That '70s Show
Show generally 7
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The '70s Pilot 2
2 Eric's Birthday 1
3 Streaking 1
4 Battle of the Sexists 0
5 Eric's Burger Job 0
6 The Keg 0
7 That Disco Episode 0
8 Drive-In 0
9 Thanksgiving 1
10 Sunday, Bloody Sunday 0
11 Eric's Buddy 0
12 The Best Christmas Ever 0
13 Ski Trip 1
14 Stolen Car 0
15 That Wrestling Show 1
16 The First Date 0
17 The Pill 3
18 The Career Day 2

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Kitty Forman: Oh good God, you kids switch partners more than square dancers!



When Kitty comes downstairs to give the gang cookies, she tells Eric that she picked out an outfit for him to wear on career day. He then turns and mouths the words "Help me" In the next shot you can see Jackie sitting on Kelso's lap when in the previous episode, she broke up with him. In the next shot, she is then seen standing behind him.



The show was originally titled "Teenage Wasteland" or "The Kids are Alright" but those were songs by The Who and, legally, Fox couldn't get permission to use them. They renamed the show "Feelin' Alright" to show the focus groups. However, nobody really liked the name. After the focus groups airing, the audience were heard saying they really liked that show about the 70's or that 70's show - and the name stuck.