NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Family - S5-E2

Revealing mistake: Part 1 - As Tony eats his donut, and spills the jelly on his shirt, it's clear that (the actor) is moving his body to make that 'accident' happen as scripted. As the jelly begins to leak out, he doesn't move; because it doesn't fall as expected, he jerks suddenly, to make the jelly fall on his shirt. He stops moving, 'shocked' at this, holding the donut with both hands.Part 2 - The camera angle changes to 'behind' him, and he is only holding the donut with one hand.Part 3 - He then grabs at a napkin (just out of frame) to clean it off; the camera cuts to Ziva briefly, then back to Tony, who does not have any napkin. (TIME: Approx. 24:55-25:05.)


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