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Corrected entry: In the scene where they are "rebooting" the computer system, Lex states "I know this, it's a UNIX system." The scene then cuts to a shot of the interface which is a 3D "flyover" interface. There are, at this time, no commercial UNIX systems that employ such an interface, so there was nothing on the screen to let her know what operating system that goofy interface (probably written by Nedry) was attached to.

Correction: The 3D browser shown in the movie is actually from a real UNIX interface called IRIX. It's referred to as the FSN (File System Navigator) and it actually looks just like that.

Corrected entry: Nedry has supposedly worked on the island for years. It is very implausible that he would need a street sign to tell him which way to get from the control center to the East Dock.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It was raining heavily and Nedry could barely see out the front window. In his desperate and panicking state, it's easy to think that he got lost down some road he had never been on. It's not like he spent all his time on Jurassic Park studying the roads.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: After Ian Malcolm is attacked by the T-Rex and thrown into the debris of the destroyed bathroom, he has blood on his face. When Sattler and Muldoon find him, the blood is gone, not a trace left! And it had stopped raining at this point, note Malcolm's dry clothes and the blood still on his leg, there's no way it could've been rinsed away.


Correction: Plenty of time had passed between these two events. A big storm had come and gone. I recall that Nedry got absolutely soaked. Besides Malcolm had time to put his belt around the wound on his leg. He had plenty of time to wipe the blood off by himself.


Corrected entry: When on the tour, the two cars pass by the T-rex enclosure where they see a goat raised into it from below. Then, they pass by without seeing the dino. Later in the movie they pass by the same enclosure going the opposite way. The cars would continue on their journey and not backtrack. If they did go backwards on the path to get back to the visitor's center, the cars would be facing the other way.


Correction: There's obviously a turn-around section (off camera); a loop in the track designed to allow vehicles to return to the center in an emergency without having to back up the entire way.

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Corrected entry: In the helicopter scene at the beginning of the movie, Malcolm is talking to Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler and he is deliberately chewing gum as he talks. In the next shot, Malcolm suddenly isn't chewing gum. He then unwraps a piece of gum and places it into his mouth.

Correction: It is possible to "suddenly" stop chewing gum. Take your pick: the gum is still in his mouth and he simply stops chewing (that IS possible) as he takes another one for whatever reason (to draw attention, for more flavor), or perhaps he swallows the gum (people do that) and then simply takes another piece. There is no valid mistake here.

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Corrected entry: When the crew is preparing to enter the tour trucks, John points out the trucks are powered by the track running below it. When he directs Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant to enter the vehicle, the entire bottom of the rear truck is visible and no connection to the track is present.

Correction: Wrong... Hammond says the trucks run on electricity and they travel along the track in the ground. He never says the trucks get their power from the track; they're powered by internal batteries. A sensor inside the truck uses the track in the ground as a guide to keep the vehicle on course.

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Corrected entry: At the end the T-Rex comes in and saves the day by killing the raptors. Where did he come from? He's huge and no way he could have fit through any of the doors. Second, how come nobody heard him coming? He can be heard many other times during the movie before he shows up. Finally, how come nobody saw him? He's huge and can be seen from a distance.

Correction: They were all a little distracted by the raptors at the time she showed up; not likely to notice subtle ground tremors or see anything other than the horse-sized carnivores bearing down on them. As for getting in, perhaps there is a large maintenance door somewhere in the building that she was able to get in through. Or maybe she just broke through the rather grand main entrance made up mostly of glass window panes.

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Corrected entry: When the gang is heading down to the sick Triceratops, Lex trips, and Alan helps her up. Look closely when she trips. It is clear she did it on purpose.

Correction: Exactly! She tripped on purpose to get his attention. Notice how he tries to let go of her hand after he helps her up but she won't let him?

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: When they first arrive at the park, they see a brachiosaur feeding on the leaves of a tree. When the dino gets on its hind legs to get a hold of the top branch, it could've easily reached the top branch without taking the extreme energy to lift itself. This counteracts anything that would naturally happen but is used to make the impressive landing that it makes coming down.


