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Corrected entry: When Helen jumps up and grabs hold of the pod thing on the overhead rail as she is sneaking into Syndrome's base, she is facing the direction the pod is coming from (naturally). She jumps up, and is suddenly facing the direction the pod is going.

Correction: Elastigirl has complete control of her body, and can stretch and contort it as she pleases. Turning around in mid-air should not pose much of a problem for her.


Corrected entry: When Helen and Edna are in her lab, E tells Helen that Dash's suit can make him run without ever getting tired. Now in the scene where the plane Helen was flying is destroyed and they have to get to shore, Dash is wearing his suit and is speeding his feet. When they finally arrive to shore, why is Dash tired if his suit is on?

Correction: What Edna says is "Your boy's suit I designed to withstand enormous friction without heating up or wearing out." Nothing there remotely suggests that it will prevent Dash from getting tired.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mrs. Parr goes to see Dash's principal she walks into his office alone. In the car after leaving you can see and hear Jak Jak in the back seat. They are on their way to pick up Violet so was Jak Jak left alone in the car?

Correction: This isn't technically a movie mistake, more of a responsible parenting mistake.

Correction: Or they left him with the secretary?


This is probably most likely.


Correction: That is incorrect. Hopper, the villain from A Bug's Life, is killed by being fed alive to baby birds. A Bug's Life was released 6 years prior to The Incredibles.


Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is going to arrest the man that stole a purse, check the man's shadow on the wall. When he stands up, you can see that he doesn't have the purse in his hands but in the following shot, he has the purse and his arms are placed differently.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The burglar's shadow is sound and he always has the purse, the shadow on the wall behind him when he stands up is actually Mr. Incredible's.

Corrected entry: When Bob goes to E's house she refuses to patch the old super suit because, in her words "I never look back darling, it distracts from the now." Well if she never looks back why is she still wearing the exact same outfit as she does at the Parr's wedding 15 years earlier.

Correction: What she means by not looking back, is that once she has perfected a design, she is done with it and will make no adjustment. Obviously, she thinks her own outfit is perfect and has had no need for change for at least 15 years.


Corrected entry: Watch the shot at the beginning where Mr. Incredible is holding Bombvoyage by the neck as he says "Fly home Buddy I work alone." Syndrome's flashback doesn't even have Bombvoyage in the shot.

Correction: Flashbacks don't have to be exact. He is remembering just what burned into his mind: his hero letting him down.

That's purposefully done. In Buddy's mind, Mr. Incredible coldly turned him away and left him alone. Buddy has chosen to forget the exact way it happened in order to make his decision to become "Syndrome" more justified.

Corrected entry: It is established that Frozone needs water to create ice, it is also established that he can use the water in the air to create ice as well, so why when he is being held at gunpoint by police officers does he need to get a drink before he can use his power?

Correction: He says while in the burning building that he's dehydrated, which coupled with the reduction in water vapour due to the fire means he needs another source.

Corrected entry: In the first scene with the Omnibot thing, Bob is cut by the robot's claw thing through his suit, you can even see where the blood was on the cut. But every other scene with the same cut on his clothes, the cut itself has disappeared only showing the rip in the suit.

Correction: Since Mr. Incredible is listed as an indestructible type superhero, it is likely that he has a sort of accelerated healing ability.

He is never shown as indestructible. Also his only power is super strength.

Given that he's shown to suffer numerous blows that would definitely kill an ordinary man, he at least has superhuman durability.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Incredible first discovers Syndrome's computer room, he starts to walk towards it. He is about a 1/3 of the way when the shot angle changes. When it does, Mr. Incredible is suddenly now much closer to the computer chair to sit in. He didn't have the time to move.

Correction: This is not a mistake. It is a standard editing technique. There is a time jump between the shots. By cutting on matching action, they are able to jump ahead without disrupting the flow of action.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is caught lurking in the computer room on the island, the guns shoot that black sticky stuff on him. He starts running. He falls down. He puts his hand forward to stop the fall, and a ball is stuck to it. The ball slid across the ground and didn't stick. Other balls were shown sticking to the ground.


Correction: Mr. Incredible is pushing on this glob, since it's stuck to his hand. He's really strong, you see, so it didn't stick.


Corrected entry: In the hangar near the end the family finds an RV with all of the guards inside. Mr. Incredible stops and tells his family to wait at the rear corner of the RV. He then enters and beats up the guards; while doing so, the outside shot of the RV shows no family and no place for all of them to hide (look under the RV to check the other side). Then he opens the door and they're at the corner again.


