected entry: Geiger gives the crew 15 minutes to evacuate after which he restarts the engines. When he does that, you catch at glimpse of his computer screen. On the screen it says "Course settings Eindhoven Lion". That is incorrect. The name of the ship is Seabourn Legend. Eindhoven Lion is the oil-tanker that the Seabourn legend collides with later in the movie.

Correction: That's because Geiger is setting the course settings of the Seabourn Legend towards the Eindhoven Lion - the collision is intentional.


Corrected entry: When Sandra Bullock and the leading man are running through the ship, they smell rotting eggs. He states that it is sulfur. This is incorrect because sulfur is odorless. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is what smells like rotting eggs.

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Correction: You're corrected your own post. H2S is the SULPHIDE of hydrogen - it is mostly (by weight) sulphur/sulfur. Saying he can smell sulphur (because it is forming aromatic compounds on contact with hydrogen) is perfectly correct.

Corrected entry: Alex and the photographer turn the bow thruster to force the ship to turn and avoid a collision with the Eindhoven Lion. This being the case, surely the Seabourn Legend should therefore continue in a circle and not be able to head for land.

Correction: The bow thrusters were manually operated, which means that they would stop working when Alex and the photographer left them, so the ship would stop turning around.

They were operating a valve. Not like they needed to keep turning it afterwards. The valve was open. Not that that makes any sense either.

Factual error: You cannot walk into a ballast tank from the accommodation areas. The tanks are not painted white on the inside, and electric lights are not installed in ballasttanks. And finally, when filling ballasttanks, it is done through a pipe and a pump, not by opening gigantic doors in the ship's hull.

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Alex Shaw: I gotta get my girl.

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Question: I've never understood why Annie was such a terrible driver in this film (driving test scene). She says in Speed that she had her licence revoked for speeding, which doesn't make her a bad driver, just fast. She managed to drive the bus fairly well.

Answer: Annie is a reckless driver. The way she drives during her test certainly fits with the description she gives in the first film of why her license was revoked. She only says "speeding" when asked why her license was revoked but excessive speeding and reckless driving go hand in hand. It is doubtful that anyone who has had their license revoked for speeding tickets would be an otherwise safe and responsible driver.


Not everyone that speeds is reckless. The driving scene in Speed 2 is excessively bad.

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