Correction: Unless you'd care to provide full and factual details of your studies into real-life brachiosaur feeding habits, this is based purely on an opinion, which are not considered valid grounds for a mistake.

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While rearing up is at least PLAUSIBLE for most sauropods as the majority of their weight was carried on their hind legs. This is not the case for Brachiosaurs, their skeletal anatomy just doesn't support it. The greater length and robust build for the forelimbs indicates that their weight distribution was much further forward than in a sauropod like say Diplodocus. While it cannot be stated 100% that a Brachiosaurus could not rear up, it would be extremely difficult, and likely carry a high risk of injury for the animal. sources: Evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs Cambridge university press Biology of the sauropod dinosaurs: Understanding the life of giants Indiana Univerity press.

The book is about studies of real fossils. In JP there were genetically engineered monsters. There could have been differences compared to true dinosaurs.

Well since this movie came out before those books did all this information is irrelevant. It's all artistic license.


Corrected entry: In the scene with the raptor in the kitchen, the raptor breathes on the window and fogs it. But reptiles are cold-blooded, which means their insides, and consequently their breath is the same as the ambient temperature. The glass would not fog.

Correction: Firstly, Modern-day reptiles are cold blooded, and it is believed that that dinosaurs are more closely related to birds then reptiles. It was only the first discoveries of dinosaur bones and calling them 'lizards' that the idea of cold blooded reptiles stuck. Secondly, just becuase a reptile is cold blooded, it does not mean that the body will not heat the inhaled air slightly. The body needs a temperature rise to carry out vital chemical processes. Thirdly, we do not know how much moisture was in the Raptor's breath. It had recently been outside in VERY humid conditions and was probably very warm. It has then entered an air-conditioned building and breathed on cold glass. The humidity and body temp would not have altered instantly, it would take several minutes, maybe over an hour.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Grant and the two kids climb the electrified perimeter fence, just before Dr. Sattler reactivates the power, Dr. Grant can be seen from underneath while climbing. After walking for two days in lots of mud and rain, his shoes are still pretty clean.

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Correction: There had been plenty of rain. You will also have noticed that they've probably been walking in the grassy fields all morning (before climbing the fence). Walking on wet grass is very effective in cleaning the underside of shoes.


Corrected entry: In one of the laboratory scenes there is a Zeiss compound microscope sitting on the work bench. It has a binocular head on backwards and it can't be used that way. (00:27:00)

Correction: But when microscopes are not being used, it is commonly advised that the head should be turned round the other way to store them and avoid damage to the eyepieces which stick out.

Corrected entry: At the end, Hammond pulls up in front of the Visitor Center in a jeep with the injured Ian in the back. Hammond is a feeble old man who walks with a cane - how did he manage to get Ian into the jeep?

Correction: When you're in a life and death situation you find strength you never knew you had. Hammond knows his grandchildren's lives depend on him getting there with the jeep, Malcolm knows he has to get in the jeep to survive, between the two of them they would be able to get Malcolm in there.

Corrected entry: When Hammond's visitors are viewing the 'movie' about how DNA is extracted, a hypodermic syringe is shown taking a DNA sample from an amber source. It's clear that the syringe is one used exclusively for a tuberculosis skin test. It's even labeled as such because you can see the word 'tuberculin' on it.


Correction: Essentially the mistake is of the characters not the film's creators. We know that in the film the people in the park created the footage to illustrate how dinosaurs were made. It might have not been the most essential thing to get stock footage that the syringe be labelled correctly.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Muldoon and Ellie are looking for the other car, watch in the background when Ellie comes up close to the camera. If you look closely, Muldoon slips and almost falls down.

