The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Corrected entry: When the orc and warg army attack on the hillside, when the Rohirrim army ride over the hill to fight, Legolas, standing ahead of the army jumps around and onto his horse, with Gimli already on it. The shot cuts to the orcs and wargs riding across the hillside. The next shot is of the Rohirrim army riding across the hillside. The next shot after that is of Legolas riding on his horse, but it is not Gimli that is sitting behind him. It looks like he has been replaced by a stand-in wearing battle armour.

Casual Person

Correction: Please rewatch this and use slow-mo if necessary. In this specific shot we see Gimli's cape and his arm, with his gloved hand gripping Legolas' waist, as well as the top of Gimli's helmet. The man circled in your lower screenshot is an entirely different rider on his own horse.

Super Grover Premium member

Correction: That's another horseman riding behind him. It's not supposed to be Gimli, who is half his size and should be around his waist whilst this guy is just as tall as Legolas is.


John Rhys-Davies only appears shorter than Orlando Bloom because of the filming technique. It's not unusual to have stand-ins during filming for one reason or another, and a stand in for Rhys-Davies wouldn't necessarily be someone 4 feet tall. The entry is stating that the footage with the stand-in is used briefly.


It's not a stand-in is my point.


Corrected entry: At Henneth Annun, Sam suggests to Frodo to use the Ring to escape. Frodo and Sam are sitting in front of three barrels and also in the room are sacks, a crate and candles burning behind them. When Faramir arrives, Frodo and Sam are now sitting on blankets, there are no barrels in sight, the walls are different, there is an extra crate, with food on one and the candles are grouped differently. (01:52:45 - 01:53:45)

Correction: I think this is less an error but more of an intentional passage of time thing. These scenes take place at different times, as the light coming in behind them goes from yellowish-white (daytime) to blue (nighttime). Henneth Annun is an outpost and they could have cleared a room previously used for storage, hence the crates and barrels, to a place to keep prisoners, hence the blankets and lack of barrels.

Corrected entry: During the castle siege, the orcs place a few containers of explosive in the sewer outlet. As the carriers leave the tunnel, you can see multiple orcs in the immediate area with torches that would be able to ignite it right away with nearly no chance of being stopped rather than an orc running in like an Olympic torch carrier, drawing extra attention which catches Aragon's attention to try bringing him down. It of course is much more visually entertaining this way, but made no practical sense when there were already torch bearers right there.

Correction: Thermite cannot be ignited with a simple match or lighter. Something that burns much hotter, such as magnesium, is required in order to start thermite burning. In a similar manner, these bombs were very likely made with a material that couldn't be ignited with a mere torch in order to avoid an accidental premature detonation. This torchbearer therefore likely had the one and only torch which was burning whatever was necessary to light the bombs up.

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Corrected entry: At Helms Deep, just before the battle, they see the sun rising through the window. But in the next shots - from the outside - the castle is still in the shadow - and the sun only rises when Gandalf appears.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The sunlight shines through the window of the keep because the sky lightens, not because the sun is shining directly at the castle window. When Gandalf arrives at the top of the hill, we see the keep is in a valley. The sunlight follows his arrival because it rises enough to crest the hilltop the Rohirrim are waiting atop, then gradually shines across the Uruk-Hai army below them.

Corrected entry: Aragorn is floating ashore, having fallen off the cliff during the Warg fight. You can see the hands of the production assistant who has him around the ankles, pushing him to shore. Extended edition DVD, Disc 2. (00:20:20)

Correction: There is no assistant. This is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: After the battle at Helms Deep some of the main characters, including Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, ride a short distance away from Helms Deep, looking directly away from the city and out towards Mordor. That is impossible, because Helms Deep faces North, which is the way they are facing, and Mordor is to the East. Even if the group did look to the East it would be highly unlikely that they would see Mordor even then, as it is too far away.

Correction: Helm's deep faces east. Without even looking at a map this can be determined by the fact that Gandalf rides down the hill toward Helm's deep as the sun rises behind him. The sun doesn't rise in the north.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the extended DVD when Eomer finds the king's son, there's a black and yellow bit of tape lying around.

Correction: That's much too vague to be considered valid; where and when precisely can this be seen?


Corrected entry: In the scene when Gollum attacks Frodo and Sam, he jumps up on Sam. Play it in slow motion and you can see Sam's hands disappearing into Gollum several times.

Correction: According to the rules of the site, anything requiring slow-motion is NOT a mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Pippin and Merry are on the backs of the Uruks, Pippin takes off his brooch with his teeth, leaving his cloak untied. In subsequent shots, however, the robe is tied; this is impossible, as his arms were tied around the front of the Uruk, while his cloak was on the back of the Uruk.

