That '70s Show
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 9
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The '70s Pilot 2
2 Eric's Birthday 1
3 Streaking 1
4 Battle of the Sexists 0
5 Eric's Burger Job 0
6 The Keg 0
7 That Disco Episode 0
8 Drive-In 0
9 Thanksgiving 1
10 Sunday, Bloody Sunday 0
11 Eric's Buddy 0
12 The Best Christmas Ever 0
13 Ski Trip 1
14 Stolen Car 0
15 That Wrestling Show 1
16 The First Date 0
17 The Pill 3
18 The Career Day 2

The Career Day - S1-E18

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene in Bargain Bob's where Donna is talking to Bob, the end of the set and lights can be seen in the reflection of metal cookware that Bob is tying balloons to. (00:07:50)

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Eric's Burger Job - S1-E5

Trivia: In the fifth episode of the first season, Donna is left alone to babysit her little sister Tina. Both Tina and Valerie, Donna's older sister, were written off the show, much the same way as Richie's older brother Chuck, on Happy Days, or Laura's younger sister Judy, on Family Matters.

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Hot Dog - S5-E7

Question: This goes where Red give the puppy to Kitty. In real life whose dog is that?

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