That '70s Show

Trivia: The show was originally titled "Teenage Wasteland" or "The Kids Are Alright" but those were songs by The Who and, legally, Fox couldn't get permission to use them. They renamed the show "Feelin' Alright" to show the focus groups. However, nobody really liked the name. After the focus groups airing, the audience were heard saying they really liked that show about the 70's or that 70's show - and the name stuck.

Zwn Annwn

Eric's Burger Job - S1-E5

Trivia: In the fifth episode of the first season, Donna is left alone to babysit her little sister Tina. Both Tina and Valerie, Donna's older sister, were written off the show, much the same way as Richie's older brother Chuck, on Happy Days, or Laura's younger sister Judy, on Family Matters.

Trivia: All of the season 7 episodes are named after Rolling Stones songs, and all of the season 8 episodes (except the finale) are named after Queen songs.

Cubs Fan

Trivia: No one in the Forman family ever finishes a fact, they seldom start a meal, instead getting up and leaving.

The Pill - S1-E17

Trivia: During Bob's 'open for business' daydream, the man who has his hand up cupped over his ear while he says, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm next," is Gary Owens, who played the Announcer on the 60s-70s TV show 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In' and always had his hand cupped over his ear. In a few other episodes we only hear his very distinct voice.

Super Grover

Punk Chick - S1-E22

Other mistake: Jackie and Kitty are baking a pie in the kitchen and Kelso walks in. Jackie and Kelso have an awkward encounter as if they are separated, but they got back together at prom.

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Whole Lotta Love - S5-E16

Fez: Having sex with someone you work with is horrible. I don't know how Donny and Marie do it.

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Chosen answer: Danny Masterson is the one who screams "hello Wisconsin".

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