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The Hair-Brained Scheme - S5-E22

Trivia: "Jan: Call Eve" is written on the small chalkboard. Jan was played by Eve Plumb.


Jeff Swanson

The Hair-Brained Scheme - S5-E22

Trivia: Notice in this episode that Mike Brady is nowhere to be seen. That's because he quit the show due to artistic differences with the producer. His absence is explained as being away on a business trip. It also wound up being the unexpected series finale.

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Maria Santos

The Hair-Brained Scheme - S5-E22

Trivia: When Bobby considers giving up trying to sell the hair tonic, Carol starts listing names of famous people who didn't quit. The last name she mentions is Carl Mahakian. Bobby says he never heard of him, and Carol says "Because he quit." Carl Mahakian was the show's post-production coordinator.


Jeff Swanson

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