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Tall Woman in Red Wagon - S1-E6

Jim Rockford: I hope you'll accept my sincerest apologies, agent Stoner. Don't you worry, my insurance company is gonna cover all this. Here, let me see that. Oh, just a scratch! You're gonna be fine!
Harry Stoner: You are right on the tender age of getting thrown on Leavenworth. You should do yourself a big favor and think about what you say to me before you say it. Cos I am a man with absolutely no sense of humor. Smart mouths turn me off, and I am beginning to suspect YOU have a smart mouth.
Jim Rockford: You're right, you're right, I do. But I am working on changing that.
Harry Stoner: Good. Now where's my gun?
Jim Rockford: Right over there. Here, let me get it for you. I know right where I threw it.

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The Big Ripoff - S1-E8

Marilyn Polonski: Is there anything you won't do for money?
Jim Rockford: Well, there's two things. I won't kill for it and I won't marry for it. Other than that I'm open about anything.

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Wyatt Earp: It's all true, give or take a lie or two.

Tom Mix: I fell in love with a beautiful woman who believed a man was not a complete lover unless he knew how to tango.
Cheryl King, Owner of Candy Store: She didn't give you much choice.
Tom Mix: I took lessons for years.
Wyatt Earp: And what was this young lady's vocation?
Tom Mix: She was a tango instructor.

Tom Mix: Wait a minute, Wyatt, there's something we gotta get sorted out here. I threatened to rope him behind my horse and drag him, then you waltz in pretty as you please and threaten to kill him. I don't like being out-threatened.
Wyatt Earp: Sorry. Won't happen again.

Wyatt Earp: How come you told Cheryl where I'm staying?
Tom Mix: Because she asked. And I figured if she asked you, you'd tell her.

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Latigo: I don't like anything west of Riverside Drive.
Patience: Where's that?
Latigo: New York City.
Patience: On the Hudson River?
Latigo: Yeah, born and raised there.
Patience: Tell me about it.
Latigo: Tell you what about it?
Patience: ALL.
Latigo: Well let's see, they, they don't carry guns. And they got a cop on every street corner to keep people from shootin' one another.

Latigo: Like I said: a man should spread happiness as he walks through life.
Jug: I think we've been spreadin' it a little thick.

Latigo: Well, there's one thing that don't change about women. That's the fact that... they're changeable.
Doc Schultz: Where'd you learn so much about women?
Latigo: I worked at it.

Latigo: This your office?
Doc Schultz: I doctor pack mules, too. If you got a pain in the ass, you come see Doc Schultz.

Latigo: Patience, there are some things a man just can't ride around... but then again, maybe he can.

Jug: You hit that fellow from behind?
Latigo: Just as hard as I could.

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Zack: I do believe I got you covered.

Zack: Sergeant?
Mess Sergeant: Yeah?
Zack: That's the best fuckin' apple cobbler I ever tasted.

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Abel Marsh: It's true what they say about Dobermans. I guess that's why they say it.

Kate Bingham: Can you imagine coming home, and your wife says she's leaving you for someone else, and you say, "Who, Phil?" and she says, "No. Phyllis."
Abel Marsh: Well, that's the ultimate put-down... to those of us who are normal heterosexuals.

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Lt. J.g. Kenneth M. Braden: How come they call you Weary?
Weary: That's my name.
Lt. J.g. Kenneth M. Braden: Nickname?
Weary: No, sir, my real name. I'm the youngest of 13 children. I guess when I was born, my mother couldn't think of another name.

Commander Paul Stevenson: Oh, uh, one more thing, Mr. Braden, you don't get captured.
Lt. J.g. Kenneth M. Braden: Mm-hmm. I wouldn't think of it, sir.

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Victoria: Well it's probably for the best.
King Marchand: That's as bad as "love is a two-way street."
Victoria: What it lacks in originality it makes up for in prophecy.

King Marchand: If you were a man, I'd knock your block off.
Victoria: And prove that you're a man?
King Marchand: That's a woman's argument.

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