Jurassic Park

Corrected entry: When Tim is holding onto the fence, when the power came on, it would cause his hand muscles to clench the cable.

Correction: You haven't been electrocuted before. Otherwise, you would know that a powerful electric shock will knock you backwards by several feet.

Charles Austin Miller

Depends on whether it's Direct Current, which would do as the original mistake says, or Alternating Current, which would do the second option, like the correction. Insufficient information is given to say solidly which the fence uses.


We can reasonably assume that Jurassic Park was using Alternating Current, wisely intended to repel the dinosaurs away from the fence line. If it was Direct Current, then the multi-billion-dollar menagerie of ultra-rare specimens would be fried to a crisp (or at least seriously injured) on a daily basis, as they would be unable to release the charged fences. Therefore, Alternating Current is the only fiscally-logical choice (and it explains Tim being repelled from the fence).

Charles Austin Miller

Corrected entry: When Dr Grant and the children reach the perimeter fence, Dr Grant tries to see if he can fit through, to no avail. When he and the kids start to climb, however, it is quite obvious that both Tim and Lex would have been able to crawl through quite easily, and that only Dr Grant should have had to climb over.


Correction: There is no part in the lower fence where either Tim or Lex could fit through. The piece Dr. Grant grabs and tries to stretch is the biggest hole the fence has there and they might barely put their head through that. Higher in the fence the holes are bigger, but going through a hole higher in the fence isn't easy to do, especially for a kid, so they went all the way over.


If you look at that scene again, the opening in the fence where Dr Grants is holding it with his right hand is plenty big enough for two relatively small kids to fit through. Using his hand as a guide, roughly 4" wide, the hole looks to be close to 16" wide and nearly 12" high.


The thick horizontal wires are connected together by smaller wires which are diagonal, we see their size as he tries to put his head through. Those holes are definitely not big enough to fit them through. However, later on whilst they are climbing down the holes are suddenly bigger, I noticed that too. I first thought the holes would be bigger at the top, but in multiple scenes as they climb up the same size holes all the way to the top, at first, only in the scenes with Tim afraid to go further are the holes suddenly bigger. That's the mistake I think, not the decision of them to go over. There might even be 3 types of fences used.


Correction: I have a screen cap of Dr Grant as he reaches out to grab the fence, and there is a hole above his right hand which is large enough for the two kids to squeeze through. The small wires appear to be wrapped around the larger wires rather than being attached which makes the size of the openings very inconsistent.


Corrected entry: Why aren't there subwayesque service tunnels all round the island to permit the staff to travel hidden from the dinosaurs/sundry other emergencies/all the other incidental occurrences that make every other undertaking on our planet use similar tunnels? Expensive and laborious, but if you have the resources to make dinosaurs, everything else is a breeze.


Correction: As well, despite Hammond's catchphrase of "We spared no expense", that would have been a huge expense, as underground tunnels suitable for travel are extremely costly. Also remember that Isla Nublar is a volcanic island. The ground may simply not be suitable for that kind of construction.

Greg Dwyer

Correction: They didn't think about it. They didn't need to because they felt they had the place pretty well secured. Besides it wouldn't have helped them much anyway, once the fences were down the predators could get anywhere and a lot of the predators are small enough to get inside the tunnels, the velociraptors could even open doors. Most personnel was already gone so there is no lacking in their infrastructure that would require tunnels. This could have helped Dennis Nedry escape as well. He shut the park down to create chaos and move unseen.


Corrected entry: When the velociraptor entering the park attacks the "gatekeeper," the staff use tasers to get it to stop. These tasers probably operate at a high voltage and possibly more amps. In reality, the gatekeeper and Robert Muldoon would be dead since they would've received the same shock or lower. Humans can die at 200 milliamperes (0.2 amps), which is probably what would've happened to Robert and the worker, if the velociraptor didn't kill him.


Correction: Electricity takes the shortest route to ground. That would be through the raptor and not through the gatekeeper. Additionally, you are making assumptions about the stun batons they are using.

