Speed 2: Cruise Control

Revealing mistake: When we see Annie looking back at Seaborn Legend just after it hit the Heindhoven Lion, the Seaborn Legend looks like it is superimposed onto the water. (01:30:30)

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Continuity mistake: Once the two huge ships have collided, they go off in opposite directions. Just as they notice that they are going into town, the one boat is at a completely different angle. (01:31:10)

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Revealing mistake: When Alex and Dante are heading for the bow thrusters, there is one shot of the Seabourne Legend cutting through the water. In one shot you can see the wake from the filming boat before where the Seabourne Legend has been. (01:27:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Annie is being taken hostage at the end, Alex jumps down onto the stern door but misses and lands in the water. He is then shown hanging onto the stern door's edge. Since the edge is about 10 feet over the water's surface, he must be a pretty good athlete to jump and grab hold of it. (01:23:10)

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Other mistake: Throughout the entire film, Alex manages to keep the engagement ring in his pocket after everything that happened. (01:51:50)

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Suggested correction: People manage to keep things in their pockets all the time after enduring a lot of different activities. This is in no way a mistake whatsoever.

Factual error: The "Seabourn Legend" makes 19 knots at full sea speed. After Geiger fails one of the engines she still makes 18 knots while headed for the "Eindhoven Lion." With only one screw active and one engine out of order, that wouldn't be possible.

Continuity mistake: After being underwater to deal with the bow thrusters, Alex and Dante go up to the bridge. When they get there both of their shirts are almost completely dry, despite being fully submerged in water only minutes before. (01:32:40)

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where the motorboat hits the ramp and lands in a store, you can see while it's in the air that the propeller isn't turning.


Other mistake: Alex jumps from the deck to the stern and falls into the sea. The ship moves at a speed of about 15 knots, and there is no chance that in a few seconds Alex could climb back to the ship, because he would be at least 50 feet away. (01:26:55)

Continuity mistake: On the bridge the speed is shown going down fairly fast. The camera shows it going down from 17.8kts to 17.3kts. Geiger is then made aware of the deceleration and opens up his PC. The speed is still decreasing but is only at 17.1kts when he first looks. The speed is still going down at the same rate so should be well past 17.1kts on Geiger's screen. (01:18:00)

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Factual error: At this time, there was no way that you could take full control of a ship's engine, navigation, fire fighting systems etc. remotely.

Visible crew/equipment: When the Seaborn Legend is just starting to hit the decking, there is one shot from on the deck of the boat moving towards the camera with a cannon in front of the boat. Look by the end of the cannon and you can see the camera that is attached to the boat. (01:37:00)

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Continuity mistake: When the cruise liner is heading towards the oil tanker, her speed is 17kts. When the oil taker is monitoring the cruise ship, the speed it's doing is 14kts. Alex's attempt to slow the cruise ship down failed so that won't explain the difference. (01:18:00 - 01:21:00)

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Suggested correction: This is incorrect due to how ships record speed. In fact it is probably the most factual thing in the entire film! The Seaborn Legend records its speed using GPS like every other ship, but it will also take into account current speed and direction (speed and direction the water is moving at) Any other ships would see the same GPS data which would show the speed lower than what it actually is. In the nautical word, this is known as "Speed Over Water VS Speed Over Ground"

Continuity mistake: When Alex realises Drew is in the ballast tanks by looking at the monitor, he says "f**k" before anyone can be seen on the screen. (00:59:20)

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Suggested correction: I think your film may have been out of sync slightly as this doesn't happen on my copy?

Other mistake: While the ship rips through the town, many buildings seems to get smashed. But in the shot from above not all the damaged buildings are visible. (01:41:10 - 01:45:00)

Other mistake: In more than one scene, Alex is normally talking to Drew although she's deaf. She wasn't looking at him while he was talking, so she couldn't have read his lips.


Revealing mistake: In the very beginning of the film, when Alex rides his motorcycle to catch the bad guy, when he flies through the air you can his stunt double who has blonde curly hair. And when the camera goes to a close-up to Alex, you can see his hair is black.


Continuity mistake: When Geiger is setting off from the ship, in the background, the stern door is almost shut. Camera cuts to Alex on the stern door and it is nowhere near shut. (01:23:15)

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Merced: We can not stop the ship.
Alex Shaw: Then we have to slow it down.
Merced: What are you gonna do, are you gonna let the air outta our tires?

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Question: Why did the first sail boat the ship hit explode? (01:38:20)

Answer: There is no logical reason for it and it is purely for cinematic theatrics. It's a movie myth that cars, boats, etc. immediately explode upon impact. In real life, explosions rarely happen that way.

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