The Shawshank Redemption

Corrected entry: Andy leaves his prison shoes behind in a shoe box for the warden to look at as the escape siren begins to sound. He wears the warden's polished shoes while returning to his cell the night before. As Andy lowers himself onto the sewer pipe after coming through the wall, you can see he is wearing his "high-top" leather prison shoes and is not barefooted or wearing the warden's shoes before he breaks into the sewer pipe.

Correction: Andy has a lot of influence at the prison. Getting a spare pair of shoes and keeping them in his cell would be nothing to him.

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Corrected entry: When Andy escapes from Shawshank, and we see the shot when he first comes out of the sewer pipe, watch his bag that he tied to his ankle. It appears to float. Considering that Andy packed up his Stone Chess set in this bag, it's very unlikely that the bag would float even in the slightest.

Correction: Depends on how much air was trapped within the bag and how dense the sewer pipe's contents were. That wasn't just water, you know.

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Corrected entry: When Andy makes his way through the sewer he takes Norton's clothes with him in a small bag tied to his ankle. It's hard to believe that on the next morning the same clothes are in clean mint condition when empties out Norton's accounts. (01:54:00)


Correction: Andy probably ran a lot of errands that morning, including the cleaning of the Warden's suit. He very easily could have bought some street clothes, had the suit cleaned, and even picked out the convertible he wanted, all before visiting the banks to clean out the cash.

Matty Blast

Factual error: When Red is sitting under the oak tree in 1967 and pulls the money out of the envelope, the top bill is signed by Nicholas F. Brady, who was Secretary of the Treasury September 1988 - January 1993. It's less about reading the handwriting as noting the different appearance of different signatures from different eras. (02:14:40)

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Trivia: There are many references to the number 237 in the movie. For instance, this is the number of Red's cell, and these digits are on Andy's prison I.D. This number makes appearances throughout Steven King stories, the most famous one being the room where the murders take place in "The Shining".

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Question: Did the Warden know about the "Randall Stevens" character? At first it would seem that he didn't, since Andy used the identity to clean out the bank accounts and escape to Mexico. On the other hand, how could the Warden make deposits and withdrawals (before Andy's escape) from his bank accounts without noticing?

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: He probably only knows the name. He doesn't want to know anymore, so he can pin the blame on Andy should anything go wrong. He no doubt hasn't even considered that Andy might have ID so he can access the accounts after his escape.

Grumpy Scot

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