Corrected entry: A real power station in Sydney (the White Bay Power Station) was blown up for the - what else - power-station-blowing-up scene. It was slated for demolition anyway and the film makers requested that they organise it and film it. A lot of people got quite excited about it and turned out to watch it all happen, but in the end it was a bit of a let-down - it's obviously been enhanced for the film.

STP Premium member

Correction: The power station wasn't blown up - just a set on the site. The power station still exists and was recently used a filming site for The Great Gatsby. "Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is undertaking conservation works including roof repairs to the buildings to make them weatherproof and reduce further degradation to the remaining internal plant and equipment." Wikipedia.

5th Aug 2006

Firefly (2002)

Ariel - S1-E8

Corrected entry: When leaving the hospital on Ariel, Jayne is arrested along with Simon and River. His hands are cuffed behind his back. However, when he is stunned by the police officer a moment later and falls to the ground, his hands are in front of him and there is no sign of the cuffs. (00:25:30)

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Correction: The cuffs are not on Jayne, yet. He breaks free before they have him fully cuffed.

That is not a true statement. His arms are still behind his back and it is a better assumption that he is handcuffed.


28th Nov 2006

The Incredibles (2004)

Corrected entry: When Mr Incredible is fighting the first Omnidroid on the island, and manages to get it to attack itself, it uses its arms to punch holes in its metal body, but the curls of metal around the holes all come outwards, rather than inwards as they should.

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Correction: That is because the metal is pulled outward each time the arm comes back out of it's body. The only way the metal would stay folded inward would be if an object continued traveling through the body and left at a seperate point, much the same way that a bullet would do.


27th Nov 2005

Firefly (2002)

Out of Gas - S1-E5

Corrected entry: During the commentary for Shindig, one of the costume designers comments on the leather bands Zoe wears around her neck, saying that they are a symbol of her marriage to Wash, which is why she 'never takes them off'. However, in the flashback scene showing the first meeting between Zoe and Wash, she is wearing the bands. (00:11:00)

STP Premium member

Correction: So she was wrong in the commentary. Or, she was right. The commentary is not part of the show, so no mistake.


Corrected entry: After Mr Murdock punches Mazzilli, Emerson (Mark's English teacher) rushes in and pulls them apart, saying 'what's wrong with this school?.' Mrs Cresswood arrives and threatens her with dismissal, and only a few hours later we see Emerson finding Mark to tell him goodbye as she 'was fired'. There is no way a teacher's dismissal, especially on such grounds, could occur in less than a day. Teachers who commit major crimes would be arrested and escorted from the premises; for others, there is a long procedure which must be followed before the teacher loses his or her job. (01:17:45 - 01:19:25)

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Correction: Was she a union teacher or non-union? Was it an "at-will" work law state or not? Was there a contract between her and the school or the district? If she is non-union, if it is an "at-will" state, if there is no contract, she can be fired at anytime for any reason (outside of discrimination based on race, religion, etc.)


Corrected entry: In the 'present day' scenes at the beginning of the film, we see the run-down theatre, filled with cobwebs and debris, while it's being used for the auction. However, in the scenes set earlier, we see that the theatre was consumed by fire; but there are no signs of this in the scenes set later.

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Correction: There are nearly 50 years between the main plot and the framing story. The opera house could have been restored after the fire and fallen into disuse during World War One.


Corrected entry: Merry and Pippin drink Ent draughts in TTT and grow taller. At the end of ROTK when all the hobbits are standing together (Aragorn's crowning in Minas Tirith) Merry and Pippin are no taller than they were to start with (compare with the group shot at the Council of Elrond in FOTR as one example). Yes, Merry does say "everything's back to normal", but that's because they've had equal amounts of the draught so he's back to being the tallest. The book states the effect is the draught is permanent, and the film doesn't suggest otherwise.

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Correction: I think they are, and are intended to be, taller than before, but not noticeably. The book implies they became considerably taller, but the movie specifically indicates only two inches. In the last scene, when Frodo is saying his final farewells, he is slightly shorter than either Merry or Pippin.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: The first time we see the older Elizabeth, she has just awoken from a dream about the day she and Will first met. She gets out of bed, takes a lamp that is burning there, and opens the drawer to find the medallion. However, a minute later it is shown to be broad daylight, so there is no reason for that lamp to be there. Either it has been left burning all night (something never done, in case of fire - and it would have run out of fuel in that time anyway), or a maid has just brought it in while Elizabeth was sleeping - but why would she do this, and not just open a window?

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Correction: Lamps were left lit for many reasons, and lamps, with a short wick and a full supply of good oil, can last a night, and some were designed to (much safer than candles). A lamp would be left on so that the sleeper could find the chamber pot if needed in the darkness of night. In this case, it may have also have arisen from a childhood demand that 'the lamp be left' that was still being carried out by the servants.

Corrected entry: You'd think that in the Battle of Helm's Deep, where the defenders of a fortress are hopelessly outnumbered, one of the best hopes would be to take out as many of the enemy as possible before it came to hand-to-hand fighting ? ie, shoot as many as you could before they reach the walls. Certainly we see the Elves (and the Men) firing often. However, even at the end of the battle, most of the archers have quivers full of arrows. There are a number of shots where this can be seen but the most obvious is just after Haldir has been wounded ? there is a brief shot of the retreating soldiers (Elves and Men) and most, if not all of them, have quivers full of golden-fletched arrows. I know that Tolkien speaks of archers 'gleaning' arrows from among the dead, but so many, and in the middle of a huge battle? Plus the arrows are all clean and neat looking.

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Correction: There is a brief overhead shot of Helm's Deep sometime during the day in a previous scene, before the battle, and if you look closely you can see a few soldiers placing quivers of arrows in barrels along the walls. It makes sense that once a quiver was empty, the archers would just pick up a new quiver from a barrel and keep shooting.

Corrected entry: Does it strike anyone else as odd that the members of the Fellowship have to tap at the walls outside Moria (extended DVD) to try to find the gates, when the gates have an enormous great tree at either side of them - the two holly trees which are later ripped up by the Watcher and used, along with stones and other rubble, to block the entrance. In the book they never had any trouble finding the door, only making it appear; the holly trees, which were 'larger than any trees of holly that Frodo had ever seen or imagined,' and stood 'like sentinel pilars at the end of the road,' marked the spot even from quite a distance.

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Correction: The trees were present in the book also, and yet Gandalf had Legolas and Gimli looking for the door. If you call it a mistake, don't blame the movie, blame the book.


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