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0/10.This was truly an awful show.I, as an Obssessive Compulsive Disorder person can tell you, having this condition isn't funny nor should be laughed at.We're people who should be treated with some dignity and respect not yelled at to change nor be snickered at.If anything, we're more sensible than the rest of the world filled with too much violence, politics, thug and terrorist appeasing dolts, welfare recipients, intolerance, etc.The show's episodes pretty much are the same:Monk fears something, will have to deal with it by the end in order to solve the crime.The characters here:1.Monk:A self pitying type whose sole purpose in life is to complain about the world around him and try making the rest of us as gloomy as he is.One episode, Mr Monk Meets The Playboy, illustrates this as he wrecks a party with the on going cliched TV show gimmick of reminiscing over his long dead wife.They truly expect us to believe one OCD'er could have all these phobias and barely function, right.2.Stottlemeyer:A blowhard whose function on the show is to look stupid as the barely functioning ex cop makes him, and law enforcement in general, look stupid.3.Disher:The epitome of dumb cop, with being dumb as his gimmick, made me cringe.4.Sharona:The cliched single mother doing quite well who dressed and sounded like a New Jersey hooker with a barely developed son.5. Natalie:A rewrite of her predecessor only better looking with a daughter, who, like the son, is also barely developed.They all act so ridiculous it's a miracle they went on for 8 or more seasons.I'm ashamed to say I watched this before I eventually caught on to the idiocy and left this whole mess behind me.This was hardly different from any other cop show of the last 30 years where cops are either incompetent, corrupt, or willing to break the law to preserve it.Just an awful mess here.


Faced paced and believable. Monk at his best at the end!
Five stars and two thumbs up!

Mr. Monk Goes to Jail - S2-E16

Factual error: When Monk visits the prison for the first time, he is searched, passed, and has a mini-panic attack because people have touched him. Sharona steps forward to comfort him, and she puts her arms around him. This is a very serious breach of procedure and it is not possible for the guards to miss it, because Sharona has not been searched. It's a common technique for trying to pass contraband called 'a touch through' - a person with an item to be smuggled into the prison (drugs, usually), passes them on to a person who has been searched and is therefore 'clean'. Monk would be taken back to the guard's station to be searched again. He would not be allowed leniency because the guards happen to know or to like him - visitor ingress and egress is always done under CCTV and the guard would know he was being watched - quite possibly by someone who doesn't know who Monk and Sharona are.

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Suggested correction: Sharona was searched first by the female guard.

In fact Sharona breaks away from the female guard to go to Monk. She has NOT been searched.

The correction is correct. The female guard already finished patting Sharona down before the male guard even had a chance to start his pat down of Monk.


Yeah, the correction is correct. I went back six times through that clip: Sharona and Monk both get searched, and then Sharona touches Monk.

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Show generally

Question: Is it ever stated (in-universe or otherwise) if Natalie has a second job, or how she can afford everything, including all her new cars (I've seen her in at least 5 new cars, including an Audi)? She's always complaining she's broke, even after it's revealed she's a Davenport. But she also claims she doesn't take money from them. Plus, she's always trying to get Monk to pay her and/or pay her the full amount she's owed.


Answer: Through the entire show, I don't recall her ever mentioning another job. The two explanations I had for being able to afford those cars, was there might have been a life insurance policy after her husbands death (or Mitch left her quite a bit after he died). The other may have been she had accepted some money from her family willingly or unwillingly asked for it. But in truth, I would imagine it was for product placement in the show. Most shows like Monk tend to keep the characters moderately wealthy or financially healthy, so they can insert products or items for the characters to use. Phones, food items, cars etc.

Lummie Premium member

Answer: In one of the episodes it shows her going back home and that she came from money. Her parents are wealthy. Maybe that is the answer.

But in the show after it's revealed she comes from money, she states she doesn't take money from her parents, despite still visiting them.


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