Correction: Actually, there is a place where it would be impossible for viewers to see Elastigirl and the two kids. The RV has two huge back tires on its left, so if they were hiding directly behind the RV its two back left tires would easily block us from seeing them. There is no error here.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: When Frozone is pouring the lotion into his hand, he pours it out, and there is nothing in his hand. It disappears. (01:32:40)

Correction: It's not lotion, it's aftershave. Anyone who wears aftershave knows you use a small amount and it looks more or less like water. You wouldn't be able to see anything on his hands.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the guard is trying to shoot at Violet, she jumps into the water, invisible. Then Dash runs up and punches the guard. After the guard gets over his shock he throws Dash back, and aims his gun at him. Violet jumps in front of Dash and uses her force field to protect him and her. Her hair isn't a bit wet, though. The mistake is even more shown after she takes off the force field when they meet Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.

Correction: Violet is more than invisible when she's in the water. Otherwise, she would have been as transparent as air (which is more transparent than water) and the guard would have seen a large Violet-shaped bubble where the water stopped and the invisible Violet started. Instead, she is somehow able to refract (or "bend") light around her to create the illusion of invisibility. Since we see in the movie that her force fields also have some refractive properties, it's likely that her "invisibility" is actually caused by a specialized type of force field that refracts the light from her immediate surroundings - in this case, the water. This would explain why the guard didn't see a void in the water where Violet was hiding. And since she had this special "invisibility" force field around her in the water, it's not surprising that the force field prevented her from getting wet.

Corrected entry: During the limo trip, Dash references his father "throwing a car". The event in question did not happen until the next scene. The closest matches would be Mr. Incredible throwing a monorail car (which Dash didn't see) and a crashed flier (which doesn't really constitute a 'car').

Correction: This mistake applies adult logic to a child's mind. The car Dash refers to is in fact the flyer. To the adult mind, yes, it's not really a car, but a child might actually refer to it as a flying "car". The fact this scene comes before the car thrown at Syndrome's plane indicates it could not be that car. Anyway, previously submitted and previously corrected.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible corners the tour bus robber, the man pulls a pistol from behind the small of his back. But when his back is first seen, there is no sign of a gun, and if it were hidden underneath his shirt, a) its contours would still be visible, and b) he would not be able to draw it that fast.

Correction: Having worked as a plain clothes police officer, I can say from experience that a pistol in the small of the back can lay flat enough so as not to be visible under the shirt. As for the speed of the draw, the more one practices, the faster one gets, so there is no basis for saying the robber couldn't draw that fast.

Corrected entry: When Frozone asks Mr. Incredible "Shouldn't you be getting ready?" (for his wedding) he is in mid-air gliding on the ice which he is making. In the last shot there is no ice, he is just gliding. (00:05:55)


Correction: He is gliding on air because of his momentum from the ice trail he just left. Frozone is skilled enough to know when he has to form a new ice trail to avoid falling.


Corrected entry: In the shot where Helen is telling Bob about the move being official, the clock on the counter reads 3:25 and 4 seconds, approximately. The second hand never moves.

Chris Moyer Grice

Correction: I have a clock similar to the one seen here. What appears to be a second hand is actually the alarm hand. You point it to the time you want the alarm to sound using a separate dial at the back.

dgemba dgemba

Corrected entry: When Elastigirl is escaping from Omnidroid in the city, and Omnidroid is shooting her 'laser rays', the third ray produces an explosion that actually begins before the ray reaches the place. (This must be seen frame by frame).

Correction: The rules of the site are quite clear; if you have use slow motion/frame-by-frame to spot a mistake, it's invalid (unless the mistake is major).

Corrected entry: During the title credits, turn it on French and you will see that it tells you that the film is called "Les Incroyable". "Incroyable" is singular, not plural, so it should be "Les Incroyables".

Correction: The translation is correct. In French, family names never take the plural -s, regardless of whether they refer to a group/collective entity (couple or family). If you wanted to ask Bomb Voyage and his wife to dinner, you'd address the invitation to "les Voyage". Likewise, if you wanted to name a movie about Mr. Incredible and his family, you'd definitely call it "les Incroyable".

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Continuity mistake: When Lucius is putting aftershave on in front of the mirror, he hears the robot outside and runs to the window, leaving the bottle of aftershave on the desk with the lid off. He returns to open the drawer, and the lid is back on. (01:29:00)


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