Correction: The brooch is purely decorative - the cloak was always fastened by the strings.


Corrected entry: After the Entmoot, Pippin convinces Treebeard to take them south toward Isengard. Ents have long legs and can travel at a pace equivalent to a briskly walking human. The Entmoot was also obviously nowhere near Isengard, as some of the Ents would otherwise have blundered on to the destruction beforehand. So we can take it as written that Treebeard carried Merry and Pippin some distance south before finding the scene of destruction. In that time, all the other Ents would have been travelling back toward where they came from - ie, not in the same direction that Treebeard was moving. However, when Treebeard discovers what Saruman has been doing, he sends out the call to all the other Ents - and they immediately walk out of the forest.

Correction: Notice how there are much more Ents in this scene than at the Entmoot. The Entmoot only featured represants of different Ent groups, not each and every Ent. Therefore it's not illogical that several Ents were nearby when Treebeard called for them.

Corrected entry: When Sam pushes Frodo out of the way of the Nazgul in Osgiliath, Sam comes in from the left-hand side of the screen, Frodo's right. But when we see the Hobbits tumbling down the stairs, they are falling to their lefts. Surely they should be falling to the right?

Correction: Right and left change with perspective.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli first enter Fangorn Forest, they leave their horses behind. Then, when they leave the forest with Gandalf, after Shadowfax comes and Gandalf says "He has been my friend through many dangers," they all ride off together. Arod and Hasufel just come out of nowhere.

Correction: There is a cut between the scene where Gandalf summons Shadowfax and when you see them riding through Rohan towards Meduseld. Just because you don't specifically see Aragorn and Legolas fetching their horses, it does not mean it never happens.


Corrected entry: When Saruman is speaking to the "tens of thousands" of Orcs from atop the tower, watch the shots closely that were taken from behind Saruman. If you watch his head and the side of his face, you can see his head moving like he's talking, but all you hear at that point is Orcs yelling, obviously alluding to the fact that he was saying a line when that shot was filmed, but it was edited out.


Correction: People's voices get drowned by a yelling crowd all the time, both in real life and in movies. Just because he is a main character in a movie, it does not mean everything he says will be heard.


Corrected entry: The entire Warg attack sequence does not feature in the books written by Tolkien. The sequence was entirely thought up by Peter Jackson while on location in New Zealand.


Correction: It's actually in the books, but in "the Fellowship of the Ring". The Fellowship is attacked by the Wargs, Peter Jackson just moved it to film two.

Corrected entry: In the scene after Helm's Deep when Gimli and Legolas are tallying up their kills, just before the scene is over the visible arm of the dead orc moves. This is not the result of Gimli shaking the body with his axe as the arm moves then stops and moves again.

Correction: Either the Orc was not quite dead yet, or it was a nerve twitching as the Orc finally died.

Mark English

Corrected entry: In the Oliphaunt scene, when the Oliphaunt starts going mad, you can see one of its feet pass right through a little group of Southrons. (01:44:45)

Correction: After reading this submission I watched this scene carefully a few times. The Mumak treads NEAR the Southrons, but at the range of the shot it is very difficult to tell if the creature steps on them or in front of them.

Corrected entry: Frodo and Sam are captured by Faramir's Rangers. Yet at Osgiliath Frodo draws Sting and threatens Sam with it. Didn't Faramir think to disarm his captives?

Correction: Why would Faramir do so? There is an army of men who stand by his side, and the hobbits are so small that they aren't really a danger. Faramir's choice is not a mistake and surely not a plot hole.

Corrected entry: When we first see Shadowfax, the wild horse that only Gandalf can ride, without a saddle or bridle, he has a breast collar mark. (00:57:45)

Correction: Shadowfax was not a wild horse originally. He was the King's horse, born and bred in the King's stable and only the King of Rohan was allowed to ride him. After Gandalf took him away, Shadowfax became wild, and would not let anyone else near him, until Gandalf reappeared.


Corrected entry: Merry and Pippin are brought by Treebeard to see Gandalf in Fangorn. Later, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are told by Gandalf that the hobbits had been there. Then Aragorn mentions Gandalf's name, and he recalls that as being his name. Now, during the hobbits' prior meeting with Gandalf, one of them would have probably called him by his name, and therefore, he would have heard it before Aragorn gets there.

Correction: It was Gimli who first mentioned Gandalf's name. Besides, he says, "Yes, Gandalf the Grey, that was my name. I am Gandalf the White". The point is that he is now a White Wizard and not that he does not remember his name.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when we are reintroduced to Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas, the camera pans over them while they are running. Look closely at Gimli's boots, as he is running a big chunk of it flies off.

Correction: No, you are wrong. It is a rock that flips as Gimli runs on the rocky terrain. Zoom in. This has been previously corrected.

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