The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Corrected entry: When Frodo reveals his mithril coat in Moria, Gimli says 'You are full of surprises, Mr Baggins'. Merry and Pippin are standing behind him, looking over his shoulders. When the Fellowship stand together at the Council of Elrond, the top of the hobbits' heads only come up to Gimli's shoulders. (01:56:35)

Correction: Merry and Pippin are on their tiptoes to see over Gimli's shoulders. Both scenes were shot with John Rhys-Davies, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd together, so unless their heights have changed Gimli's, Merry's and Pippin's haven't either.

Corrected entry: When Gandalf suggests that they take the Pass Of Caradhras the group is then seen walking together in a area that's completely covered in snow. The camera angle changes to a close-up and they are now in an area that has a number of rocks not covered by snow and when Frodo falls the group is not seen in the same formation. (01:38:22)


Correction: It is not impossible that time has passed between the shots, which would explain the new scenery and group formation.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie, Frodo gets in the boat and moves away from the shore. Before Sam jumps into the water to chase after Frodo you can see that the water is perfectly still between the two hobbits, especially around the boat. The water became still extremely quickly, especially considering this is just a few seconds after Frodo pushes away from shore. It also seems like Frodo made it to the location in the water he's at faster than it seems possible. This is visible in both the theatrical and extended editions.

Correction: Time has passed; it is not necessary to see Frodo rowing the whole way out, so it is logical he'd be out that far. Also, he is going quite slowly, and by the time Sam is wading out he's been stopped for a short while, so the water would have had time to calm down.

Corrected entry: In the scene on the bridge of Khazad-Dum, when Gandalf turns around to face the Balrog, after he yells "You shall not pass" and slams his staff on the ground, the very next clip of him his beard is tossed over his shoulder. Yet after the Balrog falls down and before he falls down his beard is not tossed over his shoulder.

Correction: His beard is not tossed over his shoulder but simply being blown by the Balrog's breath. Later, the wind subsides.

Corrected entry: When Frodo looks into Galadriel's mirror he falls backwards, lands on his back, and is seen grabbing at his neck. The camera angle changes and his hand is now at his side. (02:20:34)


Correction: Frodo quickly moves his hand back down to his side. You can see that right before the camera angle change.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frodo walks in and picks up the ring, he walks over to Gandalf, who is sitting near the fireplace smoking, and he informs Frodo that the ring belongs to the young Hobbit. There is no table beside Gandalf. Gandalf has put his pipe down, holds out an envelope, Frodo drops the ring in it and Gandalf instantaneously seals it with melted wax and a seal at a table in front of him. (00:31:05)

Correction: Gandalf is sitting at the fireplace smoking, with his back to the front door, when Frodo walks in. Gandalf says,"Bilbo's ring." OFF CAMERA, Gandalf walks over to the table across the room, near the window. See the kitchen behind Gandalf in the following shots. He then says, "He's gone to stay with the Elves, He's left you Bag End", while he holds out the envelope to Frodo. The wax and seal are on that table. It isn't necessary to see him walking across the floor.

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Corrected entry: When Gandalf is trapped on top of the tower in Isengard, it's raining. But at the same time, at the base of the tower where Saruman and the orcs are tearing down the trees, it's not raining.


Correction: The rain moves slowly across the fields. Several shots of the Uruk-hai cutting down trees DO show that it is raining. It's only the closeup shots of Saruman and the Uruks he is speaking to that don't show rain, which just means that it hasn't gotten to them yet.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning where we see Gollum crouched on a high rock, and he says 'my preciousss' it isn't Andy Serkis. He was not there that day so Dominic Monaghan said it instead, it was the only time Gollum's voice is not Andy Serkis'.

Correction: What Dom says in the commentary is that some days he was like a 'jack of all trades' on the set. For example, for filming part of the Hobbits reactions, he read Bilbo's speech to them. Also, the day that Ian filmed his 'young' shot of finding the ring, Dom did the voice 'ON SET', for Ian to react to someone's voice. The voice of Gollum in the movie IS Andy Serkis, because it was added later.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Sam and Frodo are at the top of Emyn Muil looking toward Mordor. The complete mountain range of Ered Lithui is visible, though the far end of the range is about 600 miles away and certainly wouldn't be visible from Emyn Muil.

Correction: Yes, Frodo and Sam are standing on Emyn Muil and they're looking SouthEast into the distance towards Mordor. The mountain range visible however, would be that of the Western tip of Ered Lithui (Ash Mountains) and the Northern tip of Ephel Duath (Mountains of Shadow). They come together at the Valley of Morannon, the Black Gate, which is where they are headed. The complete mountain range of Ered Lithui, which extends far to the East, is not shown.

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Corrected entry: A bit of odd behavior. When Frodo begins packing in Bag End to go on his journey, Gandalf hands him a folded article of clothing. Frodo grabs it, shakes it out so that it is no longer folded, and stuffs it in his bag.

Correction: If you notice, Gandalf rolls the article of clothing up in a pretty large roll. Frodo unrolls it so he can jam it into his pack a little easier and have it take up less space in his pack. As many have noticed, Frodo isn't exactly what you'd call neat and tidy.

Corrected entry: Rivendell was built by elves and lived in by elves, so wouldn't the balcony ledges be above the Hobbits heads? It seems a little odd that they seem just like normal balcony ledges to them.

Correction: There's also at least one hobbit living there full-time, namely Bilbo. The elves being a courteous bunch, they'd no doubt create an area for him to live in that's scaled to hobbit proportions, so that he'd feel comfortable.

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Corrected entry: Orlando Bloom had no stunt double.