Corrected entry: In the kitchen confrontation, the two little children are strong enough to successfully force the freezer door shut on a charging Velociraptor. Twenty seconds later, in the control room, the two adults are only barely able to hold a door shut against a charging Velociraptor.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: There's not really a whole bunch of proof that this is valid. As we saw, the freezer floor was covered in ice, which would have negated some of the Raptor's momentum. The kids could have closed it. In the other case, there was no ice on the floor, so the Raptor had full swing.

But even so if the raptor did slip on the ice going into the door it would still send Lex and Tim flying.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Alan becomes overwhelmed after seeing the movie's first dinosaur, he staggers and sits down on the ground... But as he is bending over before sitting, there are already grass stains and/or wet spots on the seat of his pants.

Correction: I've watched this scene plenty of times and there are no grass stains on his pants.

Corrected entry: A live bull is lowered in a sling to feed the raptors in the pen, but when the shredded sling is brought back up, there's no blood on it. How could they have shredded the sling without drawing blood on the bull? (00:32:40)

Correction: The sling is solid light blue with yellow stripes when it's lowered, and when it's raised the shredded blue material is quite stained, though it may not be gorily dripping in bright red blood, there are indeed dark stains (red stains on blue material change color) all over what's left of the blue material.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dennis gets back in the car after the dilophosaurus spits at him, he turns to see the dinosaur in the car with him. But how did it get in? The door was closed.

Correction: He left the jeep door open when he went to attempt to attach the Jeep's winch. This allowed one of the dilos to enter the Jeep. He conked his head on the door frame of the jeep, being blinded by the dilophosaur venom. After being blinded he couldn't exactly see the other dilo in the Jeep, which made him easy prey. The scene with the hissing in the plants is supposed to be a hint that there are more of them.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, they are in the helicopter and in the air, you see a shot of inside the helicopter. Outside the opposite window is land, then when the shot changes to view the large birds, they are flying above water. Inside is always land, outside is always water. Then when the camera pans out to view the helicopter fly away, it is above the ocean with no land in sight.


Correction: When they're all in the chopper at the end, the pilot's flying parallel to the island's coastline, with the island to one side and water at the other side. In the interior shots from the passenger cabin, whenever the camera faces the starboard window (behind the chopper pilot) the island vegetation is seen, and when Ellie and Alan look out the port side window we see the water. Then the last exterior shot is of the chopper as it flies out to the open waters, with the island already behind them. Nothing inconsistent about any of these shots.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When meeting Muldoon, Dr. Grant calls Muldoon "Greg" instead of using the character's first name, which is Robert.

Correction: Actually he introduces himself and says "Alan Grant" but I agree it sounds a bit like he says Greg. Turn the volume up, you can hear it.


Corrected entry: When Muldoon prepares to shoot the raptor he unfolds his rifle butt. However the rifle is already unfolded when he and Ellie are passing the raptor pen.

Correction: Time passed between those points. It is entirely plausible that he folded his stock as he walked into the thick jungle to keep it from getting hung up on the vegetation, only to unfold it again when he has his shot lined up.

An extremely unlikely situation where by he is making it harder for Jim to defend himself.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: During the external shot of Nedry getting attacked by the dilophosaurus, there is a clear reflection of stage lights near the jeep's front left wheel. (01:11:15)

Correction: The reflection is not a reflection of theatrical lighting, rather the lens glare from the roof mounted fog lights on the jeep. A Motion picture bank of lights did not have 4 square lamps back in the day. They were either 9 or 16 round lamps.

Corrected entry: All of the strands of the high voltage electric fence Tim was hanging on were tied together. This means that all of the wires and Tim were at the same electrical potential. Tim wouldn't have gotten shocked. This phenomenon is referred to as "bird on the wire." Birds sit on live electrical wires all the time and do not get shocked because they are not touching the ground and therefore the electricity has no where to go. The only way for Tim to be shocked would be for him to be touching the fence and the ground simultaneously.

