The Incredibles

The woman that hires Mr. Incredible turns out to be the minion of the fan (Buddy, now known as Syndrome) that Mr. Incredible spurned, now grown up and after revenge. His plan is to create an unstoppable robot by pitting old superheroes against them, thus upgrading it everytime a superhero defeats it. He will then unleash it upon a city, then save the city from the robot by using the remote on his arm, and be hailed as a new superhero. Meanwhile, the rest of the family arrive on the island in a bid to save him. They do, and travel on a rocket (courtesy of a converted assistant) to stop Syndrome's robot. They do this by making it stab itself with tentacles. The family goes home and find Syndrome with Jack Jack. He flies with Jack Jack to his plane, but Jack Jack now has powers, and unleashes them on Syndrome. Helen rescues Jack Jack and Syndrome gets killed by getting sucked into the aeroplane's engine. Super heroes come out of hiding, and a new enemy called The Underminer comes out of the ground threatening the city, making us believe that there might be a sequel.


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Frozone: Honey?
Honey: What?
Frozone: Where's my super suit?
Honey: What?
Frozone: Where is my super suit?
Honey: I uh - put it away.
Frozone: Where?
Honey: Why do you need to know?
Frozone: I need it!
Honey: Nuh uh! Don't you think about running off to do some derrin' do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!
Frozone: The public is in danger!
Honey: My evening's in danger!
Frozone: You tell me where my suit is woman! We are talking the greater good!
Honey: I am your wife! I am the greatest 'good' you are ever gonna get.



When Lucius is putting aftershave on in front of the mirror, he hears the robot outside and runs to the window, leaving the bottle of aftershave on the desk with the lid off. He returns to open the drawer and the lid is back on.



The two old men near the end, talking about it being "old school" are voiced by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two Walt Disney animators who worked on such classics as Bambi and Cinderella.