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Montreal - S7-E2

Castle: Fine, I'll go! Eh, Montreal is a short flight, I'll be there and back in a
couple of hours.
Beckett: No! Not after everything we've been through, you're not going alone!
Alexis: She's right, and you can't go by yourself. I'll go with you!
Castle: Yes...yes...she'll go with me!
Beckett: We have no idea what's out there. No idea who's out there, that's too risky.
Castle: It's Canada, how risky could it be? And need I remind you I'm a grown man, I don't need to ask your permission, that being said, please! please! please can I, can I go?
Beckett: OK, fine, but only because I know you're not going to do anything stupid if she's with you. [To Alexis.] Don't let him do anything stupid.
Alexis: Promise.

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