The Fifth Halliwell - S4-E16

New this month Visible crew/equipment: When Phoebe tells Piper that she's on a deadline and hangs up the phone, in the next shot as Piper says that she's going to Phoebe at the newspaper, the shadow of the boom pole/mic can be see on the wall behind Piper, at the top of the screen. (00:26:45)

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The Fifth Halliwell - S4-E16

Plot hole: Cole explains that the demonic power is driving Karen mad because she is human. Cole later has Paige infected with one to drive her mad. This doesn't make sense since Paige is doubly not human, and shouldn't be driven mad. In fact the Charmed Ones have had demonic powers before and were not driven mad, but instead turned evil.

The Fifth Halliwell - S4-E16

Visible crew/equipment: Just after Paige orbs into Phoebe and Cole's hotel room, a boom mic can be seen at the top of the screen.


Something Wicca This Way Comes - S1-E1

Piper: [Seeing Jeremy on the news.] Hey, that's my boyfriend Jeremy. What happened?
Phoebe: Oh, some woman got whacked.
Piper: "Whacked"? Phoebe, you've been in New York way too long.

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Season 6 generally

Trivia: Holly Marie Combs's real life pregnancy with her son Finley Arthur Donoho was mirrored by Piper's pregnancy with Chris in this season.

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