The X-Files

Paper Clip (3) - S3-E2

Trivia: Here we can see that Mulder was born on 13 October. Interestingly, creator Chris Carter was also born on 13 October. (00:20:40)

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Piper Maru (1) - S3-E15

Trivia: This episode is named after Gillian Anderson's daughter, Piper Maru Anderson.

Pusher - S3-E17

Trivia: Pusher tells Skinner, "Take a walk, Mel Cooley." Mel Cooley is a character played by Richard Deacon in The Dick Van Dyke Show, who is very similar in external appearance to Skinner. (00:23:05)

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Talitha Cumi (1) - S3-E24

Trivia: "Talitha cumi!" means "Little girl, I say to you, arise!" in Aramaic. These are the words of Jesus when he resurrected a dead Jairus' daughter (Gospel of Mark 5, 21 - 24 and 35 - 43).

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