The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Corrected entry: Elrond could have easily stopped and taken the ring from Isildur inside Mount Doom, destroying it, but he simply lets Isildur walk out freely. (01:22:10)


Correction: Isildur would have fought back against Elrond. Elrond having to kill him for the Ring may have caused him to desire it for himself. Or them two fighting may have caused a war between men and elves.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Merry and Pippin run in on the Secret Council, you can see Elrond watch them come past him. However, for a few frames you can see that he keeps looking at where they came from even when they have gone past him. This is probably because they were superimposed on to the film.


Correction: There is no mistake. He is looking there since he thinks that someone else can also show up.

Corrected entry: When Bilbo drops the Ring on the floor of Bag End and it thuds, a magnetic floor was used so the Ring wouldn't bounce.

Correction: There was no magnetic floor. In the one of the extras on the DVD, many of the props are shown being constructed and designed. A large, roughly 18-inch-diameter version of The One Ring is being polished and it's explained that it's used for that close up scene in particular, so that it wouldn't bounce but you could still get a detailed close up of it in the same shot.

Corrected entry: When Saruman and Gandalf are dueling in the tower, Saruman throws Gandalf above a door with his staff. Gandalf is stuck there, but when he falls, the wall moves very slightly.

Correction: No, the wall doesn't move at all.

Corrected entry: When the four hobbits first encounter a Black Rider (just after Frodo shouts "get off the road!" at his mushroom-gathering companions), you can see that the Nazgul isn't on a road when his horse first walks on scene. Look at the gap in the top right corner. The road is straight and the horse should pass that gap, but it doesn't. There also is an extraordinarily short window of time between when the hobbits hide under the tree roots, and when the Nazgul appears on screen.

Correction: Why does the Black Rider have to have ridden up on the road? It is perfectly possible for a horse to wend its way through the trees instead, and indeed, if you're trying to be sneaky, this is a better way to go. If you're assuming the Rider must have been on the road because of what Frodo shouts, this is an incorrect assumption. Frodo shouts for his friends to get off the road because he doesn't want them to be seen and they are very easy to see on the open road. This does not in any way prove that anything approaching them has to be coming along the road.


Corrected entry: As Arwen rides off with the wounded Frodo, Sam yells at Aragorn saying 'What are you doing? Those wraiths are still out there'. He says the first part of this line in his natural American accent.

Correction: His voice sounds the same as when he usually yells. Sam doesn't have a thick as an accent as other characters.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Pippin asks "Well what about second breakfast?" Merry and Pippin are thrown a piece of fruit each. Pippin is thrown his on the right side of his body, yet it ends up in his left hand. The fruit is also red in colour whilst being thrown, but orange in his hand. (00:56:05)


Correction: You can see him change the fruit from one hand to the other. And it's an apple that's red on one side, orange/yellow on the other.


Corrected entry: When Bilbo is back at his house after the party, Gandalf asks him whether it is so hard to give up the Ring, and Bilbo says, "Well no," though his mouth is very out of sync.

Correction: It is not out of sync. He speaks normally.

Corrected entry: Peter Jackson's son Billy (seen listening to Bilbo's troll story) is the only hobbit in the movie that didn't need a wig.

Correction: According to the director/writers commentary of the extended cut of the film, it was actor Billy Boyd, who played Pippin, that did not require a wig. No mention is ever made of whether or not Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's son needed a wig, or even what his name is. Their son AND daughter appear together, and neither is ever named.

Corrected entry: It is rather interesting that the German dubbed version of FOTR follows Tolkien's guidelines for pronunciation more closely than the original English version. In the Appendices to the novel (Appendix F, 'On Translation') Tolkien states that Sam's name is not of Hebraic origin but short for 'Samwise' (an Anglo-Saxon word, Tolkien being a lecturer in Anglo-Saxon and Old English) and therefore not to be pronounced similarly to the abbreviation for 'Samuel'. Instead the name would have been pronounced [sahm] (the 'a' like in British English 'fast'). Another example is with place names such as 'Isengard' ('Isen' rhyming with 'treason').

Correction: However, on the audio tape J.R.R. Tolkien reads excerpts from the "Lord of the Rings" and "the Hobbit", and he pronounced the words the same way as in the movie.

Corrected entry: Just before the scene in which Pippin complains about not having "second breakfast", the shot changes to show an overview of the forest they're in. Before the scene changes, look in the top right hand corner of the screen. The trees there appear to be forming a circle with a hole in the middle. Slow motion or pausing isn't necessary, but it makes it easier to spot.

Correction: The fact that the trees "seem to form a circle" is not valid movie trivia.