Correction: This is not true. Though Orlando did do most of his own stunts, he did have a stunt double, named Morgan.

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Corrected entry: After Aragorn kisses Boromir right after he dies, he gets up and says something about how the tower guards of Ecthelion will look for his coming, but he will not come. Where is the 3rd arrow in Boromir's chest/stomach?

Correction: When Aragorn stands over Boromir, the three arrows are there. The top arrow is clear, but look at the still shot, Boromir's hand is resting on his stomach between the middle and bottom arrow. In this shot, the horn of Gondor is below his arm.

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Corrected entry: Gandalf (v/over): "We must walks over to Frodo and they watch Boromir sparring with the two other Hobbits. Pippin is wearing a white shirt and Merry is wearing a vest. Boromir is fighting with Pippind he says "Two, one, five. Good, very good." after he's done that short round with Pippin. Then he does a little fancy thing with his sword and turns to Merry. [You can identify Merry by his yellow vest] As Boromir fights with the hobbit, Merry moves backright shoulder near the camera, and then he disappears from view, all except his arm and his sword. Then the shot moves to Aragorn, with his pipe who says "Move your feet." The rhythm of the clanking swords continues without break but after the camera moves away from Aragorn, Boromir is suddenly fighting with Pippin again. Then Merry says "You look good Pippin." You can also tell that it changed from Merry to Pippin, because Merry's sleeves are larger/puffier that Pippin's and they are also longer. (00:05:25)

Correction: Go back and advance that scene shot by shot and you will see that you are wrong. Boromir twirls his sword and only looks at Merry, but continues to fight with Pippin. It is Pippin's shoulder, arm and sword that are shown close up, fighting with Boromir. Pippin has a white shirt, that has a decorative color thread running through it on the cuffs and on the front of the shirt. Pippin is fighting with Boromir the whole time, until Merry says, "You look good, Pippin," at which point Boromir starts to fight with Merry.

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Corrected entry: In the part where Boromir gets hit by arrows three times, you see the first arrow hit just below his shoulder. If you look closely, you can see the second arrow hit him in the same exact place as the first, and the first arrow has somehow disappeared. In the next shot you can see one arrow in his shoulder and one lower down, even though the second arrow looked as though it hit him in the shoulder. (01:23:15)

Correction: I checked in slow motion, and the second arrow does NOT hit him in the shoulder. That arrow is already there when the second hits, although the sequence is very fast and it could seem like he jerks from the arrow already in his shoulder.

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Corrected entry: In the prologue we see the three Elves that received the Elven rings, with Galadriel in the foreground. The elf behind her looks elderly. Elves did not age beyond adulthood, (Tolkien says of Galadriel and Celeborn, "but no sign of age was upon them"). (00:01:10)

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Correction: Not actually correct - elves do age, according to Tolkien. To quote from his Letters "The Elves were sufficiently longeval to be called by Man 'immortal'. But they were not unageing or unwearying". The Elf in question is almost certainly Cirdan the Shipwright (who may or may not appear at the end of the final film). Cirdan was one of the very first Elves and, as such, he would have been around for long enough to show some signs of aging.

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Corrected entry: In the director's commentary, Peter Jackson says that for the prologue sequence in Gollum's cave they used tape to pull Ian Holm's (Bilbo's) skin tighter to look younger. They needn't, as even though that scene takes place many years before the story proper, because he then bore the Ring, as Gandalf later says, "You haven't aged a day." No-one who has the ring ages in any way. (00:07:20)

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Correction: Clearly not true, as Bilbo does look different - Gandalf is merely commenting that Bilbo has aged remarkably well. The opening narration observes that the ring granted Gollum "unnatural long life", not immortality, and the Ring has certainly not prevented Gollum from undergoing significant changes.

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Corrected entry: When Frodo offers the ring to Aragorn at the end, we see a couple of shots of Frodo from Aragorn's perspective. We see the back of Aragorn's head, and he is a few inches taller than Frodo. But seconds later he is suddenly about two feet taller as he kneels down to examine the ring in Frodo's hand. (01:17:45)

Correction: At first, he is only ducking down a bit, then he kneels completely and tells Frodo to leave.

Corrected entry: When the Black Rider confronts the wood-chopping hobbit and his dog and says "Shire. Baggins," the dog backs into the house supposedly in fear of the evil thing, but his tail is wagging. A terrified dog, even if barking furiously, would have his tail between his legs. (00:34:30)

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Correction: That's not even close to being true. Classifying dogs generically like that is wrong, mainly because many dogs have different types of reactions to certain things, and even have their own 'personalities' to some degree. Case in point: One of my own dogs is absolutely terrified of one of my friends, but wags her tail despite barking and cowering in fear from him. Dogs wag their tales for many different reasons.

Corrected entry: Balin's tomb is directly under a beam of sunlight. Yet, when the cave troll enters the chamber, why isn't it turned to stone when the sunlight hits it? (01:55:50)

Correction: Given that Balin's tomb is deep underground, an excavated hole to the surface would only provide a beam of direct sunlight for a very short period of time on any given day - most likely only a few minutes. In order to keep the tomb illuminated during the day, the dwarves must have employed some sort of system (either magical or mirror-based) to redirect the sunlight down into the tomb chamber. As it's not actually direct sunlight, it probably causes the troll some discomfort, but doesn't have the full stoning effect.

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Visible crew/equipment: After starting their four day journey through the long dark of Moria, a few shots later Gandalf pulls on his hat brim, and just as he walks (with Legolas close behind) to his left (towards the viewer's right), up some stairs, the black electrical cable leading from the staff to under the robe's left sleeve is visible. (00:19:30)

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