Witchness Protection - S7-E10

Corrected entry: In the scene where Darryl, Phoebe and the Seer are standing just outside the mental institution where they find Inspector Sheridan, Darryl asks the Seer if "Amy" would like the earrings the Seer suggests he gets for his wife, but Darryl's wife is named Sheila.

Correction: No Amy is ever mentioned. Phoebe: Actually, she brought me. Seer: Go easy on him. His wife's had him sleeping on the couch all week. Darryl: How does she know that? Phoebe: Seer. Get it? She sees things. She's perfectly harmless and actually very good at what she does. I can't hold a candle to her. Seer: Oh, that's so sweet, and so not true. (to Darryl) And don't worry. She'll get over it. Just bring her some of that marzipan that she likes.

Freaky Phoebe - S7-E19

Corrected entry: When the sisters visit the vampire queen to make a deal, Piper blows up several of the vampires in their bat form. But in season 4's "Bite Me," the book of shadows says vampires are immune to witches' powers.

Correction: The Book of Shadows states that vampires are immune to witches' powers while in vampire/human form but are able to be destroyed in their bat form, which happens in both season's 4 & season 7's episodes.

Charmed Noir - S7-E8

Corrected entry: In season 6, "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell," it's said that no one can die if they're on the grounds of the magic school, but the gnome is killed in this episode in the library in magic school.

Correction: The gnome wasn't technically killed in Magic School. He was murdered within the created world of the "Crossed, Double-Crossed" novel.

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The Seven Year Witch - S7-E16

Corrected entry: Cole picks up a picture of Phoebe. In the next episode Phoebe is wearing the same outfit and hairstyle.

Maria Santos

Correction: The outfit that Phoebe is wearing in the picture that Cole picks up in "The Seven Year Witch" from season 7 is not the same outfit or hair in the next episode which is "Scry Hard" I just got done watching both episodes on TNT this morning and went back through all of my DVDS of the show and that outfit and hair of Phoebe's is from the episode "a Knight To Remember" the one where Paige is the evil Enchantress from season 4 and the 5th episode.

Little Box of Horrors - S7-E18

Corrected entry: Katya kills Nina and then takes Nina's form when she visits the Charmed Ones. But why would Katya need to take Nina's form? The Charmed Ones have never seen Nina before, nor did they know anything about her, so she could have just shown up as herself, but maybe not wearing the red leather body armor. Also, why would Katya give the Charmed Ones so much accurate information about herself and about Pandora's Box? The whole setup was done to fool the viewers, but made no sense in terms of trying to fool the Charmed Ones.


Correction: Katya can't know for sure that they've never met Nina. Also, Katya knows that the Charmed Ones have the book which often has pictures of the demons in it and may have seen her (or Nina) while flipping through it. Even though in this case, there is not a picture of her next to her description in the book, she is safer to assume that there is.


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