Charmed (1998)

2 mistakes in Something Wicca This Way Goes

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Something Wicca This Way Goes - S7-E22

Continuity mistake: The hole where the demon throws an energy ball through the roof is gone when the doors close.

Something Wicca This Way Goes - S7-E22

Plot hole: The sisters are preparing for a big showdown with Zankou and vaguely discussing their plan. They don't outright say it (so as not to give it away) but discuss how they wished they "had learned it sooner" but "Prue was very protective of it." They're discussing astral projection which originally was stated as a Prue-specific power and not one that could be taught. The show ignored the original introduction of the power as developing naturally as one of Prue's powers, and was not an ability that could be learned, just so the episode had a way for the sisters to defeat Zankou. (00:30:20)

Deirdre Statham
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Suggested correction: In which episode did they say astral projection couldn't be learned? In the series, the sisters aren't the only one to learn to astral project and the series has indicated it is one of the few powers that can be taught. Additionally, others have gained this ability through spells or other means. The monkey injected with Prue's blood could astral project.


Suggested correction: Ok, that might be true in some way, but during the whole series, the sisters have proven that they can basically make a spell or potion for anything, that's why they are the almighty Charmed ones. At some point during the series, they had lost their powers (again) and Piper had made a potion to replicate her blasting power. So it is totally possible that Prue had figured out a way to replicate her natural power of astral projection trough a spell. When the triade first came into the picture, Prue studied the Book all the time and practiced her powers in every way that she could so she could protect her sisters. So it is entirely possible that she found a way to share her power.

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