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The Lives of Others - S5-E19

Trivia: Castle, bored at home, begins spying on his neighbors. Writer/creator Andrew Marlowe and writer Terri Miller make cameos (with Castle commenting that they must be writers). (00:06:45)


Fool Me Once - S2-E4

Trivia: Firefly reference. In that show, two agents were sent to capture the character River Tam. The agents wore blue surgical gloves and were foreshadowed by River prophetically muttering "two by two, hands of blue." In this Castle episode, after putting on blue gloves ("hands of blue") , Castle holds up two fingers on each hand one after the other ("two by two") then opens his hands.

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The Late Shaft - S2-E20

Trivia: After learning a murdered television host was planning on changing his show-ending signature line, Castle suggests to Beckett that they should have a signature line of their own, and suggests "A whole new chapter in crime solving." This is actually the tag line on the season 1 DVD set. The other line Castle suggests, "She's armed, he's dangerous", became the tag line on the season 2 DVD set.

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The Lives of Others - S5-E19

Trivia: At the act break of the teaser, when the title card is shown and the pen used as the right downward slant in the "A" appears, blood seeps out, forming the number "100." This is the show's 100th episode. (00:10:20)

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Probable Cause - S5-E5

Trivia: When Castle is sitting in holding, and Jerry Tyson shows up to taunt him, Tyson's cop disguise has a nameplate with "J. Rook" on it. This is a reference to Jameson Rook, the fictional character in Castle's Nikki Heat books that he based on himself.

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Boom! - S2-E18

Trivia: With 14.5 million viewers, this is the show's most-watched episode, and was the highest-rated show on ABC in its time slot in fourteen years.

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Rise - S4-E1

Trivia: When Castle goes to visit Beckett in the hospital with his bouquet of flowers, Captain Montgomery's mysterious friend Mr. Smith surreptitiously passes by him dressed as a doctor. (00:08:55)

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Smells Like Teen Spirit - S6-E15

Trivia: Near the end of the episode, while dancing at the school dance, Beckett and Castle decide on Andrew Belle's "In My Veins" as 'their song' for the wedding. The same song plays under the end of "Always", the season 4 finale, when Beckett admits to Castle her feelings for him and they consummate their relationship.

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The Final Frontier - S5-E6

Trivia: Chris McKenna appears in this episode in a supporting role. As a teenager, McKenna played Joey Buchanan on the soap opera One Life to Live; when he left the show, the character was aged a couple of years and Nathan Fillion was cast as his replacement.

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Trivia: As a tie-in to the series, shortly after it premiered, ABC began publishing Castle's Nikki Heat books, ghostwritten by a real author and credited to Castle. In 'Heat Rises', a murder victim is mentioned as having owned a copy of the movie 'Air Force One', which was written by "Castle" creator Andrew Marlowe.

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Overkill - S2-E23

Audio problem: When Demming writes "Stolen books" on the white board and says, "Killed for a fortune in stolen books, so I'll run the work crews and see if anybody has priors", his lips don't match what he's saying at all.

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Reality Star Struck - S5-E14

Question: Before this episode, there was a Christmas episode "Secret Santa" and then there was "Significant Others" with Meredith showing up to take care of Alexis. In that episode, Beckett mentions choosing the movie Valentine's Day for a date night, causing her to lose a turn. In this episode, Castle and Beckett are celebrating their first Valentine's Day together. So, are they celebrating Valentine's Day twice? This wasn't too long after the Christmas episode and when Beckett made her movie choice, no snow was on the ground. Is this a mistake or is this really their first Valentine's Day together?

Answer: The networks are now having winter breaks. A mid season end of new episodes, when they come back after the new year, it picks up as if several months have gone by. Beckett suggested Valentine's Day as a "chick flick" to watch as she is moved in. Also some episodes are not scheduled to air in order.

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