Jurassic Park

2 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: In the chapter called "The Park," when Grant sees the T-Rex, he states that the T-Rex was sleeping by the killed hadrosaur. Then later on in the same chapter, it says the juvenile T-Rex stood over the T-Rex's killed sauropod. It even goes on to say that the juvenile T-Rex steals a piece of meat from this sauropod and runs away with it. Sauropods and hadrosaurs are different dinosaurs.

Continuity mistake: In the chapter entitled "River", Grant and the children spot numerous Microceratops, scurrying about in the branches above them. However, in numerous earlier chapters, when the book displays graphs of the automated counting system for all the parks dinosaurs. Microceratops is not on this list. Likewise the Park's Pterosaurs are also absent from the list.

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