The Shawshank Redemption

Corrected entry: When placed in solitary confinement Andy tells the warden that "everything stops", meaning that he intends to stop working on the corrupt financial schemes in operation at the prison. Why on earth would an intelligent man like Andy Dufresne make such a threat? There is no hint that he is bluffing, even though he must surely know that he cannot meaningfully threaten the warden, a man who has absolute power over life and death in the prison. In fact even that is beside the point because the financial schemes operated by Andy are there to ensure his own prosperity, not that of the warden. By the time he is sentenced to solitary confinement Andy's escape plans are very advanced; he must be at least two thirds of the way through the prison wall by that stage. His picking up the funds deposited in false names in banks throughout the area is an absolutely essential part of his escape to Mexico and it would be pointless and stupid for him to endanger it in any way.

Correction: It's not just because he was thrown in solitary. His friend was also just killed by the guards and Andy knows it was a set up. He was helping Tommy get an education and taken a mentor role over him. They had grown close and he was legit making a difference in someone's life. Only to then be thrown in solitaire and have this friend killed. He was emotionally destroyed by this and was the tipping point.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Red gets out of a truck. He had apparently hitch hiked to find "the brick wall with the huge oak at the end." When he leaves the truck, he is not carrying his tan briefcase. When he meets Andy, he is.

Correction: A good deal of time elapses between the two scenes. Red simply picked up his suitcase wherever it was before setting out to find Andy.

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Corrected entry: Andy plays Mozart over the public address system of the prison. When Hadley finally breaks through the door after the aria is over the needle is still in the first groove. (01:04:45)


Correction: The needle arm automatically returned there at the end of the track.


Corrected entry: Andy's cell wall is unrealistically thick. Andy is seen crawling flat through the tunnel, indicating the wall is thicker than Andy is tall, making it least two meters thick. Prison walls are thick, but not that thick. (01:57:45)

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Correction: Andy's cell is on the end, right next to where the kind of things you'd want to keep prisoners out of with extra thick walls are; furthermore, since the movie was filmed in an abandoned actual prison, the wall is that much more likely to be real.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, in the shot where the marked patrol cars are racing towards the prison to arrest the warden, you hear them using electronic sirens. Those sirens were not in law enforcement use until the late sixties. (01:57:00)

Correction: Andy has a poster of Raquel Welch in 1 Million BC on his cell wall, placing this scene in 1966 at the earliest. The end of the movie therefore has to be later so the patrol cars would have had the electronic sirens.

Corrected entry: At the very start of the movie the lawyer questioning Andy is wearing a grey suit with a pink striped tie, and Andy is wearing a dark suit. When the scene cuts from Andy's flashback for the last time and the lawyer sums up his case, they have literally swapped suits.

Correction: The suits don't change until the third time it cuts back from the flashback, about 5 mins and 30 seconds into the film. At this point, Andy is no longer on the witness stand, and the lawyer is making his closing statement. I think we can assume the trial took more than one day. So it makes sense that the suits change. Further evidence that this isn't a mistake is that they are wearing different ties as well.

Corrected entry: When Tommy is murdered the guard fires 2 quick successive shots. The rifle is a bolt action rifle and could not reasonably fire two shots that quickly.

Correction: This is the edited for TV version. The original version cuts to graphic shots of blood coming from Tommy's wounds. When these scenes are edited out for television, the gun seems to have been fired more quickly.

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Corrected entry: It makes no sense that everyone believed Tommy was trying to escape when he was shot. There are no guards in the guard towers at night, and if there were, there would be a guard in every tower, meaning another guard would've seen Hadley shoot Tommy.


Correction: Hadley and the Warden wield considerable power at the prison. They didn't need to convince everyone, they just needed a plausible explanation if there was a police investigation. Hadley could easily intimidate the guards and prisoners into remaining silent.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Warden Norton is talking to Tommy, Captain Hadley fires 2 shots but Tommy's back has 4-5 shots in it.

Correction: In the edited for TV version only two shots are heard. The other shots are fired while showing Tommy get shot with blood spilling from his chest. Due to the graphic nature of this scene it is edited in the TV version.

Corrected entry: Andy leaves the torch when he crawls up to the end of the hole. But the torch is seen again after he breaks the drainage pipeline.

Correction: He doesn't drop it, he moves it out of view towards his waist - it looks like he tucks it into a pocket or his bag, for easy retrieval later.

Corrected entry: Andy leaves his prison shoes behind in a shoe box for the warden to look at as the escape siren begins to sound. He wears the warden's polished shoes while returning to his cell the night before. As Andy lowers himself onto the sewer pipe after coming through the wall, you can see he is wearing his "high-top" leather prison shoes and is not barefooted or wearing the warden's shoes before he breaks into the sewer pipe.

Correction: Andy has a lot of influence at the prison. Getting a spare pair of shoes and keeping them in his cell would be nothing to him.

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Corrected entry: Andy arrives in Shawshank in 1949, which is stated in the beginning. He escapes in 1966, making it 17 years. But when he collects the money, Red says that he took the money as service pay for 19 years of work, a two year difference.


Correction: Andy arrived in 1947, not 1949.


Corrected entry: Andy gets a poster of Rita Hayworth when he comes into his cell after his stay in the hospital, and when Red is explaining how Andy broke out, it shows him digging behind her. However, when it is found that Andy escaped, the warden throws a rock through a picture of a cavewoman (Raquel Welch) and it goes into the hole Andy dug. This poster is not the same as the Rita Hayworth one, and it appears to be on the opposite side of the cell as before.

Correction: The poster is always on the same cell wall, where Andy dug his hole. And as Red explains in a voice-over, Andy does replace his pin-up posters from time to time, with new women who have piqued his interest.


