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Corrected entry: When Gates is talking to Ian under the Trinity Church, he says that Thomas Newton placed the lantern in the Old North Church to signal how the British were coming. However, it was the Church sexton, Robert Newman, who actually placed the lanterns. Even though Ian probably wouldn't know the difference, surely three historians (Patrick Gates, Ben Gates, and Dr. Chase) would have known the correct person in so important an event in American history. There was no reason to throw Ian off track by saying this, since he didn't even know how many lanterns were placed.

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Correction: As Riley said, they gave Ian a fake clue, so they just decided to give him fake information about who placed the lantern in the church.

15th Dec 2007

White Christmas (1954)

Corrected entry: Ever wonder why Vera-Ellen is always shown in the movie wearing a high collar dress/shirt/pajama top/etc.? She was suffering from premature aging effects (she was only 33 at the time) from what is believed to have been anorexia. It showed predominantly in her chest and neck - hence, the desire for her to have her neck covered.

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Correction: At the Academy Awards for the 1954 movies Vera-Ellen is in a evening dress which is completely opened in the front showing her neck no signs of anorexia. That was nothing more than a myth. It was her trademark to wear scarfs or high neck shirts or collars several necklaces around her neck.

Correction: Vera Ellen was a tall, willowy woman with a long, slender neck. Edith Head, the costume designer, likely designed the high collars to make Ellen's neck appear a bit shorter and fuller. In contrast, Rosemary Clooney had a curvier figure, a shorter, fuller neck, and mostly wore costumes with a v-shaped neckline, elongating her neck and torso and making her appear more proportional to Vera Ellen, who is playing her sister. These are common fashion techniques used to enhance or minimize women's physical traits.

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13th Dec 2007

White Christmas (1954)

Corrected entry: Vera-Ellen was a great dancer and decent actress. She couldn't sing well enough for the movie, though. All of her singing parts are dubbed with another singer's voice. In fact, her part in the song "Sisters" is actually sung by Rosemary Clooney - who sang both parts.

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Correction: Incorrect, a woman by the name of Trudy Stevens was the vocal dub for Vera Ellen.

The Sisters song was actually Rosemary Clooney who had sung both parts. For all the other songs it was Trudy Stevens. The only time Vera Ellen's voice is heard is when they got off the train, they all sung the first verse from the song Snow.

27th Jun 2006

That '70s Show (1998)

Jackie Bags Hyde - S3-E8

Corrected entry: After the parade, Red shows up in his Navy uniform. He has several medals on the shirt (three, I believe). The only problem is that one of them is an Army Commendation Medal. Red was in the Navy. While different branches of services can recommend medals for other branches, had the Army recommended Red for a medal, the Navy would have given him a Navy Commendation Medal, not the Army equivalent. The Army medal has the several small stripes in the center (as the one Red is wearing does). The Navy medal has no pinstripes only the two wide ones.

Zwn Annwn

Correction: Red could have served jointly with an Army unit and earned an ARCOM.


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