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23rd Jun 2009

The Natural (1984)

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Babe Ruth is batting righty. In reality, Bambino was a lefty hitter and never batted righty.

Correction: He was a fictional character they called "The Whammer" that was intended to be a Babe Ruth type character, but it was never established that he was actually Babe Ruth.

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25th Jun 2009

Animal House (1978)

Corrected entry: In the horse stable, Flounder refers to D-Day and Bluto as "Brother BB, Brother Bluto!"

Correction: He may say it quickly - but Flounder does say "Brother D-Day, Brother Bluto". No mistake.

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2nd Jun 2009

Star Trek (2009)

Corrected entry: If Delta Vega is close enough to Vulcan for Spock to see its destruction in bright daylight, shouldn't it be pulled into (or at the very least affected, specifically time dilation) by the ensuing black hole?


Correction: As corrected elsewhere - yes, Delta Vega would be affected eventually. However, the time from when they arrive to when they leave (assuming Spock leaves soon after Scotty and Kirk) is short enough to not feel the effects of the black hole significantly.

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15th Oct 2002

Caddyshack (1980)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Danny has been summoned to the Judge's office at the Country Club, Ted Knight's character knocks the lamp off the table because it is in the way as they are talking. As Danny leaves the room, the lamp is on the desk.

Correction: The judge never knocks the lamp off the table. He pushes it hard away, but the lamp moves to the edge of the table and stays there. You can see part of the lampshade as they are talking, after he pushes the lamp.

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Corrected entry: The premise of Smokey & The Bandit was going to Texarkana to acquire Coors beer, which was not available east of Texas. Texarkana, Arkansas is "wet", but Texarkana, Texas is "dry" - there was no Coors in Texarkana, Arkansas, and no beer of any kind in Texarkana, Texas.

Correction: Coors beer, at the time, was not available east of the Mississippi River (because of licensing) for sale. Coors beer was certainly available in Arkansas as the entire state is west of the Mississippi River. Also, there is no reason Coors could not have a warehouse/distribution center in Texarkana, Texas.

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31st Dec 2008

Men in Black (1997)

Corrected entry: When K reveals MIB's existence to J, J replies that K has been reading too many supermarket tabloids. K's response to this is to praise such tabloids as great journalism. These publications reveal information that is, in the film's universe, highly classified. Logically, K would see this as a threat and seek to neuralize, not praise, the staff of these tabloids.

Correction: Who ever said the movie was logical? The joke is that no one ever believes the tabloids except for MIB, and that is where they can get additional information. No need for neutralizing.

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4th Feb 2007

That '70s Show (1998)

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the episode where Bob and Red are competing with their Veteran's Day barbeques, Red is seen wearing the uniform of a Chief Boatswains Mate (BMC). However in a later episode where Kitty and Red are trying to remember how they met, in a flashback, Red is seen wearing the uniform of a Machinist Mate 2nd Class (MM2). Surely he advanced in rank, but I doubt he changed rates (jobs).

Correction: Changing ratings would not be unheard of especially in war time - Red may have started as a machinist mate but could certainly have used on-the-job training to switch to a boatswain's mate. He does indicate that he piloted patrol boats during the war. Generally a MM wouldn't do that but a BM might.

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11th Jul 2004

Band of Brothers (2001)

Crossroads - S1-E5

Corrected entry: When Winters is in his office and Nixon is telling him he's off to Paris, there are three people present, Richard Winters, Lewis Nixon and Harry Welsh. At the very end of the scene, someone says "Second that" but the subtitles say BOB: "Second that." There is no-one in the room called Bob.


Correction: While this may be a mistake, there is no one that is supposed to be named Bob in the shot. The BOB refers to Band of Brothers. Generally, subtitles like that are not considered mistakes for the movie.

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2nd Aug 2008

Con Air (1997)

Corrected entry: Poe handcuffs one of Cyrus' arms to the ladder of the firetruck, yet when Cyrus is launched off of the truck to the ground, he's still wearing the cuff and his arm has not been pulled off.


Correction: The other obvious thing that could have happened is that the ladder broke under the stress of the accident and Cyrus flew off it. The ladder had been through a lot up until that point.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the movie 57 Chevrolet cars abound, but since the movie appears to take place in the spring of 57 they would be nowhere to be seen as they would not have been for sale until September of 1957.

Correction: Even back then, automobile makers released the next year's line in the early fall of the year before. The 1957 models would have been released for sale in September (or thereabouts) of 1956. Plenty of time for numerous 1957 models to be on the road in the spring of 1957.

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Corrected entry: When they are doing income tax returns, Red makes reference to the April 15 deadline, which back then was March 15th.