Correction: Muldoon almost falling in the mud is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: The Velociraptors in Jurassic Park are actually larger than the fossil records actually show. Dr. Bakker (who is mentioned by Timmy when they are first getting in the jeeps) was asked for advice on the dinosaurs and he told them the size of velociraptors. Spielberg wanted bigger so they enlarged the raptors. Right before the movie came out, Bakker was at a dig site and a new raptor species was discovered: Utahraptor. It was almost the exact size of Spielberg's raptors for the movie. So, technically, the raptors in JP are Utahraptors. This is all mentioned in a book by Bakker called Raptor Red.

Correction: Spielberg didn't 'want' anything...he was simply being true to the book on which the movie was based, in which the raptors were about twice as large as real life. And truth be told, it was Jack Horner who is credited as paleontological consultant on all three JP films, rather than Bakker. You may also find through a bit of research that the film's version of the dinosaurs were actually more similar in size to another species of dromaeosaur (raptor) called Achillobator rather than utahraptor.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Grant, Ellie, Lex, and Tim are saved by the T. Rex appearing inside the lobby of the main compound and eating the two raptors, how exactly did she (the T. Rex) get in there? All the doors are too small to allow her access and there are no signs of a forced entry anywhere.

Correction: The T-Rex is standing in a huge doorway when she bites the first Raptor. Its a large entry-way where the workers can access to build, as the building is not yet complete. The "gang" exit the building via a smaller door.


Corrected entry: When Hammond's helicopter flies in to the Badlands dig site, somehow he manages to get from the helicopter way up to the trailer without anyone seeing him get out, even though they are all watching it land and Grant and Ellie get to it as soon as it lands.

Correction: There is never a scene to suggest they are watching the helicopter all the time, and neither do they get to the helicopter a soon as it lands- there is probably over 10 seconds to get to it and they possibly took a few seconds to tell others to take care of the site.

Corrected entry: Just before turning off the power, Muldoon asks about putting the lysine deficiency into effect. After a bit of talking, Arnold explains it as it being a security measure to prevent the spread of the animals off the island. He goes on to explain that the animals can't manufacture the amino acid lysine, and that if they aren't given a supply of it every 48 hours, they go into a coma and die. Factually, this is incorrect. Humans have the same "faulty enzyme for protein metabolism," yet we aren't dependant on lysine. So why would the animals be?

Correction: First, this is another example of the "scientists" being stupid (like planting the poisonous ferns). They didn't realize that the herbivores would be able to get lysine from plants on the island and the carnivores get it from the herbivores. Secondly, we are dependent on getting lysine from our diet. It is quite possible to eat an "incorrect" diet that would give you a lysine deficiency causing conditions such as pellegra.

Corrected entry: On the tour ride at the visitor center, Grant spouts pseudo-scientific pap "How do you interrupt the cellular mitosis?" We'll assume that he's some wonder paleontologist who for some reason knows biochemistry (that's rare) but mitosis is the process of cell division - there is no such thing as non-cellular mitosis (hence no one would ever call it that) and secondly there is no reason you would need to interrupt mitosis.

Correction: Grant could call it cellular mitosis. That's what it was referred to in my freshman biology class. And the book explains why they have to interrupt cellular mitosis, since they have to insert new DNA into the eggs.

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Continuity mistake: After the T. Rex rolls Explorer 4 upside-down with Lex and Tim inside, in the closeup when the dinosaur bites on the rubber tire we see the hub hole at the center of the wheel rim, but two shots later the wheel cover is back on the wheel.

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Trivia: The T-Rex roars are a combination of tiger, elephant, alligator, whale, and dog sounds.

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Question: Where do the staff and crew of Jurassic Park go after the dinosaurs escape? I mean you see a staff member tending to the triceratops, there were many scientists in the dinosaur lab, and would assume that there would be many more people on the island but they are nowhere to be seen after the dinosaurs escape.


Chosen answer: They all left on the same boat Nedry was trying to get on with the embryos. You can hear Samuel L Jackson's character announce that the boat will be leaving at a specific time and everyone had to be there or be left behind.

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