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The One With Phoebe's Wedding - S10-E12

Corrected entry: At the end when Ross is trying to get the dog to go to the bathroom, you can see the shadow of the trainer of the dog over the ground, getting the dog to run around everywhere.

Correction: There is no shadow.

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The One With Phoebe's Wedding - S10-E12

Corrected entry: Just after Monica tells Phoebe to be at the rehearsal dinner at 18h00 her phone rings and she answers it "Gellar here". She has been married to Chandler since season 7, surely she means "Bing."

Correction: Completely in line with Monica's character that she would continue to refer to herself by her maiden name or alternatively a completely plausible character mistake. Monica also states that she never changed her name in a later episode. (the one with Princess Consuela).


The One With Phoebe's Wedding - S10-E12

Corrected entry: Isn't is strange how normally there is a busy street/road outside the coffee house, but during Phoebe's wedding ceremony, which we can see takes place directly outside it, it appears to be more like an open area of land? The wedding could never have taken place in the middle of a road (even if the roads were quiet because of the blizzard) but also the setting of her wedding is very dissimilar to the normal setting outside the coffee house.

Correction: It's already made clear that this is the worst blizzard for many years and the road outside Central Perk has never been the busiest so using the road is far from impossible. Secondly the view outside is unrecognisable both because we've never seen it from that angle and because it's covered in snow.


The One With Phoebe's Wedding - S10-E12

Corrected entry: Orchids in Swedish is orkidéer, not lorkins. In fact, lorkins means nothing in Swedish.

Correction: It may just be that the Swedish guy is just mispronouncing 'orchids' with his Swedish accent.

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