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Murder He Wrote - S5-E4

Castle: What kind of cold-blooded killer takes a nap on the beach after shooting someone?
Beckett: Castle, I'm on vacation. If I wanted to investigate a murder, I would have stayed in the city.

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Probable Cause - S5-E5

Castle: Jewelry. I never would have thought of that.
Beckett: I guess I'll have to remind you when my birthday's coming up.
Castle: Why Detective Beckett, was that a hint you just dropped?
Beckett: Why Mr. Castle, I do believe it was.
Castle: Shameless.


Secret's Safe with Me - S5-E3

Beckett: What are you doing with two grand in your pocket?
Castle: I'm a best-selling author. Why wouldn't I have two grand my pocket?

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The Fast and the Furriest - S5-E20

Beckett: Castle, please, no more Wookie calls.
Castle: It's not Wookie. I'm not doing Wookie. I can't do Wookie. Alexis does a really cute Wookie.
Beckett: Well, whatever you're doing, could you stop?
Castle: You're scared it might work?
Beckett: No, I am scared that I might murder you, and then I'll have two crime scenes on my hands.

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The Final Frontier - S5-E6

Beckett: Perlmutter.
Perlmutter: Detective Beckett.
Castle: Perlmutter.
Perlmutter: And non detective Castle.


Death Gone Crazy - S5-E12

Lanie: This is a 36D Sultura.
Beckett: Ooh, that's high-end.
Lanie: Definitely. One of these could run you 200, 250.
Esposito: 250 dollars, for a bra?
Lanie: Oh, but it's okay to spend that on a pair of sneakers, right?
Esposito: A pair of sneakers is practical. Okay? They can support your, um...
Castle: [Shaking his head at Espoosito.] Eject.


Significant Others - S5-E10

Esposito: Bro... What was that?
Castle: What was what?
Ryan: Your girlfriend just uttered a sarcastic remark about your ex-wife, and all you're gonna say is, "What was what?"
Castle: Oh, that was nothing.
Esposito: Spit it out!
Ryan: Tell us!
Castle: Ahh, OK, uh, as you know, Beckett is, staying at the loft while her place is getting fumigated, Alexis is home sick as well, and then Meredith showed up and she said she wanted to stay in the loft...
Esposito: And you said no. [Pauses for reply.] Tell me you said no. [Look of concern on Castle's face.] Wowwww!
Ryan: Really?!
Esposito: Letting an ex stay with you when you're with someone else... That's like throwing gasoline on fireworks!

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