Correction: I can't tell exactly what year that Red makes this reference from the movie. Which is important because the tax code changed the deadline from March 15 to April 15 in 1954. Andy entered the prison in 1947 and escaped in 1966. Not knowing exactly when it occurred, it is entirely plausible, since Andy was doing income taxes until he escaped, that Red's statement would be true.

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27th Apr 2008

A Christmas Story (1983)

Corrected entry: The movie is supposed to be set in 1939-1940. However, since Christmas Day falls on a Sunday (his father reads the Sunday comics), it either had to be 1938 or 1949. To further confuse the issue, in neither year did the Bears and Packers play each other in December.

Correction: This movie is not set up to be a historic documentary; it is fiction. Therefore, the movie makers have leeway to make minor changes.

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29th Feb 2008

Ben-Hur (1959)

Corrected entry: The actor playing Jesus could not have his face shown as it was considered distasteful to do so according to the Hayes Code.

Correction: Actually, they did this because this was not a story about Jesus, per se, and by never showing the actor's face, it lent an air of mysticism to the scene. There is nothing in the Hays Code identifying that you couldn't portray religous people (including Jesus); you just couldn't portray them badly or in a light that riduculed the religion. The Hays Code was around until 1967 (replaced by the MPAA rating code) and one movie with portrayed Jesus extensively (The Greatest Story Ever Told) was made in 1965 - while the Hays Code was still around.

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3rd Mar 2008

WarGames (1983)

Corrected entry: At the end after the "missiles" hit the air force bases and they find it was all a bluff, they cannot stand down the missiles because they are locked out of the WOPR. When the general tells McKittrick to "just unplug the damn thing", he says they cannot because the silos would interpret the shutdown as a destruction of NORAD and they would carry out their last commands which would be to launch. When they play Tic_tac_toe and tell Joshua to play himself, he hits the code to launch (not that this would work, since the code would not be found one digit at a time, either it's correct or not), then blows up a stack of circuits due to overload. Based on what Mckittrick said earlier, the silos would have launched the missiles.

Correction: It would make sense if all power to WOPR had been shut down due to the overload. However, since WOPR comes back and "talks" to them, it is obvious that it is still in control even with the blown circuits. Since it is still in control, it can countermand the order to launch.

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The Big House - S3-E32

Corrected entry: When Andy arrives back to the courthouse, just prior to Barney showing Andy that Gomer has been chosen as a second deputy, Andy gets out of the car and walks briskly to the courthouse. Right up until the time Andy reaches the courthouse his pant legs are tucked into his boots. The next shot is an inside the courthouse shot showing Andy walking in. His pant legs are nice and pressed and not tucked in.

Correction: Andy never "tucks" his pant legs into his boots. Due to the style of the boots - his pant legs occasionally get caught in the boot. However, just due to walking or stretching the leg - the pant leg becomes un-caught easily. So, it could looked tucked in one instant and untucked the next.

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Barney's First Car - S3-E27

Corrected entry: When the thing in the steering wheel comes out at Barney, during that scene look out the back window of the car. The background moves, yet Barney's hands on the wheel don't move.

Correction: I'm not quite sure how this is a mistake. The plot calls for the car to be moving - which, by looking at the background, it is. Barney's hands are normal for a person driving a car. He is "driving" straight - there is no real reason his hands can't remain fairly still.

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Correction: An assumed look at the camera should not be considered a mistake - Andy could just have been looking in that direction.

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Christmas Story - S1-E10

Corrected entry: Ben brings Sam in to be arrested for moonshining. His argument is moonshiners cut into his profits because he sells spirits. Andy has said many times before that Mayberry is a dry county.

Correction: While Andy has said that, nowhere does Ben mention that he is selling spirits in Mayberry. He could be selling in a different county.

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Corrected entry: When Ben is crossing the street to enter National Archives building for the Gala, the street is wet but the pavement, steps, etc. around the building are completely dry.

Sheri Hartman

Correction: There is no indication that it has been raining except that the streets are wet. Washington DC's Department of Public Works has street cleaners that operate on heavily traveled areas routinely or as requested by the public. It would not be unusual for the National Archives people to request a street cleaning before this big gala. The street cleaners operate by spraying a thin film of water on the street before sweeping the dirt, etc. into a hopper on the machine. It makes perfect sense as to why the streets could be wet. Also, they only suspend operations during the winter and this take place outside of that time.

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The Patrol - S1-E8

Corrected entry: When Webster reports back to Easy Company, he asks about Sgt. Malarkey. Someone tells him that Malarkey was being made a Lieutenant and that he's on the "fast track." However, Sgt. Lipton was the noncom promoted to Second Lieutenant. Malarkey remained a sergeant.

Correction: That was part of the plot - not a mistake. It plays out later when Lt. Jones sees Malarky and congratulates him for the promotion. Malarky comments that he must mean Lipton.

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