Trivia: There's a part in the book, 'The Fellowship of the Ring', just after Frodo has been grabbed by the Watcher in the water outside the gates of Moria. Gandalf thinks, but does not say, that 'whatever it was that dwelt in the lake, it had seized on Frodo first among all the Company' ie. the implication being that the ring draws attack and evil from all around. This happens in the film too - the first Ringwraith is able to separate Frodo from the other three hobbits, when they're running for the Bucklebury Ferry, the Watcher grabs him, as in the book, and even the Cave Troll singles him out.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the Amon Hen battle scene, where Boromir has been shot by Lurtz, there is a close-up of Lurtz's feet (as if from Boromir's POV) showing Lurtz striding over and stopping in front of him. The ground is clear all around his feet. The shot then changes to a wide shot, from the side, and there are orc corpses piled up all around. None of these were visible before, but should have been. (01:21:20)

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Continuity mistake: When the members of the Fellowship are running away from the Balrog, they get caught on the steep narrow stairs and have to jump across the gap. When only Frodo and Aragorn are left on the upper side, there is a long shot from the top, showing large rocks crashing down in the foreground and the two of them further away. Both of them jolt forward, as if with the impact, before the rock has hit the top of the staircase. (00:37:12)

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