Correction: An electric fence designed to stop things jumping into and climbing it would have alternate rails electrified with opposite polarity, or AC current with the opposing phase, resulting in exactly this effect. So, while people often object that it doesn't act like a cattle fence, this is only because cows can't jump or climb, and cow-fences are typically a single rail.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are "rebooting" the computer system, Lex states "I know this, it's a UNIX system." The scene then cuts to a shot of the interface which is a 3D "flyover" interface. There are, at this time, no commercial UNIX systems that employ such an interface, so there was nothing on the screen to let her know what operating system that goofy interface (probably written by Nedry) was attached to.

Correction: The 3D browser shown in the movie is actually from a real UNIX interface called IRIX. It's referred to as the FSN (File System Navigator) and it actually looks just like that.

Corrected entry: In the initial scene where Ellie rushes from the emergency bunker to the underground power station, she must first open the door before slamming it closed behind her. Shortly thereafter (immediately after throwing the breakers and restoring power to the park) a velociraptor attacks her and she must flee to escape the bunker. If a raptor had pursued Sam Jackson into the same underground bunker, then why was the initial door that Ellie had to enter closed? Are we to believe that the raptor politely closed the door behind it before continuing its pursuit of Sam Jackson?

Correction: You assume only a single possible scenario. But we don't know that Dr. Arnold (Samuel Jackson) was pursued into the bunker by the raptor. The raptor may have already been down there to begin with when he came in. A careless park employee left the door open or the raptor opened the door itself are just two ways a raptor could have gotten in there. Even in your assumed scenario, the door could have shut any number of ways: Perhaps another of the raptors was with the first (they are pack hunters) and accidentally slammed the door shut and never figured out how to open it. Or perhaps a residual wind from the storm slammed it shut.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Dr. Grant holds his canteen out the window in order to get water to drink. But there is no funnel on it. It would take a very, very long time for rain to drop through that small hole to fill the bottle with any drinkable quantity of water, even in the heaviest of rains.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: And yet in the heaviest of rain I can get a decent drink by holding a water bottle with roughly the same size hole. I've done this dozens of time on long driving trips.


Corrected entry: Nedry has supposedly worked on the island for years. It is very implausible that he would need a street sign to tell him which way to get from the control center to the East Dock.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It was raining heavily and Nedry could barely see out the front window. In his desperate and panicking state, it's easy to think that he got lost down some road he had never been on. It's not like he spent all his time on Jurassic Park studying the roads.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: Even though the film is titled "Jurassic Park", the only dinosaur depicted from the "Jurassic" period was the Brachiosaurus. The T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, ect were all actually from the "Cretaceous" period which was later. This occurred throughout the whole trilogy.


Correction: So what? Maybe it just sounds better.


Corrected entry: After Ian Malcolm is attacked by the T-Rex and thrown into the debris of the destroyed bathroom, he has blood on his face. When Sattler and Muldoon find him, the blood is gone, not a trace left! And it had stopped raining at this point, note Malcolm's dry clothes and the blood still on his leg, there's no way it could've been rinsed away.


Correction: Plenty of time had passed between these two events. A big storm had come and gone. I recall that Nedry got absolutely soaked. Besides Malcolm had time to put his belt around the wound on his leg. He had plenty of time to wipe the blood off by himself.


Corrected entry: When on the tour, the two cars pass by the T-rex enclosure where they see a goat raised into it from below. Then, they pass by without seeing the dino. Later in the movie they pass by the same enclosure going the opposite way. The cars would continue on their journey and not backtrack. If they did go backwards on the path to get back to the visitor's center, the cars would be facing the other way.


Correction: There's obviously a turn-around section (off camera); a loop in the track designed to allow vehicles to return to the center in an emergency without having to back up the entire way.

BocaDavie Premium member

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John Hammond: All major theme parks have had delays. When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked, nothing.
Ian Malcolm: But, John, if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists.



When Tim and Lex first arrive, Lex is wearing a purple tank top with a colorful design, and in the following scenes or even between consecutive shots her tank top changes to completely different designs, though it's the same style of tank top.



To make the water in the glass on the dashboard 'jump', they strung a guitar string from the underside of the dashboard to a bolt on the floor and then plucked the string.