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Corrected entry: When we first met Nedry in San Jose Dodgson informs Nedry that he will receive a total of "One-point-five million dollars if he gets all 15 species off the island." Take a closer look at that test tube receptacle. If you look when he is closing the test tube receptacle after he steals the the DNA you can see that there is only enough room for ten species.


Correction: The money Nedry receives at the start of the movie is for the five embryos he had supposedly already gotten off the island. He is now getting the remaining ten.

Nedry most certainly did not get five embryos off the island prior to the start of the film. Nedry and Dodson set up a fairly intricate plan in order to get the 15 embryos off the island, it is unfathomable they would need to do this if Nedry had already successfully smuggled 5 viable embryos previously without anyone ever noticing. The mistake is valid and this explanation is completely wrong.


Corrected entry: Grant says that he and the two kids need to climb over the electric fence. So to check if the power is off to the fence he throws a stick at the fence, most people would know that wood doesn't conduct electricity, therefore even if the power was on it still would have just bounced off.

Correction: It was just an act to try and scare the kids. Grant looked up at the fence before throwing the stick and saw the light on the fence was off indicating the power was down. He then acted like he was checking the fence using the stick and then scared them by grabbing the fence and pretending to be electrocuted.

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Corrected entry: At the end, Hammond pulls up in front of the Visitor Center in a jeep with the injured Ian in the back. Hammond is a feeble old man who walks with a cane - how did he manage to get Ian into the jeep?

Correction: When you're in a life and death situation you find strength you never knew you had. Hammond knows his grandchildren's lives depend on him getting there with the jeep, Malcolm knows he has to get in the jeep to survive, between the two of them they would be able to get Malcolm in there.

Corrected entry: When Hammond's visitors are viewing the 'movie' about how DNA is extracted, a hypodermic syringe is shown taking a DNA sample from an amber source. It's clear that the syringe is one used exclusively for a tuberculosis skin test. It's even labeled as such because you can see the word 'tuberculin' on it.


Correction: Essentially the mistake is of the characters not the film's creators. We know that in the film the people in the park created the footage to illustrate how dinosaurs were made. It might have not been the most essential thing to get stock footage that the syringe be labelled correctly.

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Corrected entry: When Nedry is seen stealing the embryos from the freezer, in one extreme closeup shot of his hand he isn't seen to be wearing any gloves. This is absurd as some sort of protection is absolutely necessary while holding objects stored at such low temperatures (indeed Crichton puts it at -10 degrees). (00:54:50)

Correction: No 1. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to take out the embryos with cold-protection gloves on, they are just too cumbersome. No 2. He picked up the vials by the plastic cap, which wouldn't have been very cold.

Corrected entry: Grant leans over like he's sick when he finds that there's a Tyrannosaurus on the island. he leans onto Hammond's shoulder, but in the wide shot he's instantly moved about 4 feet away from Hammond.

Correction: When Grant leans over "sick" after hearing about the T-Rex he does not lean onto Hammond's shoulder, rather puts his hand on Hammond's shoulder and moves past him. You can see Hammond move to the side, as well putting them where they should be for the next shot.

Corrected entry: There's a problem with the "faulty lysine gene" idea. If the idea is to insert a faulty gene to prevent the dinosaurs metabalizing lysine, then feeding them dietary supplements won't help. They won't be able to metabolize the extra lysine, so what's the point of them eating it? If the idea is to stop them manufacturing lysine then they are on a hiding to nothing anyway, as lysine is not "manufactured" in the body and is obtained exclusively from dietary sources. Either way, those dinosaurs are in trouble from the getgo.

Correction: The faulty lysine gene wasn't inserted to prevent the dinosaurs from metabolising lysine: It makes them lysine dependent. Word for word from the book (since it explains it better): "we don't want them to survive in the wild. So I've made them lysine dependent. I inserted a gene that makes a single faulty enzyme in protein metabolism. As a result, the animals cannot manufacture the amino acid lysine. They must ingest it from the outside. Unless they get an extraneous source of lysine - supplied by us, in tablet form - they'll go into a coma within 12 hours and expire."


Corrected entry: Near the beginning, Dr Grant, Dr Sattler and Dr Malcolm are in the jeep approaching the first dinosaur, the Brachiosaur eating the leaves of a tree. Watch Dr Grant closely. As the jeep comes to a stop, you can see him on the back seat, looking out to the left, right where the dinosaur is. He would surely have noticed it then. Yet in the next shot, about half a second later, we see the jeep from a side view. His head is facing forward, and gradually turning to the left again where he notices the dinosaur.

Correction: He was doing a double take.

Corrected entry: While Nedry steals the frozen embryos he has no problem picking up these up with bare hands, even after they have been stored in liquid nitrogen.

