Forever Charmed - S8-E22

Corrected entry: The past versions of Patty and Penny are amazed to learn that their daughters and granddaughters, respectively, are the Charmed Ones. However, both women knew the centuries-old prophecy that three sisters would eventually be born into the Warren line, and that they would be the Charmed Ones. It's conceivable that Patty, who came from a time before the birth of Phoebe, would not have thought of the prophecy at this time. Penny, however, came from after Phoebe was born, and previous flashback episodes had shown that Penny knew that the three sisters were the Charmed Ones immediately when the third sister was born, and was still convinced of the fact up until Penny's death [despite the birth of a fourth daughter to Patty].


Correction: Yes, perhaps Penny did believe the girls would eventually become The Charmed Ones, but this wasn't confirmed to her [officially]. For all she knew, one of them would refuse their powers, die young [before their powers were restored], etc. Also, she died immediately after making a potion to strip their powers [Re-witched, Season 3]. She could have simply been expressing amazement that her beliefs were confirmed about her granddaughters' destiny. After all, she does say "I always knew The Charmed Ones would come from me...well, once removed, of course. It's one thing to believe a prophecy will come true, it's another to actually witness Future Piper confirming her belief.