NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Once a Hero - S4-E8

Revealing mistake: When Ducky opens the fridge door containing the suspected killer, the dead body's eye twitches.


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Sandblast - S4-E7

Revealing mistake: When the victim's son turns the music down, the shot is reversed. As seen by the writing on the CD player being backwards.


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NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service mistake picture

Shalom - S4-E1

Revealing mistake: At the start when the two cars crash and Ziva's Mini goes out round the crash, colour coded markers (red for the Mini, Blue for the crashed car) are visible on the road.


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Season 4 generally

Revealing mistake: During season 4 the same television clip of President Bush and VP Cheney disembarking Air Force One is used on the background television in the squad room. In some cases the clip is running and not in unison, on three of the televisions in the same scene from shot to shot.

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Once a Hero - S4-E8

Revealing mistake: When Ducky and Gibbs are in the morgue examining the body of the girl found in the hotel, the camera cuts for a few seconds to the girl lying on the slab. During that shot, you can see her neck moving to her pulse (just after Ducky says, "There's some bruising on the sternum").


NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service mistake picture

In the Dark - S4-E22

Revealing mistake: When Tony is telling Gibbs & Ducky that Abby got a hit on the dead sailor's fingerprints, Gibbs takes the file from Tony; the camera shows the file, which appears to be a legitimate profile sheet, but in the comments section, is the script that Tony just read aloud.



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Todd: What you doing?
DiNozzo: Chronicling this little conversation for our next meeting with Ducky.
Gibbs: Are you done?
DiNozzo: Almost.
Gibbs: Done or Fired are the choices.
DiNozzo: Done.



When Tony shows Chandler's boarding pass to McGee for photo evidence, Tony's hand moves from holding the upper edge to the lower edge.



Donald Bellisario makes a cameo as a visitor passing by Gibbs at Bethesda hospital at the end of the episode.