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Castle, P.I. - S7-E11

Esposito: How much trouble can he be?
Beckett: Trust me, once he finds out that he has to work this case without me, he's gonna get bored, and he's gonna move on.
Esposito: He found our victim's school without you.
Beckett: Yeah, but that was easy, he doesn't have access to financials, to phone records, to street cam footage, I mean how far is he gonna get?
Ryan: You know what would really suck? If Castle solved this case before we did.
Beckett: And that is not possible!
Ryan: Yeah, but what if he did?
Beckett: Then we'd never hear the end of it!
Esposito: Ah, nooooo, you would never hear the end of it. You're the one that has to go home to that guy.


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