Corrected entry: When the police read Byron Hadley his Miranda rights, they are reading a very specific edited version. This version did not surface until 1968, Hadley was arrested in 1966, the year the Miranda case was taken to court. It is implausible that any such Miranda reading would have been widely circulated at the time of the arrest.

Correction: So basically what you are saying is no-one in the history of the world would have thought of those words before the Miranda case? This case was made famous because Ernesto Arturo Miranda wasn't read his rights before his arrest. So surely some form of those words existed before if his 'rights were not read to him'. And as you have pointed out, they read a different (edited) form of the Miranda rights we know today.


Corrected entry: Andy Dufresne was the vice-president of a large Portland bank before his high profile murder conviction. After escape, he visited nearly a dozen banks in the Portland area. Banking is a close-knit industry know for honest people working long careers. It is unbelievable that even after 20 years, Andy could avoid being recognized as Andy in local Portland area banks. He removed an average of almost 30 thousand per bank (in 1966 dollars)- a fortune. To receive cashiers checks in that amount, he would have to deal with senior bank officials. Even though the Portland area is a fairly loose term, the banks must have been close, as he visited them before word of the escape became public knowledge. In the 1960's, Portland had a population of about 75 thousand, indicating that Warden Norton had money in almost every available bank in the area. It is inconceivable that Andy could have avoided detection of his true identity under these circumstances, even with false identification. He would have been recognized by an employee in one of the dozen banks.

Correction: Entirely speculative. It's been twenty years, Andy has aged significantly and is believed to be serving a life sentence behind bars - as you yourself observe, his visits all occur before word of his escape gets out. Even with, as you say, banking typically being a long career, most senior officials at the time of Andy's original offence will likely have retired, with their places filled by people who would be less familiar with him. And finally, he possesses impeccable paperwork identifying him as Randall Stevens, who is a rich and therefore likely a powerful individual. It's entirely possible that some employees that he encountered that day might find him familiar, even vaguely connect that familiarity to Dufresne, but there's a long way between "familiarity" and "suspicion", and nobody would be so stupid to risk offending a powerful individual by suggesting that he might be a convicted murderer. Once word of his escape got out, of course, likely a number of people were kicking themselves, but, at the time, there's no reason for any of them to suspect that he wasn't exactly who his paperwork said he was.

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Corrected entry: When Andy finally leaves Shawshank and leaves through the tunnel emerging after crawling through near half a mile of horrible slimy stuff he does not have the case with him containing the exchanged documents he switched when the warden opened the safe and when he switched bibles in the office. But we see him later after the escape in a town handing over documents which confirm his new identity.


Correction: Andy's dragging a plastic bag filled with his stuff behind him, using a rope tied to his leg, so that it doesn't get in his way. It can be seen throughout his escape, as he climbs down from the tunnel leading from his cell, coming out of the sewer pipe immediately behind him, and is visible floating behind him as he runs through the river.

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Corrected entry: The "Archie and Friends" comic the guard is reading on the toilet when Andy starts playing opera over the intercom is an issue from 1993, nearly 50 years after the movie takes place. Archie Comics are thanked in the end credits for providing the comic, and the copyright also verifies that it is from 1993.

Correction: The issue of "Archie's Pal Jughead" that the guard is reading is issue 9. The original run of that title began in 1949, so issue 9 would have been published in either late 1949 or early 1950. This title was retired in 1965 and replaced with "Jughead". In 1993 (the date of the copyright in the credits), the title "Archie's Pal Jughead" was resurrected (as vol.2), and began publication at issue 46. The reason for the date being listed as 1993 in the movie credits is that would be when Archie Comics had to re-copyright the title, however the issue in question was printed in 1949/1950. A summary of the title history can be found here: Further, if you freeze-frame and zoom, it is visible that the price of the comic is 10 cents. This would have been a steal in 1993! In addition, the cover layout, font, etc. is identical to the following issue from 1950 (issue 14): As well as this issue (66, from 1960): The cover of the first issue of volume 2 (46, June 1993) can be seen here: The differences are obvious.

Corrected entry: Surely the poster hiding the tunnel would not have stayed flat on the wall of Andy's cell due to air flowing through the tunnel. Would it not bubble and be noticeable?

Correction: Do you mean before, or after he escaped. If you mean before, he could have covered the other end with something, to prevent this. If it was after, do we know if air was always blowing through there, maybe it would have eventually, but not during the brief time everyone was in the cell.


Corrected entry: Spoiler: After Andy escapes the prison and the aftermath of the escape is shown, William Sadler seems to tell his inmates the story of how Andy bought the guards' trust on the roof. He's telling it as if it is told to someone who wasn't there - yet he's telling it to his friends, who were at the scene. It doesn't sound like he's reminding them of the event, but like he's telling the story to someone who wasn't there, like a story. This makes no sense at all, since his friends would know for sure what has happened, and only need to be reminded.

Correction: The film takes place over a period of around twenty years. The story occurred pretty early on in Andy's term and certainly its not entirely clear how long after Andy escaped that the story was retold. It would make perfect sense that retelling the story to even the people there would fit as many details might have been forgotten over such a period of time. Even as he is telling the story he is trying to recall exactly what the guard was saying to him when he grabbed Andy by the shirt.

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Corrected entry: When they are doing income tax returns, Red makes reference to the April 15 deadline, which back then was March 15th.

Correction: I can't tell exactly what year that Red makes this reference from the movie. Which is important because the tax code changed the deadline from March 15 to April 15 in 1954. Andy entered the prison in 1947 and escaped in 1966. Not knowing exactly when it occurred, it is entirely plausible, since Andy was doing income taxes until he escaped, that Red's statement would be true.

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