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Corrected entry: Just after Judge Smails throws his putter in anger toward the clubhouse, an extra in the background also throws a club in the opposite direction for no reason.


Correction: I'm sorry! This is a mistake how? Is there a golf rule that only 1 person at a time can be angry on a golf course and throw their putter?


Corrected entry: During the Marina scene, take a close look at the small party on the float. After Al's boat tips it over, the party guests jump and dive into the water willingly instead of looking like they got knocked in.

Correction: In a situation such as this it would be wise to jump and try and swim away from the float lest it capsize on top of you.

Corrected entry: In one scene Danny is about to have sex with his girlfriend, another caddy is outside the window jumping up and down, trying to get a look, Danny flips him off and closes the shade. Cut to outside, the caddy is still standing there but he's the same height as the window, so he wouldn't need to jump.

Correction: In the exterior shot, the bottom edge of the window is about six feet up; the caddy is well under six feet tall. Although he could see into the room, he would not be able to see anything on Maggie's bed without jumping. He's mostly jumping to annoy Noonan anyway. This is not an error.

Corrected entry: Surely the woman would have noticed the foul smell of Spaulding's vomit immediately after sitting in the car. Instead, she doesn't notice it until her husband sits in it.

Matty Blast

Correction: The woman and her husband are obviously drunk from the party and it is understandable that they would not notice the vomit.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie they say it is dead even with the score yet the doctor 2 puts and judge one puts. Then Ty 2 puts and the kid one puts. That would mean a tie once again, but they make it look like the kid won it.

Correction: A one-putt by Danny *would* have tied the score, but Al offers a modification to the bet, accepted by the Judge, to double the amount and to place it all on the outcome of the putt, not the game. So although the winner of the game was unresolved, the bet was won by Al's side. It would arguably have been impossible to continue the game anyway after Carl blew the course up.

Corrected entry: The final outcome is based on one putt, either making or missing the shot. However, if missing the shot loses the match, then making the shot would keep score all square.

Correction: The bet is changed on the last hole.

Corrected entry: As the group gathers for the illegal tournament, Al Czervik takes a call from a phone in his golf bag; Dr. Beeper receives a page, and asks to use the phone (Czervik holds the phone between them). In the midst of this chaos, Lou (the ref) screams to get everyone's attention; when Czervik and Beeper turn to look at him, the phone is completely absent from the shot.


Correction: When it cuts back to Al, you can see part of the phone cord going into the bag, which shakes the clubs a bit. There's plenty of time for Al to drop the phone off camera (which would retracted back into the bag and out of the next shot).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Danny has been summoned to the Judge's office at the Country Club, Ted Knight's character knocks the lamp off the table because it is in the way as they are talking. As Danny leaves the room, the lamp is on the desk.

Correction: The judge never knocks the lamp off the table. He pushes it hard away, but the lamp moves to the edge of the table and stays there. You can see part of the lampshade as they are talking, after he pushes the lamp.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: In the scene where the anchor is dropped through Judge Smails boat they show water spraying up from the hole. You can hear the sound of the pumps which are creating the fountains of water.

Correction: The pumps could be automatic bilge pumps which would start as soon as the water started to come into the boat.


Corrected entry: In the dinner scene, when Carl is trying to snipe out the gopher, Ty and the woman are talking. Carl fires a shot and misses, and a light near the clubhouse shatters, presumably from the shot. This would have been impossible as Carl wasn't even aiming near the clubhouse.

Correction: The word "presumably" invalidates this mistake anyway, but it is always possible that the bullet ricochets off something and then hits the light.

Corrected entry: When Carl and the Scottish greenskeeper are talking near the beginning, look behind them, there are no flowers. But in a later scene, Carl is playing golf by knocking the heads off the flowers, which weren't there at the beginning of the film. (00:09:00 - 00:58:45)


Correction: Even though we don't see it happen, we can assume that Carl, or someone else, planted the flowers sometime between the scene with the greenskeeper and the time that Carl destroyed them.

Corrected entry: When the caddy picks up Dangerfield's humongous golf bag he has a hard time keeping it on his shoulder. But when he and the others are ogling Lacy Underall, he has no trouble whatsoever.


Correction: Not true.


Correction: Not true.


Continuity mistake: At the dinner party, when Danny continuously puts butter on Lacey's side plate, in the closeup Lacey's right arm is on the table, but in the following shot she is now holding a glass with just her elbow on the table. (00:29:00)


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Ty: In one physical model of the universe, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line in the opposite direction, Danny.
Danny: Unbelievable
Ty: Thank you very little.

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Trivia: The sounds they used for the gopher where actually from a dolphin.


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Question: What does the judge say when the ref asks him if there are an odd or even number of tees in his hand? "Bald"? What am I missing here?

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: The judge says "odd". He was quessing at whether the ref had an even number of tees in his hand or an odd number of tees. This is a common and fair way of determining who will go first.

Bruce Minnick

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