The Incredibles

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Incredible first discovers Syndrome's computer room, he starts to walk towards it. He is about a 1/3 of the way when the shot angle changes. When it does, Mr. Incredible is suddenly now much closer to the computer chair to sit in. He didn't have the time to move.

Correction: This is not a mistake. It is a standard editing technique. There is a time jump between the shots. By cutting on matching action, they are able to jump ahead without disrupting the flow of action.

Corrected entry: When The Incredibles fight the giant robot in the city, after they crash that van and roll a number of times before coming to a stop, they can see the robot walking towards their left on the road ahead of them. They get out of the van, Bob talks with Helen for some time, then the robot emerges from behind them and crushes their van. Seeing the robot's size and its speed, it couldn't possibly go around the entire block in so little time. The building it went around can be seen when the robot walks towards them, and it is huge, making the trip around it really long.

Correction: There was plenty of time for a robot that size to walk around a single building. And it wasn't one of those "huge" buildings that take up a whole city block, so it could easily slip around to the other side, especially since it was designed to be able to outsmart and beat any hero.


Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible stops, the train the light from the trains brightly shines on him, but when the lights and headlights go out, the light that is on him doesn't disappear.

Correction: That's not what happens in the scene. After the light on the train goes out, Mr. Incredible has also slipped down some and now it is the several street lamps that are shinning on him.


Corrected entry: In the scene after Helen and the children have reached land after swimming in the water, Helen's hair is sudden much longer than her natural short hair style.

Correction: Helen's hairdo has fair bit of volume to it. The water is weighing it down. It's not longer, it's just not fluffy anymore.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the train is going to hit Mr. Incredible, he turns his head but he's looking straight forward in the following shot. (00:08:20)

Dr Wilson

Correction: When the shot changes to the wide shot, Mr. Incredible still has his head turned to the side.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning the of movie when Mr Incredible goes to the island and is fighting the first robot, he he hurts his back. The robot then picks him up and, using its claws, begins stretching him, during which we hear his back pop, and him laugh. He then uses his strength to pull one of the robot's claws off, allowing him to escape. Later in the scene the claw mysteriously reappears, as seen when the robot is defeated and collapses to the ground.


Correction: This is not correct. The claw never reappears after being torn off. In fact, you can see the arm with the missing claw the whole time, even after being destroyed (in the final shot it is the front arm to the left of the viewer).


Corrected entry: In the dinner scene, when Dash is running around the room smacking Violet on the back of the head, there are two water jugs that are there in closeups of Vi, but disappear in shots of Dash running.

Brad Premium member

Correction: If you're referring to the tall silver and short green dishes behind Vi, both are visible when Dash is running around. If you're referring to the two vases above, those are also visible. There are no changes between close up and wide shots.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bob and Frozone get caught in the jewelry store a police officer sees them and comes in, but the police car he is in is on the left and he comes in from the right.

Correction: You can see through the window when the Supers are arguing that the cop sweeps from left to right before he enters, which is how he enters from the right.


Corrected entry: During the chase scene at the beginning of the movie, Bob pulls up a map of where he is as opposed to the cop car and the getaway car. The computer then plots a merge pursuit course as being an immediate right, followed by a left turn and two more right turns. The car converts, then is shown taking an immediate left, then a right turn, a mirror image of what the map displays.

Correction: If you watch the scene again closely, you can see as the computer zooms into the converge point, Mr. Incredible's car (on the map) has already made the first right, thus the first turn we see is the left hand turn, which is the 2nd plotted turn.


Corrected entry: The Parrs fly back to the town using the spare rocket. This would actually be a very bad idea, since the rocket was not designed to carry humans. As shown earlier when launching the Omnidroid, the rocket actually goes through space, before detaching the glider with the Omnidroid.Now if they plot the same course with the spare rocket, the Parrs would've died in space, since neither the rocket nor the van would protect them from the cold and the vacuum. Now one could argue that Violet used a force field to protect them, but as the movie established earlier, she's unable to produce such a large force field. She not only has to encapsulate the van but the entire rocket to protect everyone, since Helen is clinging onto the glider. And even if we assume that she is capable of such a force field, she would have to keep it up until they successfully reentered the atmosphere. But by encapsulating the whole glider with a force field, it would lose any aerodynamics, causing the whole thing to just tumble straight down, instead of a controlled flight. No matter how you look at it, they could not survive using the rocket.

