The Brady Bunch

New this month Trivia: Many believe the show was based on the movie Yours Mine and Ours, but Schwartz insisted he came up with the idea years before the movie came out.


Trivia: Two of the "Sound of Music" kids had guest roles: Nicholas Hammond, who played the oldest son Friedrich, was in "The Subject Was Noses", and Kym Karath, who played the youngest child Gretl, was in "Cyrano de Brady".

Jeff Swanson

Trivia: The house that is used for the shots from outside (the introduction) has only one storey. The window is fake, and was added simply to give the illusion that it's a two-story house.

Matty Blast

Trivia: Whenever they talked on the phone there wasn't even a stagehand on the other end. Mike was voted the best at talking to silence.

Trivia: Susan Olson, who played Cindy, loved the TV show 'Family Affair' and begged her mother to give her a 'Buffy' hairdo. The producers loved her hair that way and so for several seasons, she wore it that way (and grew to hate it).

Jeff Swanson

Trivia: The reason that there is no glass in the sliding back door, and the reason for a similar mistake in the popular sixties show Bewitched is that real glass is generally not used in windows in movies and TV shows, because the glare drives the camera crew nuts.

Trivia: Florance Henderson's hair style on the show was done on purpose. Few knew that since the 1950's she lost all hearing in both ears. The left hearing came back, but she had a hearing aid over her right ear.


Trivia: Mike Brady and Bobby Brady swapped character names with their real life first names. Mike's real name was Robert and Bobby's real first name is Mike.

terry s

Trivia: Peter was the only Brady kid who never cried onscreen, though he did come close to crying in the episode "Confessions, Confessions."

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