The Brady Bunch

Law and Disorder - S4-E14

Trivia: Barry Williams admits to having been stoned when the opening scenes were filmed. Watch as he stumbles over the bicycle pump.)

Jeff Swanson

Bobby's Hero - S4-E17

Trivia: During Bobby's dream where the family is killed by Jesse James, Mike Lookinland looks genuinely horrified despite the "cartoon style carnage" that is going on around him. The reason is because just before the scene was filmed, the producer pulled him aside and told him to think of things like his real-life family getting killed, his dog getting run over, etc. He was then "debriefed" afterward. (00:22:15)

Jeff Swanson

You Can't Win 'Em All - S4-E22

Trivia: Edward Knight, who plays the game show host, is the real-life father of Christopher Knight, who plays Peter.

Jeff Swanson

The Subject Was Noses - S4-E18

Trivia: The day this episode aired, Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia, was in a car accident and injured her nose.

Jeff Swanson

Hawaii Bound - S4-E1

Trivia: Greg's surfing accident - which to this day still scares Barry Williams every time he sees it - was nearly left out of the episode because it was deemed "too frightening for the nature of the show". In reality, he was able to turn around at the last minute and while avoiding hitting his head on the exposed coral, his feet became, in his words, "hamburger meat".

Jeff Swanson

Greg's Triangle - S4-E11

Trivia: Rita Wilson - who is now married to Tom Hanks - makes her acting debut, playing "Pat" in the cheerleading scenes. (00:18:35)

Jeff Swanson

The Show Must Go On?? - S4-E7

Trivia: The man on stage with the young girl is Frank De Vol, who composed the music for the Brady Bunch and many other shows. (00:16:50)

Jeff Swanson

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