Maverick (1994)

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Maverick wins the poker title with a royal flush. Angel is shot dead by Coop, who then steals Maverick's prize money. Maverick finds Coop and the Colonel, who schemed together to steal the winnings, fighting over the money a few days later, and takes his money back. Then when Maverick is taking a bath, Coop finds him, and it is revealed that Coop is Maverick's father, and originally stole the money for safe keeping. As they are both taking a bath (separately) Jodie Foster comes in and steals part of the winnings from them. She knew they were father and son. Maverick allows her to steal the money so he can chase after her. I can't blame him.

One-Eyed Jack

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In the scene where the Spaniard is beating up all the guys that Maverick paid off he ties one guy's neck to a post with his whip. As the shot changes you see the whip go only around his neck, but in the last shot of the scene it's around neck and post again.



Marshall Cooper is played by James Garner, who played Bret Maverick in the 1950s TV series.