Jurassic Park

Corrected entry: After Ian Malcolm is attacked by the T-Rex and thrown into the debris of the destroyed bathroom, he has blood on his face. When Sattler and Muldoon find him, the blood is gone, not a trace left! And it had stopped raining at this point, note Malcolm's dry clothes and the blood still on his leg, there's no way it could've been rinsed away.


Correction: Plenty of time had passed between these two events. A big storm had come and gone. I recall that Nedry got absolutely soaked. Besides Malcolm had time to put his belt around the wound on his leg. He had plenty of time to wipe the blood off by himself.


Corrected entry: When on the tour, the two cars pass by the T-rex enclosure where they see a goat raised into it from below. Then, they pass by without seeing the dino. Later in the movie they pass by the same enclosure going the opposite way. The cars would continue on their journey and not backtrack. If they did go backwards on the path to get back to the visitor's center, the cars would be facing the other way.


Correction: There's obviously a turn-around section (off camera); a loop in the track designed to allow vehicles to return to the center in an emergency without having to back up the entire way.

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Corrected entry: Before the T-Rex chases Ellie, Robert and Malcolm in the jeep, we see Ellie get in the passenger side of the jeep, and Robert get in the driver's side. Over the course of the chase scene, Robert and Ellie switch seats.

Correction: Where exactly? On my version of the movie, Muldoon is always the one driving the Jeep.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the beginning when the insurance man says "I represent the investors, if they aren't satisfied, I'm not satisfied." He meant to say "I represent the investors, if I'm not satisfied, they aren't satisfied." He is the eyes and ears representing the investors, he has to be the one satisfied that their money is not being wasted.


Correction: First of all, he's not an insurance man, he's a lawyer. Second, it would help to quote the actual line: "In 48 hours if they're not convinced, I'm not convinced." Finally, the "they" he's referring to aren't the investors but the scientists that have been brought along to confirm the stability of the park. Makes a difference, no?

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gennaro is about to be eaten, when the T.Rex knocks over the bathroom walls, you can see that the bathroom tissue dispensers on the wall behind Gennaro are painted images on the wall and not actual dispensers. It is clear once the wall has fallen that the dispensers have no depth and are two dimensional images. (01:02:00 - 01:03:00)


Correction: In actuality, the collapsing walls don't exist at all, but are CGI. But as to your specific mistake: Toilet tissue is not usually placed behind the toilet seat. In fact, you see the real tissue dispenser by Genarro's knee just before the walls collapse. The dispensers in the back are for the toilet seat covers, which are not very thick, hence the lack of depth.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the closing scene on the helicopter, it is very quiet. But helicopters in operation are very noisy.


Correction: Artistic license. All the sound has been quieted for dramatic effect.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when the characters are having dinner, just after the first waiter delivers the food to the table, you can see the second waiter in the top left corner waiting for his cue to deliver the food to the table. You see him waiting a few seconds for the other waiter to return and then he comes into shot completely, with the plate. (00:33:00)


Correction: Waiting for his cue is an assumption; he could have just been waiting for the first waiter to deliver his food, then get out of the way.

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Corrected entry: When they first arrive at the park, they see a brachiosaur feeding on the leaves of a tree. When the dino gets on its hind legs to get a hold of the top branch, it could've easily reached the top branch without taking the extreme energy to lift itself. This counteracts anything that would naturally happen but is used to make the impressive landing that it makes coming down.


Correction: Unless you'd care to provide full and factual details of your studies into real-life brachiosaur feeding habits, this is based purely on an opinion, which are not considered valid grounds for a mistake.

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Corrected entry: At the badlands when Alan touches the monitor and it messes up and the kid speaks up. How could the kid see the screen? Even we can barely see it. The crowd moves to reveal the kid way in the back of them and short as they are tall. He couldn't see the screen from there.

Correction: He probably didn't get a good look, just saw a blob on the screen. That, combined with his lack of respect, made him make the sarcastic comment.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: As Dr. Grant arrives at the Velociraptor paddock just before the feeding, there is no cow to be seen anywhere in the wide shot. Two cuts later there is suddenly a cow there lifted up by a crane. (00:27:25)

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

Correction: In the opening scene, you see that there is a section behind the Velociraptor paddock, which is obscured in this scene. The cow came from behind there.

Corrected entry: In the helicopter scene at the beginning of the movie, Malcolm is talking to Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler and he is deliberately chewing gum as he talks. In the next shot, Malcolm suddenly isn't chewing gum. He then unwraps a piece of gum and places it into his mouth.

