The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Corrected entry: In the scene at the Council of Elrond, right after Frodo says, "I will take it," there is a shot of all the members of the council staring at Frodo. The problem is, they are not all staring in the same spot. (Look closely at Boromir and Gandalf, they look as though they could be staring at Frodo. But the two elves on the right of the screen are staring too far off to the right.)

Correction: Nowhere does it indicate that everyone is looking at Frodo. The elves could be, and certainly seem to be, looking elsewhere. Doesn't really seem to be a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: Gandalf's sword, Glamdring, is an Elven blade, just as Frodo's sword Sting is. However, Glamdring does not glow when orcs are near as an Elven blade should.

Correction: This is a book thing - Gandalf's blade is never stated to be an elven one in the film and film/book discrepencies are not valid sources for mistakes.

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Corrected entry: In the fellowship of the ring, when we first meet Legolas he has brown eyes. In the next two films the colour of his eyes alternate between being very dark blue, to icy blue.

Correction: Arwen's eyes change color too, it's an Elvish characteristic.

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Corrected entry: After battling the Watcher in the Water Legolas can be seen to the left of the screen helping Pippin to his feet as they flee inside Moria. In the next shot Pippin is standing with Sam and Merry and turning to run into the mines, nowhere near Legolas.

Correction: He's not helping Pippin, he's helping Frodo. Boromir was carrying Frodo but put him down, you can see that he has no Hobbit in his arms, and Legolas is helping Frodo to his feet. Note the difference between Frodo's green cape and Pippin's red.

Corrected entry: The books were published in the mid-1950s as three different stories, much to the annoyance of author J.R.R. Tolkien, who had never intended the work to become a trilogy.

Correction: In the authors forward to The Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien states that his intent was to see if he could tell a really long story that would hold the readers attention and that he originally wrote it as a serial that he mailed to his son in South Africa. He didn't care if it was published as a trilogy what set him off was the unauthorized publication by another publishing house.

Corrected entry: When Aragorn gets hit in the mouth by Lurtz it actually knocked out a tooth. He went to the dentist in his lunch break and was back on set the same afternoon.

Correction: Viggo Mortensen broke a tooth during the filming of Helm's Deep, not during the filming of this sequence. Confirmed on the DVD.

Corrected entry: When the Hobbits are in the woods and Merry has asked Frodo who the Black Rider was looking for Pippin says "Get down". Though if you look you see that it is actually Sam who says it, but Pippin's voice is heard. You can tell because the one speaking is the one to the left, and when the Hobbits duck Sam is to the left and Pippin to the right. Plus it is the chubbier Hobbit who speaks, which would be Sam.

Correction: It sounds like Pippin but it is Sam. In the Extended Edition cast commentary, Sean Astin explains how in one take of that scene, he said the line with an American accent.

Corrected entry: After the fellowship sets out from Rivendell, when they've stopped on the rock formation for a break, Boromir is giving Merry and Pippin sword lessons. Pip misses a block and Boromir nicks him with his sword. If you look closely, you can see Pippin saying "Ow, sh*t." but all we hear is "Aaagh.".

Correction: Nonsense. He says "Aaagh" and makes a pained face. Anything else is merely speculation and doesn't count as a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: When Gimli is suggesting to Gandalf that they go through the Mines Of Moria, Gandalf is seen replying with his pipe near his mouth. When the camera angle changes to a wide view he is now seen with his hands clasped and when the camera angle changes to a close-up the pipe is back near his mouth. (01:36:48)


Correction: There is nothing to suggest that the wide shot takes place directly after Gandalf's reply. It could be a short leap forward in time. Before Gandalf's pipe ends up back in his mouth there is a long close-up of Legolas, during which he has more than enough time to bring the pipe to his mouth.

Corrected entry: After Gandalf sends away the moth the camera plunges down the side of Orthanc Tower into one of the pits where orcs are making swords. In this continuous shot the crane suddenly swings around from a paused state, much like unpausing a video. (Since the crane moves at constant speed, it cannot have suddenly accelerated from rest.) If stepping frame by frame, it is evident that the shot is composed of many layers beneath the Orthanc miniature: the orc walking across the bridge, the crane that starts swinging and the orcs making swords. The last of these layers starts the action a few frames after the crane has started moving. Note that the time code applies to the first disc of the Extended Version DVD set. (01:13:20)

Correction: If you have to go frame-by-frame to see it, it is not a movie mistake as by the rules of this site. Only what is visible in regular viewing can be considered genuine mistakes, as that is how the director and the public would see the movie.


Corrected entry: When Arwen is fleeing from the Nazgul, she's pulling back on the reins, which is what you do if you're trying to slow a horse down, not if you're trying to spur it on to outrun pursuers. Can't be a different system to ours - it's got a bit in its mouth, so pulling on the reigns will inhibit forward movement and cause pain, slowing it down.