Corrected entry: This is only for the Extended DVD. In the beginning of the film, we see Bilbo writing the title for his book. "There and Back Again, A Hobbit's Tale by Bilbo Baggins." We specifically see him write the 's' in Baggins. It is unadorned. Later, when in Rivendale, Frodo looks at the book and the 's' is completely different. Bilbo wouldn't go back and fix it, and all the letters on the page are the same as the ones earlier in the film.

Correction: The difference in the Red Book's handwriting is already online for FotR, and the entire title's handwriting is different, not just the letter "s".

Corrected entry: This happens when Sam and Frodo are in Farmer Maggot's cornfield, just before they encounter Merry and Pippin. Sam emerges on to the path and can't see Frodo, so he runs down the path, calling out for him. As he does so, a rhythmic squeaking noise is audible, which is heard at no other time when he runs. This would appear to be the camera trolley moving along the track, either filming him running or moving to simulate his point of view.

Correction: All audio from the actual shooting of a scene is only used for reference. All sounds and effects we hear in a movie is created under controlled environment in a studio. No dolly sound can be heard in any of the copies I have.

Corrected entry: Bill the Pony is nowhere to be seen when they are climbing the mountain, but he is back when they reach the gates of Moria.


Correction: Bill is tagging along in all the scenes between Rivendell and Moria. Often at the back of the Fellowship, but he is there.

Corrected entry: When they're on the road and you see Frodo, there are barely any leaves around his feet. It cuts to the shortening road, then back, and Frodo's feet are surrounded by leaves. And when they're on the road, the hill they drop off is steep and green. When they hide, the verge is no longer grass-covered and is more level.

Correction: Frodo's feet become surrounded by leaves because the wind was blowing in his direction while he looked down the path. And the hill looks different because of the perspective we're viewing it from.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Troll stabs Frodo in Balin's tomb, it stabs the left side of his stomach with the blade held horizontally. When Frodo sits up and is alive, the stab mark on his shirt is on his right shoulder and it is vertical.

Correction: That's because it's from an earlier wound - the Witch King stabbed Frodo in his right shoulder on Weathertop.


Corrected entry: In the deleted scene where the Fellowship looks down into the mines in Moria, you can see a moving crew member with a torch down on one of the ledges.

Correction: I watched this scene about 20 times, and I can't see any person other than the Fellowship. The light sources in that shot are from Gandalf's staff, and a torch that Aragorn holds.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the Council of Elrond, right after Frodo says, "I will take it," there is a shot of all the members of the council staring at Frodo. The problem is, they are not all staring in the same spot. (Look closely at Boromir and Gandalf, they look as though they could be staring at Frodo. But the two elves on the right of the screen are staring too far off to the right.)

Correction: Nowhere does it indicate that everyone is looking at Frodo. The elves could be, and certainly seem to be, looking elsewhere. Doesn't really seem to be a movie mistake.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: Gandalf's sword, Glamdring, is an Elven blade, just as Frodo's sword Sting is. However, Glamdring does not glow when orcs are near as an Elven blade should.

Correction: This is a book thing - Gandalf's blade is never stated to be an elven one in the film and film/book discrepencies are not valid sources for mistakes.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the fellowship of the ring, when we first meet Legolas he has brown eyes. In the next two films the colour of his eyes alternate between being very dark blue, to icy blue.

Correction: Arwen's eyes change color too, it's an Elvish characteristic.

Nick Bylsma


Other mistake: When the hobbits are hiding under the tree trunk from the Ringwraith in the beginning, you can see space to the left and right of the tree above them. Logically when the Ringwraith walks past the tree you would see it on the right side of the tree first, then on the left, but you don't - it looks like it walks out of the tree instead of behind it. [Confirmed on the commentaries - Elijah Wood asks his fellow actors if anyone spotted the mistake: 'It kind of magically comes out of the tree'. Sean Astin: 'You mean it doesn't pass from the other side?' Wood: 'No, it comes out from the centre.'] (00:51:40)

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Aragorn: Gentlemen! We do not stop 'til nightfall.
Pippin: But what about breakfast?
Aragorn: You've already had it.
Pippin: We've had one, yes. But what about second breakfast?
[Aragorn stares at him, then walks off.]
Merry: Don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.
Pippin: What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he?
Merry: I wouldn't count on it.

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Trivia: While filming the trilogy, Viggo Mortensen got so into character that, during a conversation with Peter Jackson, Jackson addressed him as "Aragorn" for more than half an hour, and Mortensen didn't even realize it.

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Question: When Gandalf is hanging on the edge of the bridge in the mines, what does he say just before he drops? At first I thought he said 'run you fools' but it sounds different every time I hear it.

Answer: "Run, you fools" (in the original theatrical release). "Fly, you fools" (in the DVD release).

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