Jurassic Park

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nedry falls off the waterfall, the jeep rope in his hands is gone, but when Nedry stands up, the rope is back.

Correction: He scoops the rope up just as he stands up.

Corrected entry: When the group is first entering Jurassic Park at the huge door, Malcolm says,"What have they got in there, King Kong?", but, if you look closely, his lips do not move. This happens again later in the movie where Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzelo are in the car when they encounter the T-Rex. Lex has the flashlight, and Timmy tells her to turn it off. She then says "I'm sorry", but her lips don't move. (00:40:00)

Correction: It's hard to see through the glass roof, but I definitely saw Malcolm's lips move. Same for the 2nd part, I can see Lex's lips move better than I can hear her say "I'm sorry"

Corrected entry: When we are first shown a dinosaur, (brachiosaurus, I think), when they first drive up its an open field, camera switches, the jeep is suddenly parked in trees. (00:19:30)

Correction: There are patches of trees all along the drive, and some are just beside them when they stop. You can see more open field in the are behind them.

Corrected entry: When they first arrive on the island and pull up to the large brachiosaurus, Ellie stands up in the car. Switch camera angles, and she is just now getting up. (00:19:30)

Correction: Before the angle switch, she hasn't stood all the way up (her shoulder is lower than Alan's), after the switch, her knees are slightly bent as she finishes standing up (shoulder now higher than Alan's).

Corrected entry: When Hammond's helicopter flies in to the Badlands dig site, somehow he manages to get from the helicopter way up to the trailer without anyone seeing him get out, even though they are all watching it land and Grant and Ellie get to it as soon as it lands.

Correction: There is never a scene to suggest they are watching the helicopter all the time, and neither do they get to the helicopter a soon as it lands- there is probably over 10 seconds to get to it and they possibly took a few seconds to tell others to take care of the site.

Corrected entry: When the Dilophosaur spits on Nedry the second time, it is only on his forehead and eyes. In the next shot, a second later, it is all over his face and cheeks. It was too soon for the rain to have washed it down that far.

Correction: After the Dilophosaur spits on Dennis he turns around and trips straight into the waterfall, that's more than sufficient to wash it down his face.

The mistake is correct. The amount of slime on his face increases in a mere frame.

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Corrected entry: When the T-Rex moves to Dr. Grant and the boy they hold still because it can't see things that don't move. Unfortunately though, T-Rex's have a highly developed sense of smell and would certainly have known they were there.

Correction: Considering the fact T-Rex's have been extinct for 65 million years, its quite difficult to tell what their sense of smell was like. Also, Grant says quite clearly in the film that sight was the Rex's most powerful sense and if you stayed still, it confuses him.


Corrected entry: Just before turning off the power, Muldoon asks about putting the lysine deficiency into effect. After a bit of talking, Arnold explains it as it being a security measure to prevent the spread of the animals off the island. He goes on to explain that the animals can't manufacture the amino acid lysine, and that if they aren't given a supply of it every 48 hours, they go into a coma and die. Factually, this is incorrect. Humans have the same "faulty enzyme for protein metabolism," yet we aren't dependant on lysine. So why would the animals be?

Correction: First, this is another example of the "scientists" being stupid (like planting the poisonous ferns). They didn't realize that the herbivores would be able to get lysine from plants on the island and the carnivores get it from the herbivores. Secondly, we are dependent on getting lysine from our diet. It is quite possible to eat an "incorrect" diet that would give you a lysine deficiency causing conditions such as pellegra.

Corrected entry: On the tour ride at the visitor center, Grant spouts pseudo-scientific pap "How do you interrupt the cellular mitosis?" We'll assume that he's some wonder paleontologist who for some reason knows biochemistry (that's rare) but mitosis is the process of cell division - there is no such thing as non-cellular mitosis (hence no one would ever call it that) and secondly there is no reason you would need to interrupt mitosis.

Correction: Grant could call it cellular mitosis. That's what it was referred to in my freshman biology class. And the book explains why they have to interrupt cellular mitosis, since they have to insert new DNA into the eggs.

Corrected entry: Watch carefully as Ellie removes her protective gloves after examining the um, droppings. To properly remove soiled gloves, one should "peel" the first one down from the top, turning it inside out. Hold the removed glove in your other hand, and "peel" the second glove down, turning it inside out and encasing the first glove. This prevents your hands from becoming contaminated. Ellie removes her gloves by pulling the first one off at the fingers, keeping it soiled side out. She then grabs the other glove, removes it the same way, then holds both of them together in her right hand, thereby ensuring nice, dinosaur-poopy hands. (00:51:00)

Correction: OK not pleasant and a strange choice, but not a mistake and definitely not a factual error to decide to remove gloves in this fashion.


