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The One In Massapequa - S8-E18

Corrected entry: In this episode, Rachel says to Ross, "Hey. I'm not you. This may be the only wedding I'll ever get." However, this is not strictly true, as she sort of had a wedding to Barry, and a drunken wedding to Ross in The One In Vegas.

Correction: Ross has been married twice (not counting the druken Vegas wedding). Rachel has never been married. She never made it to the alter with Barry and was too drunk in Vegas to remember anything. She wants something memorable.

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The One In Massapequa - S8-E18

Corrected entry: In the one with Ross and Monica's parents' 35th wedding anniversary, when the parents are talking to Ross and Rachel, there is a picture of the parents in the background, in exactly the same location, wearing exactly the same clothes. That photo would have had to be taken, printed, and blown up in the last hour. (00:05:40)

Correction: Not out of the question. At my prom last year we had our photographs taken as we arrived and then they were available (ie, printed) to buy not much later on in the evening. I imagine that if this is possible, so is the provision of an enlarged version. Added to that, Jack and Judy could very likely have been at the function early, sorting things out, and had the pictures taken then - they would have been wearing the same clothes, and the photographs could have been printed even before the guests arrived.

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The One In Massapequa - S8-E18

Corrected entry: When Ross is telling the imaginary story of how he 'proposed' to Rachel, he says that he did it at the planetarium because 'that's where we had our first date.' However this cannot be right because in series 4 'The One with Chandler in a Box,' Ross accuses Rachel of having no sentiment so she shows him a movie stub from their first date, implying that they went to see a movie, not to the planetarium.

Correction: True, Ross and Rachel didn't go to the Planetarium on their first date, but they did end up there on their second date. It was also the place where they first made love, and it's quite possible Ross would say it was the location of their first date to be polite and not talk about sex in front of his family and older friends.


The One In Massapequa - S8-E18

Corrected entry: In 'The One In Massapequa,' Ross and Rachel have to pretend to be married for the night at the party. Unless everyone was blind, then wouldn't someone notice Rachel and Ross didn't have a ring on their finger? (00:06:30)

Correction: Not every married couple wear wedding rings. Ross mentions that Rachel said something about a dove placing the ring on her finger, but remember, Rachel is pregnant during this, it is very possible that people thought she'd just taken off her ring because her hands had swollen due to the pregnancy.


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