36 Hours

36 Hours (1965)


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Maj. Walter Gerber: I think deep down you wanted to be caught.
Anna Hedler, Nurse: Why?
Maj. Walter Gerber: Guilt cries out for punishment - punishment as a specific cure for a feverish conscience.

Maj. Walter Gerber: Don't feel badly. Even Dillinger couldn't break out of here.

Anna Hedler, Nurse: A man's arms are welcome and comforting to most women. But not to me. At Ravensbrück, I was used by the officers - by the soldiers - by the guards. At first it was vile and horrifying. Then after a time it became worse. It became nothing. I didn't scream, fight, or cry any more. I haven't cried since.
Maj. Jefferson F. Pike: I'm sorry for you. To love takes tears. I hope someday you'll be able to cry again.

Maj. Jefferson F. Pike: I know this is a strange question for a man to ask his wife, but... what's your name?
Anna Hedler, Nurse: Anna... Anna Hedler Pike.

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