Correction: It is possible to "suddenly" stop chewing gum. Take your pick: the gum is still in his mouth and he simply stops chewing (that IS possible) as he takes another one for whatever reason (to draw attention, for more flavor), or perhaps he swallows the gum (people do that) and then simply takes another piece. There is no valid mistake here.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the t-rex is running after Malcolm, Ellie and Robert, it shouldn't take them so long to go faster than 30 mph (which is what John Hammond mentioned earlier in the film that they had clocked the t-rex at). If you really need to, you can go to faster than 30 mph in less than 20 seconds (depending on how fast you can get the revs high enough to change gear), so why does it take Robert a minute or two? He should have been away from the t-rex before Malcolm went anywhere near the stick. Considering there's a massive monster ready to eat them, wouldn't you be speeding away as fast as the jeep will go? Even conceding a muddy road with trees on either side - they are in a four wheel drive jeep and the trees would shield the road from much of the rain, making it not quite as muddy as the earlier shots when the t-rex attacked. The jeep is built for these types of conditions, plus Robert (the driver) has been all over the world tracking animals; there is no doubt he has been driving jeeps in all sorts of weather and would be quite an expert at it.


Correction: Firstly, it doesn't take 2 minutes to get away from the T-Rex as you describe. And it is doubtful that Muldoon's experience at driving jeeps extends to being chased by a T-Rex that became extinct 65 million years ago.


Corrected entry: When the crew is preparing to enter the tour trucks, John points out the trucks are powered by the track running below it. When he directs Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant to enter the vehicle, the entire bottom of the rear truck is visible and no connection to the track is present.

Correction: Wrong... Hammond says the trucks run on electricity and they travel along the track in the ground. He never says the trucks get their power from the track; they're powered by internal batteries. A sensor inside the truck uses the track in the ground as a guide to keep the vehicle on course.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Hammond is sitting at the long table and eating ice cream, Ellie comes in and sits at the opposite end. All of the ice cream barrels are near him. When a scene cuts to Ellie, there is an ice cream container near her and towards the end of the scene she gets some ice cream. At the end of the scene, the shot shows both of them and the table and there is no ice cream within Ellie's reach. (01:21:50 - 01:24:55)

Bonita Kilpatrick

Correction: There is never a container near Ellie. The closest one is a small container sitting about halfway down the table from her. She simply reaches across the table for the spoon when it comes time for her to eat some.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the tour trucks enter the T-Rex paddock, the electrified fence is missing an entire section, from the tunnel they exit to the first section of fence.

Correction: The fence is only needed in the areas where the animals might escape its paddock. But this end of the paddock also has a huge concrete wall (the one we see Grant and the kids climb down to escape the T-Rex) that the T-Rex could never scale, so the fencing is unnecessary.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The dilophosaurus is far too small; in reality they stood at about two metres tall.

Correction: Ax explained before, discrepancies between real-world dinosaurs and their JP counterpart can be due to genetic engineering (or faults therein), or that the current knowledge on dinosaurs is faulty. In addition, the dilophosaurs in the movie might not be fully grown, the environment or diet might have stunted their growth, or any other explanation.


Corrected entry: Ellie finds the upturned car that Timmy had been stuck in, but how did she get down there? It's down an almost vertical ledge. Not only that but she got from the bottom to the top incredibly quickly.

Correction: Dr. Grant, Tim and Lex only went over the ledge beacuse they were forced to. They never show Ellie descending to the bottom; we don't know how long it took her or how she did it. For all we know there was a staircase off camera.

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Corrected entry: The brachiosaurus is shown to be chewing, but they didn't chew, they swallowed food whole. Also when Dr. Grant and the kids are in the tree, the brachiosaur's head is larger than it should be.

Correction: There are lots of discrepancies between the JP dinosaurs and modern paleontological studies of dinosaurs. Part of it can be attributed to genetic manipulation, and part of it is attributed to a possibly false understanding of dinosaurs (since it's entirely based on an ever-changing interpretation of the limited fossil record). For instance, according to the film, no one knew dilophosauruses were venomous until JP bred them. Since there are no actual living dinosaurs to dispute the movie's portrayal of their behavior and appearance, it's not a mistake, so long as it remains consistent within the fictional world the movie creates.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the insurance man runs into the bathroom, and is eaten by the T-Rex, why would they have bathrooms on an automated car tour where you're not supposed to open the doors anyway? Even if it were an emergency staff bathroom, it probably wouldn't have multiple stalls.

Correction: Remember, "probably" dosen't qualify as a movie mistake. It must have taken dozens of workers to construct the paddock; a double-stall toilet would be logical. Since they decided to make it a permanent toilet (instead of a porta-potty) it would make sense to leave it there for maintenance workers and park employees.

BocaDavie Premium member

Correction: They also might have stops for visitors. A lot of visitors would want to stop and see the T-Rex.

Corrected entry: Doctor Malcolm never gets out of the helicopter when it first lands on the island.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: We see Malcolm throughout the rest of the movie, so clearly he got off the helicopter. Lots of things happen offscreen, including the characters getting *in* the helicopter in the first place.

JC Fernandez
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Continuity mistake: When Tim and Lex first arrive, Lex is wearing a purple tank top with a colorful design, and in the following scenes or even between consecutive shots her tank top changes to completely different designs, though it's the same style of tank top.

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