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Family Affair (1966)

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Season 2 generally

Revealing mistake: When Cissy is at the piano as Buffy sings and dances for Uncle Bill, only her arms move up and down instead of across the keys, indicating that's it's an off-camera person actually playing the tune. (00:16:30)

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Oliver - S3-E6

Visible crew/equipment: Oliver (a dog) jumps up on Uncle Bill's bed and starts barking at him. The real reason the dog is barking: in the shots of Oliver, the shadow of a towel or some sort of toy can be seen being waved around in order to agitate the animal. It even briefly pops into the shot a couple of times. (00:10:45)

Jeff Swanson

Show generally

Other mistake: Season 5 sees the family celebrating and reminiscing when the children came to live with Uncle Bill. Buffy and Jody were 6 when they came to live with Uncle Bill. This would make the twins now 11. In a later season 5 episode, Jody is trying to get a female classmate to like him in order to secure a stamp he wants for his collection, the Spanish triangle. His antics catch the concerned eye of his Uncle Bill who asks a few times during the episode, "is it normal for a 9 year old boy to be interested in girls?"

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