White Christmas

White Christmas (1954)

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Corrected entry: When Bob and Phil sit down in the club car, Bob puts a suitcase down beside the table. When he gets up to tell the Haynes sisters off, the suitcase is not there.

Jimmy Short

Correction: It's there. Just look next to the first seat. It's moved back a little.

Corrected entry: When Bob and Phil sub in for the girls during their "Sisters" number at Novello's in Florida, they have only heard the song performed once and we are supposed to believe that they memorized all of the lyrics? Also, in the same scene, there is an "ooh!" after they sing the line "the same in the rain or sun." Obviously, the men are lip-syncing to a recording made by the Haynes Sisters, but the sisters' live performance did not contain the "ooh!" so how did Bob and Phil know to do this?


Correction: They didn't just sing the song from memory. They found the record in the dressing room and listened to that a couple times. Remember the club owner was keeping the sheriff busy with a meal so Danny and Bing had time to hear the song a couple times and put together a quick bit of choreography.

Corrected entry: When Wallace and Davis arrive at the night club to check out the Haynes Sisters' act, their only words to Novello, the maitre d', are to the effect of "We're here to catch the Haynes Sisters' act. Tell the girls we're here." However, when Novello goes to their dressing room, he says something like, "Wallace and Davis are out there to catch your act. Your brother Benny is an old Army buddy and wrote them a letter." How did he know? No one told him that.

Correction: He tells Luigi to "see these gentlemen to their table" He then follows behind Luigi who is following behind Wallace and Davis, he stops at the bottom of the stairs and talks to the first table, looks around and then, as the scene starts to dissolve into the next with Novello and the Haynes Sisters, he quickly heads straight for the table where Wallace and Davis are now seated and Luigi is handing them their menus. Novello stops next to Luigi at the table as if he is about to speak to Wallace and Davis some more, giving him more than enough opportunity to find out anything.

Corrected entry: Vera-Ellen was a great dancer and decent actress. She couldn't sing well enough for the movie, though. All of her singing parts are dubbed with another singer's voice. In fact, her part in the song "Sisters" is actually sung by Rosemary Clooney - who sang both parts.

Zwn Annwn

Correction: Incorrect, a woman by the name of Trudy Stevens was the vocal dub for Vera Ellen.

The Sisters song was actually Rosemary Clooney who had sung both parts. For all the other songs it was Trudy Stevens. The only time Vera Ellen's voice is heard is when they got off the train, they all sung the first verse from the song Snow.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wallace and Davis are performing the "Sisters" act, they are wearing bright blue sashes and headpieces. When they go back to the dressing room afterwards, the sashes, feathers and head pieces are gray.

Correction: This is simply not true. In fact, while there are some small shades of gray in the feathers on stage, all items listed clearly remain predominantly blue on stage, in transition to the dressing room and through the dressing room to the window where they escape.

Corrected entry: Wallace and Davis escape from the sister's show room, out of the window and get a cab. As they are in a rush they don't take anything with them. However, then at the station when catching the train they have all their luggage. How did they have time to get their luggage in such a rush?

Correction: The guys were at the nightclub where the girls are performing. Their luggage is most likely wherever they were staying.




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Danny Kaye: My friend, when what's left of you gets around to what's left to be gotten, what's left to be gotten won't be worth getting whatever it is you've got left.



When the General comes into the room for his surprise party the old lady and the granddaughter step back when he first enters then the camera cuts to another angle and they step back again.



The "Sisters" comedy act was completely improvised by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.