Corrected entry: A raptor's killing claws wouldn't stay very sharp if they went around tapping them on any hard surface they happened to be walking on. Even tapping them on dirt would dull them if they did it constantly. Compare dog claws, which are constantly wearing on the ground, to cat claws, which are sheathed most of the time.

Correction: As Grant says in the beginning, the claws were retractable, just like a cat's claws. Most of the time they weren't being walked on.

Corrected entry: Just before Grant and the kids climb the perimeter fence, they hear the T. Rex roaring behind them. How does it then get to the Visitors Centre at the end after the power has been restored to the fence? It hadn't already made a hole in the perimeter fence because after escaping its own pen it spent the night and next morning chasing the jeep and then hunting the Gallimimus.

Correction: Whatever hole it made to get into the pen with the Gallimimus would still be there for him to pass through after the power was back on.

Corrected entry: When the kids are eating in the hall, I keep wondering about Tim. If he'd just received a serious electric shock, would he even be able to eat? Most people that get even a minor shock can't eat for a couple of days. (01:43:05)

Correction: A friend of mine was electrocuted and knocked unconscious by his television. When he woke up in the hospital, the first thing he did was ask for a bacon sandwich. Add to this the fact that Tim and Lex hadn't eaten for at least a day, and had been running around for most of it.

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Corrected entry: When Hammond takes the adults on the theater tour with the DNA video, Grant has his hat off. Then when they all get up to leave he leaves it on the seat. In the next scene in the science lab he has his hat back on again. (00:26:45)

Correction: Grant never takes his hat back into the lab.

Corrected entry: When everyone is leaving the island at the end Malcolm and Hammond are sitting in the back of the helicopter on the same side, with Satler in the middle. Both are looking out opposite windows. But the next exterior shot of the helicopter, show Hammond and Malcolm are sitting looking out the same window, across from each other in the helicopter engaged in an active discussion. Obviously left over footage from them first arriving at the island. (01:55:00)

Correction: The second scene must take place a few minutes after. If it was left over footage from them first arriving, Hammond would be on the other side of the helicopter. The man sitting across from Hammond is so heavily shadowed he could be either Malcolm or Grant.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hammond and Ellie are in the dining room eating ice cream that was melting due to a lack of power to the freezers, overhead fans are operating. Where did they get power?

Correction: Not all the systems went off - the lights are on as well as the fans. This is before they have actively deactivated the whole park; the freezers losing power must have been a side-effect of Nedry's meddling.


Corrected entry: When we see the helicopter descend to the helipad when the team arrive at Jurassic park. The waterfall in the background is angel falls, the tallest waterfall in the world about 10,000 ft, located in Venezuala.

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Correction: These falls are not Angel Falls in Venezuela. They are actually located in the Hanapepe Valley on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Anyone that has taken the helicopter tour there will confirm. In fact, most of the outdoor scenes were all shot on the same island.

Corrected entry: When the raptors open the lever handle doors, (like going into the kitchen) the handle on the opposite side moves too. With these types of doors, only the handle with the pressure applied to it moves, not the other side. This was added to show the raptor's claws on the door handle.

Correction: I've seen plenty of lever handles where the two handles are directly connected. And even if it had never been seen before, there's no reason to say it couldn't be done. It is, after all, easier than keeping the two handles independent.

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Corrected entry: When Malcolm says "You do have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour right? Hello? Hello Hello?" into the camera in the car, his lips aren't moving during the hello part.

Correction: He is indeed saying the words "Hello, Hello?" though. You don't have to move your mouth a whole lot to do it, and you can see his lips slightly moving.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Allen shoots through the glass in the control room at the raptor on the other side, he is using a shotgun. When it shows the holes in the glass, they are very small. Wouldn't the holes be scattered or at least a lot bigger if he was using a shotgun?

Correction: Not necessarily. Shot patterns depend on what choke the shotgun has. This is a constriction at the business end of the barrel that affects how the shot comes out, and a more constrictive choke means a tighter pattern. Barrel length and cartridge type also have an effect.

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Continuity mistake: When Tim and Lex first arrive, Lex is wearing a purple tank top with a colorful design, and in the following scenes or even between consecutive shots her tank top changes to completely different designs, though it's the same style of tank top.

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