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake. Arwen could be trying to slow down for a second to look around for an escape route, something that is hard to do at high speeds.


Corrected entry: In some of the Nazgul shots such as the ones from Bree after they stomp down the door and are riding into town or after they realize they had been stabbing pillows with their blades, you can see the covering several of the Ringwraiths use to hide their faces. The light makes the covering appear lighter than the black of their cloaks (00:55:15 - 00:56:15)

Correction: There is nothing to say that the Ringwraiths don't actually wear some form of masks under their hoods. You never see any of them pull back their hoods, and when you see them in the Wraithworld, their outer trappings (cloaks and armor) are all gone. So this can be simply just another part of the Ringwraiths' clothing.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Frodo is in Rivendell, after he's been healed, and he's looking over the railing into the valley. The railing comes up to his waist. This would make the railing much too short for the elves. Since the elves built Rivendell, shouldn't the railing come up higher on Frodo?

Correction: This has already been corrected. At this time, Bilbo has lived in Rivendell for some time, and it is clear he intends to stay the rest of his life. The Elves have simply been corteous enough to build hobbit-sized quarters for him, and it is in these Frodo wanders after he wakes up.


Corrected entry: In the mines of Moria when the Fellowship are fighting the cave troll, the troll uses the spear to block Frodo, who runs into it before he is thrown against the wall. Watch when he runs into the spear. The troll's arm appears to be jarred from the impact and the entire spear moves. Frodo is a Hobbit, about 3 and 1/2 feet tall. His weight wouldn't be enough to move the spear.

Correction: Frodo is wearing a mithril shirt which is the strongest substance known in this world. If it can repel a spear it should be able to jar the person using it.

Corrected entry: When Frodo awakes in the bed in Rivendell, Frodo's shirt is open and the sheet low down on the bed in the first shot, and then his shirt's closed and the sheet pulled substantially higher in the next shot. (01:22:50)

Correction: His shirt isn't closed at any point during this scene it just look closed because the camera angle changes and because Frodo's movements makes the shirt and undershirt change position. The sheet doesn't move further up either although it does look that way. In the first shot the sheet is just below the second latch on Frodo’s shirt, (counted from the top) when he starts moving into a sitting position the sheet is still just below the second latch until it slides down to around the third latch.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Boromir is holding the hilt of the sword Narsil in Rivendale when he moves his hand up to the tip and cuts his finger there is a close up on his fingers and the one next to the one with the drop of blood has a small line of blood on it as well, it probably came from an earlier take. (01:23:22)

Correction: He cut both fingers.

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Corrected entry: When Galadriel is distributing gifts, she gives Merry and Pippin "daggers of the Noldorim", the blades of which are barely longer than their hands. If they had actually been daggers of the Noldorim (a race of Elves), they would have been the hobbit equivalent of a sword.

Correction: Merry and Pippin already have hobbit-scale swords, so Galadriel is giving them short-bladed knives to complement their existing weapons. There's no official length for a dagger - it's merely a short-bladed weapon, which seems to describe what she gives them quite nicely.

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Corrected entry: When Frodo is departing the Fellowship, Sam catches him and attempts to swim to the boat. It switches between Frodo and Sam talking for a while and then goes to an overall view of Sam going under, here's where you check the boat. No Frodo anywhere in sight.

Correction: First shot Sam's head goes underwater, next shot Frodo shouts, "Sam!" and then the third is a long wideshot of Frodo leaning over the right side of the boat (viewer's right), as the water ripples in the foreground. The back of Frodo's head and cloak ARE visible in this shot, just zoom in if necessary.

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Corrected entry: When Gandalf is leaving Bag End in a hurry, right after Frodo has received the Ring, he clearly bends down and passes below the light fixture in the main entrance hall without touching it. When he turns around to answer Frodo's question, the light fixture is swinging back and forth as if he bumped it. (00:16:20)

Correction: If the light that you are referring to is the one I think it is, Gandalf's shoulder nudges the light.

Corrected entry: At Amon Hen during Aragorn's fight with the Uruks, just after he screams "Elendil" Legolas and Gimli appears. Legolas aims his bow to the right of the screen but the arrow actually hits an Uruk on the left hand side of the screen.

Correction: Watch closer. Gimli is behind Legolas and throws an axe at the orc on the left the same time Legolas fires an arrow at an orc on the right.

Visible crew/equipment: After starting their four day journey through the long dark of Moria, a few shots later Gandalf pulls on his hat brim, and just as he walks (with Legolas close behind) to his left (towards the viewer's right), up some stairs, the black electrical cable leading from the staff to under the robe's left sleeve is visible. (00:19:30)

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