Correction: It is never said that they are being stored in liquid nitrogen. The container that Nedry is GIVEN to smuggle the embryos contains liquid nitrogen for the trip.

Corrected entry: When the visitors are watching the baby dinosaur breaking out of the egg, Dr Malcolm discusses the possibility of the dinosaurs breeding. He is told by an engineer that this would be impossible as the genetic engineering has created only female dinosaurs. Later, when Dr Sattler examines the sick Triceratops, she asks the park vet what 'his' symptoms were. Although this was probably just a slip of the tongue, it's still worth noting.

Correction: She said "what are her symptoms?"

Correction: This hardly qualifies as a mistake - as the original poster says, a slip of the tongue.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tim is electrocuted on the fence, Grant performs CPR on him. However, if Tim's heart had stopped (giving Grant a reason to do CPR rather than just rescue breathing), CPR would not restart it, but rather sustain him until an automated external defibrillator could be brought in.

Correction: CPR can cause a person's heart to start again without the use of a defibrillator.

Corrected entry: If the Rex can only see things that move, how did she find the goat?

Correction: As presented in the second book "The Lost World" the theory that the T-rex cannot see you if you are not moving is bogus.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Muldoon and Ellie are looking for the other car, watch in the background when Ellie comes up close to the camera. If you look closely, Muldoon slips and almost falls down.

Correction: Muldoon almost falling in the mud is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Nedry is attacked by the dinosaur, you can hear him shouting from pain. After he gets into the car, he sees dinosaur, and after that we can hear him shouting from pain again. But listen closely: the shout he calls when he is in the car is exactly matched to his shout from the spit.

Correction: So both his screams sound alike, what's wrong with that? It is the same person screaming after all.

Corrected entry: The Velociraptors in Jurassic Park are actually larger than the fossil records actually show. Dr. Bakker (who is mentioned by Timmy when they are first getting in the jeeps) was asked for advice on the dinosaurs and he told them the size of velociraptors. Spielberg wanted bigger so they enlarged the raptors. Right before the movie came out, Bakker was at a dig site and a new raptor species was discovered: Utahraptor. It was almost the exact size of Spielberg's raptors for the movie. So, technically, the raptors in JP are Utahraptors. This is all mentioned in a book by Bakker called Raptor Red.

Correction: Spielberg didn't 'want' anything...he was simply being true to the book on which the movie was based, in which the raptors were about twice as large as real life. And truth be told, it was Jack Horner who is credited as paleontological consultant on all three JP films, rather than Bakker. You may also find through a bit of research that the film's version of the dinosaurs were actually more similar in size to another species of dromaeosaur (raptor) called Achillobator rather than utahraptor.

Corrected entry: When the tour trucks are waiting outside the visitors center, Lex enters one of the cars. After Grant closes the door on Tim, she's waiting outside to say her line.

Correction: True, she got in the car but she got back out after the other girl told her she should ride with him.

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Corrected entry: At the very end, the T-Rex barges into the Visitors Center and saves everyone from almost certain peril. Only problem is that we didn't hear the Rex walk up to the center like we did everywhere else. (01:52:20)

Correction: There are a bunch of people running around screaming, being chased by raptors. It's very conceivable that the distant sounds of the T-rex approaching, and even when she came into the visitors' center, were drowned out.


Corrected entry: When the gang is heading down to the sick Triceratops, Lex trips, and Alan helps her up. Look closely when she trips. It is clear she did it on purpose.

Correction: Exactly! She tripped on purpose to get his attention. Notice how he tries to let go of her hand after he helps her up but she won't let him?

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Corrected entry: At the beginning, we can assume that there are at least three raptors inside the container. But when the raptors push the container forward and drop the gatekeeper down, we can see some workers went inside the container or, at least, in front of it. If so, why didn't they stun the raptor that is holding the gatekeeper? Furthermore, they didn't get killed by the other raptors.

Correction: Wrong assumption straight off the bat - there's only one raptor in the container, namely the large female that they mention introducing into the group. No workers go inside - nobody in their right mind would put themselves right in front of an annoyed dinosaur, so they wouldn't really be close enough to stun her if they were in front of the container - it's far safer to try and stun her through the sides where there's a wall between you and her.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Grant, Ellie, Lex, and Tim are saved by the T. Rex appearing inside the lobby of the main compound and eating the two raptors, how exactly did she (the T. Rex) get in there? All the doors are too small to allow her access and there are no signs of a forced entry anywhere.

Correction: The T-Rex is standing in a huge doorway when she bites the first Raptor. Its a large entry-way where the workers can access to build, as the building is not yet complete. The "gang" exit the building via a smaller door.

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Continuity mistake: When Tim and Lex first arrive, Lex is wearing a purple tank top with a colorful design, and in the following scenes or even between consecutive shots her tank top changes to completely different designs, though it's the same style of tank top.

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