Trivia: The "Cinderella story" sequence was all improvised by Bill Murray.


Trivia: The scene where Ty is practicing late at night before the big game and "plays thru" at Carl's place was actually filmed after the movie had already wrapped and was largely improvised. The film makers thought a scene with Chevy Chase, who had left Saturday Night Live after the first season, and Bill Murray, who had replaced Chase in the second season, would be a nice comic touch, so they added one (literally) at the last minute.

Trivia: The sounds they used for the gopher where actually from a dolphin.


Trivia: When Carl is caddying for the Bishop during the thunder storm, music from "The Ten Commandments" can be heard. The part of the Bishop is played by Henry Wilcoxon who appeared as Pentaur in "The Ten Commandments."

Trivia: Don Rickles was originally considered for the role of Al Czervik before it went to Rodney Dangerfield.

Trivia: Lou (Brian Doyle-Murray) is the only character to say "caddyshack" throughout the entire movie.

Trivia: Despite the plot talking place in Nebraska, the movie was actually shot on location in Florida as it was the only state with a golf course that would let them blow up the 18 hole...literally.

Tim Dickerson

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