Correction: Unless it didn't go into space. Just because we see one do so once does not mean the rockets always must.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is caught lurking in the computer room on the island, the guns shoot that black sticky stuff on him. He starts running. He falls down. He puts his hand forward to stop the fall, and a ball is stuck to it. The ball slid across the ground and didn't stick. Other balls were shown sticking to the ground.


Correction: Mr. Incredible is pushing on this glob, since it's stuck to his hand. He's really strong, you see, so it didn't stick.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bob arrives at Edna's, she makes the comment "my god, you've gotten fat." However, this takes place after the montage where he works out to get back into shape.

Correction: While it is true that this occurs after Mr. Incredible has begun losing weight, he is still much heavier than when he was in his prime. As Edna most likely last saw him before the supers went into hiding, she is comparing as he is now to what she remembers from then.


Corrected entry: When Helen is vacuuming the hallway, and goes into Bob's office, the vacuum cord is coming from the far side of the washer and dryer. But when the camera moves inside the office, the cord is coming in the door from the right, which is the opposite direction. (00:48:55)

Correction: I just watched this scene. The cord does snake by the washer/dryer but the rest of the cord is coming from the left of the screen(where it is plugged in),as if Helen had backtracked when vacuuming. Look closely and you'll see the rest of the cord. It is in the correct location when Helen enters Bob's office.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: When Bob's at the office with a client when his wife calls, the clock at home (that she looks at) says about 3:30. Soon after, when he stands up to 'check for anybody listening', the clock on the far office wall shows about after 10:00. (00:11:50 - 00:12:30)

Correction: The kitchen clock is a wind-up and will display an inaccurate time due to non-winding or faulty mechanism. The office clock will display an inaccurate time due to a faulty mechanism or interruption of its power source. Either way, the times displayed on the individual clocks cannot be compared to one another.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: If the US government spends so many hundreds of thousands of dollars (as Rick Dicker states) in protecting Mr. Incredible's identity, then wouldn't anybody care about the fact that there's an entire room devoted to Mr. Incredible? I mean, if it was just memorabilia, that would be one thing, but pictures? With a guy who looks exactly like said superhero in the same house? I think people would get suspicious. Not to mention the fact that the government let Bob Parr keep his suit. Any slightly nosy neighbor could figure it out; wouldn't the US government?

Correction: Why on earth would anyone else have to know the room existed? Do you let your neighbors into your house, alone and unsupervised, to roam through every room in your house? Of course not. It's a memorabilia room, plain and simple. Like a collector would have.

Brenda Elzin

Corrected entry: So the basic premise of this film is formerly respected superheros are outlawed by the government and forced to retire due to excessive public criticism. Their select group tries living normal lives but eventually find the call of the costume is too strong. They team up to combat a world-threatening evil force and finally go back to being full time heroes, if only in secret. Any of that sound familiar to anyone? It should. It's the exact same premise as "Watchmen".

Correction: There are many films that share basic plot points. That doesn't constitute trivia for either film.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the hangar near the end the family finds an RV with all of the guards inside. Mr. Incredible stops and tells his family to wait at the rear corner of the RV. He then enters and beats up the guards; while doing so, the outside shot of the RV shows no family and no place for all of them to hide (look under the RV to check the other side). Then he opens the door and they're at the corner again.


Correction: Actually, there is a place where it would be impossible for viewers to see Elastigirl and the two kids. The RV has two huge back tires on its left, so if they were hiding directly behind the RV its two back left tires would easily block us from seeing them. There is no error here.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Helen and Edna are in her lab, E tells Helen that Dash's suit can make him run without ever getting tired. Now in the scene where the plane Helen was flying is destroyed and they have to get to shore, Dash is wearing his suit and is speeding his feet. When they finally arrive to shore, why is Dash tired if his suit is on?

Correction: What Edna says is "Your boy's suit I designed to withstand enormous friction without heating up or wearing out." Nothing there remotely suggests that it will prevent Dash from getting tired.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Incredible is going to arrest the man that stole a purse, check the man's shadow on the wall. When he stands up, you can see that he doesn't have the purse in his hands but in the following shot, he has the purse and his arms are placed differently.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The burglar's shadow is sound and he always has the purse, the shadow on the wall behind him when he stands up is actually Mr. Incredible's.

Corrected entry: In the first scene with the Omnibot thing, Bob is cut by the robot's claw thing through his suit, you can even see where the blood was on the cut. But every other scene with the same cut on his clothes, the cut itself has disappeared only showing the rip in the suit.

Correction: Since Mr. Incredible is listed as an indestructible type superhero, it is likely that he has a sort of accelerated healing ability.

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