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Factual error: In the intro theme, most of the cars in the background are newer then the set time period. About halfway, you see an at least 1997 Ford F-150 pickup drive by the left windows, not manufactured yet.

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Factual error: Episode 7-2, "Let's Spend the Night Together" After Kelso gets the call that his girlfriend's water had broken and runs out of the room, Fez answers the phone. In the background there are several license plates on the wall, one of which is an Indiana "Amber Waves of Grain" design, which was first issued in 1993.

Jason Sieberg

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Factual error: Eric has diecast model cars in his bedroom; those were not around then. The ones he has weren't available until the 1990s.

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Other mistake: How did Donna take the SATs with the rest of the group if she was going to a different school? She is even wearing her catholic school uniform.

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Factual error: At the start of every episode we see the gang driving. Cars in the background are not from the 70s but the late 90s. For instance, the truck that comes up beside them at the end is a 90s Ford F150.


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Eric's Burger Job - S1-E5

Trivia: In the fifth episode of the first season, Donna is left alone to babysit her little sister Tina. Both Tina and Valerie, Donna's older sister, were written off the show, much the same way as Richie's older brother Chuck, on Happy Days, or Laura's younger sister Judy, on Family Matters.

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Hot Dog - S5-E7

Question: This goes where Red give the puppy to Kitty. In real life whose dog is that?

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