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Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend - S6-E4

Corrected entry: The SFPD is shown as having jurisdiction on a homicide that was committed in Marin County. They would actually never have jurisdiction over the case at all - in committing the crime, Linda Fusco would have only passed through parts of Marin and Alameda Counties. This means that although Monk and Natalie could still be sent to the crime scene on Linda's behalf (since Monk is only a private detective), the Marin County Sheriff's Department would be in charge of the case.


Correction: The SFPD is NOT shown to have jurisdiction over this case. Stottlemeyer says he knows some guys up there and they'll work this together. The guys in Marin county do it as a favour for him. He DOES send Monk on Linda's behalf. And Marin County ARE in charge of the case. Stottlemeyer is kept in the loop as a favour.

Correction: The teacher was in on it. She pretended not to see the "victim" so Sharona would think she was going crazy.

Correction: In this episode it isn't that he is afraid of elevators, but he notices that the floor of the elevator car doesn't line up properly with the floor of the room, and is thus "crooked" and "unsafe." This is why he insists on taking the stairs.

Correction: Not so. It is at the discretion of both the Prosecuting and Defense Attorney whom they seat on the jury and whom they excuse, taking into consideration the type of trial, nature of the offense and credibility of the juror. My father is a retired police officer and was called for jury duty and seated three times during and after his tenure with the police department.


Correction: Your DNA has to be on record for them to immediately know who you are. If it's not, then they have to take a sample from you and match the two up, and they can't even force you to provide a DNA sample without sufficient evidence pointing toward you. Apparently the killer didn't have a sample of his DNA on record.

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Correction: Monk has always lived in an apartment building.

Lummie Premium member

The apartment can be seen on Google Earth - 999 Broadway St. SF.

Correction: Just because something isn't explained doesn't make it a plot hole. But his wife said Patrick took a $10M life insurance policy out on her, so that's one reason.


Correction: In the episode the host says you need a pin but if you didn't have one there were some near the back. In any case, there was nothing to suggest this was a high security event. As you said he could have made Natalie his plus 1. A number of the other alumni at the event brought their partner. The gentleman who lost his wife and the former classmate of Monk's both had their partners.

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Mr. Monk and the Three Pies - S2-E11

Corrected entry: The scene where Monk and van Ranken attempt to recreate the scene of the murder to find a bullet is impossible. Side-ejecting ammo can land anywhere and therefore they could never have found the bullet.

Correction: I think that's the point - side-ejecting ammo can land anywhere which is why, when van Ranken couldn't find the last shell, he assumed (incorrectly) that it must have landed in one of the pies. The scene of him throwing the shells up in the air was simply to help spur ideas of places it might have landed that he might not have thought of - including the flour.

Correction: Randy has also been shown many times to be incredibly oblivious of his surroundings. At most its still just a character choice, not a mistake.

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Mr. Monk Bumps His Head - S4-E11

Corrected entry: It's late at night when Roger is stung by hundreds of bees at the lookout point. But bees (both the European and Africanized varieties) are not active in late night hours. They're diurnal (active only during the day). Unless something breaks into their hive, which doesn't happen here, they don't fly or swarm at night. (00:42:00)

Jean G

Correction: Maybe it is early in the morning and did he not drop the waitress's body down lookout point? Also the body could very well have triggered the bees and the hornets.

Mr. Monk and the Actor - S5-E1

Corrected entry: Monk tells David about Trudy's murder, saying she told him that day she was going out to run an errand for his brother Ambrose. But this contradicts the facts established in "Mr. Monk & the 3 Pies," where Monk didn't know why Trudy had gone out that day until Ambrose told him. That's definitely not a fact that Monk would get wrong.

Jean G

Correction: Given that Monk "found out" several times that Kelly street was not an address one must assume that his memory is not very reliable when it comes to Trudy's murder and everything surrounding it.

Correction: Well for one thing Trudy was supposed to be doing an errand for Ambrose that day however, as stated in previous episodes the errand was never specified and Monk did not understand what she was doing in the parking lot most likely because the errand had nothing to do with where she was. And, If I recall correctly even stated that she was supposed to be doing him an errand but ended up in the parking lot maybe waiting for someone. So monk in fact did not know what she was doing there.

Correction: Absolutely not true. Monk's memory of all things Trudy was impeccable. He'd spent years poring over every aspect of her murder, and would not under any circumstances have forgotten something this important.

Jean G

Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan - S6-E1

Corrected entry: Monk is confronted with a case where Marci's dog, which died 3 days earlier, is suspected of mauling her neighbor. Marci therefore is suspected of killing her dog after the fact to save herself from prosecution. Any veterinarian could easily determine whether a dog died today or 3 days earlier by its stage of decomposition.

Prince Eitel Joe

Correction: While true, Marci hadn't been arrested or charged at that point. The police were still investigating the case as seen by the Captain with the file at dinner. It was only a theory at that point that she had her dog euthanised after the death.

Lummie Premium member

Of course but my point is that it did not need Monk to prove her innocence as portrayed and it is highly unlikely that Monk would - according to his disliking of Marci and his genius - would not have pointed to that simple solution.

Prince Eitel Joe

Correction: His favorite brand changed to Summit Creek in season 6. It was stated in Mr. Monk's biggest fan by Marcy Maven.

Mr. Monk Goes Back to School - S2-E1

Corrected entry: When Monk is leaving Derek Philby's classroom, he dots the "I" in "REMINDER" on the blackboard. However, the word was in capital letters, so the "I" needn't have been dotted. Monk wouldn't make this mistake. (And the word is written in plain block sans-serif letters, so he's not adding a missing line: he's definitely dotting the capital I.)


Correction: Not all the letters in the word reminder were capitalized. It was written "ReMiNDER."

Correction: He may have meant the man that the DA was going to help them meet with, rather than the DA herself. What the captain said was ambiguous.


It wasn't really ambiguous. But you're right, the Captain was referring to Warrick Tennyson. That was the whole purpose of the trip, to talk to him ("this guy"). The DA's office was the one that set up the meeting, so someone from the DA's office was going to meet Monk et al, but that's not who they were going to talk to.


Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan - S6-E1

Corrected entry: In the scene where Randy hits Ringel with the timber, it was originally the same length as all the others. Then at the moment Randy strikes, he hits the timber with a flat palm. In real life, it would just return into its stack without touching Ringel at all.

Correction: No, just as in the game he played with the kid he was looking for one piece of timber that was loose enough to slide through the stack and hit Ringel just as it did.

Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa - S6-E10

Corrected entry: Why is everyone talking about the gun piece as if it's evidence, even the police do. 1st they don't know who called in the tip. 2nd the reporter touched it with her bare hands and kept it for over 24 hours before turning it over to the police, and 3rd the chain of evidence is completely messed up. It would never be considered evidence by police.


Correction: It may not be admissible in court, but it can still be used in the investigation in order to determine who is guilty. Subsequently, additional evidence can be gathered.

Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend - S6-E4

Corrected entry: When Mr. Monk is doing his summation, he mentions the moving truck being towed. However, he would have no way of knowing about this because he wasn't there when it happened, and he couldn't have heard about it from Stottlemeyer because he wouldn't talk to him about the murder.


Correction: The moving truck was impounded outside the police station. Additionally, Monk found a rental form for a moving truck in Linda's house. He probably saw the impounded moving truck, then saw the rental form. After leaving the house, he and Natalie likely went over the records to determine where the impounded moving truck had come from, and that's how they learned it was towed from in front of Linda's house.


Mr. Monk Is on the Run (2) - S6-E16

Corrected entry: When Mr. Monk and Natalie escape from the Sheriff at the car wash in Sparks, Nevada, they end up taking the Sheriff's car. They are first seen after this with this car as they are checking the Sheriff's briefcase on the side of the road. Then, the very next scene is with Natalie and the man behind bars at San Quentin (just north of San Francisco and at least a 2 to 3 hour drive from Sparks, Nevada). Then they are seen with Natalie's car at the parade in Riverton, CA (a town between San Francisco and San Quentin). The only way this could have happened is if they drove all the way back to Sparks, Nevada and then changed cars and returned to Riverton, California (at least 5 to 6 hours driving). Since the parade was happening that day, there would not have been enough time to do all of this driving and get to the parade on time.

Correction: They only took Rollins' car to escape and so he couldn't follow them. They had plenty of time to get Natalie's car once they were safe. Mr. Monk was already lying low while Natalie went to San Quentin, and Natalie got a camera put in her purse. So they did several things prior to Natalie going to the jail.

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Suggested correction: Randy says when that uncle dies that they were never close, so his leaving him the farm comes as a total surprise. It's still a character mistake, however, Randy is established as the sort of person who could "blank out" a relative that long-lost.

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Question: Is it ever stated (in-universe or otherwise) if Natalie has a second job, or how she can afford everything, including all her new cars (I've seen her in at least 5 new cars, including an Audi)? She's always complaining she's broke, even after it's revealed she's a Davenport. But she also claims she doesn't take money from them. Plus, she's always trying to get Monk to pay her and/or pay her the full amount she's owed.


Answer: Through the entire show, I don't recall her ever mentioning another job. The two explanations I had for being able to afford those cars, was there might have been a life insurance policy after her husbands death (or Mitch left her quite a bit after he died). The other may have been she had accepted some money from her family willingly or unwillingly asked for it. But in truth, I would imagine it was for product placement in the show. Most shows like Monk tend to keep the characters moderately wealthy or financially healthy, so they can insert products or items for the characters to use. Phones, food items, cars etc.

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Answer: In one of the episodes it shows her going back home and that she came from money. Her parents are wealthy. Maybe that is the answer.

But in the show after it's revealed she comes from money, she states she doesn't take money from her parents, despite still visiting them.


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