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Corrected entry: When everyone is leaving the island at the end Malcolm and Hammond are sitting in the back of the helicopter on the same side, with Satler in the middle. Both are looking out opposite windows. But the next exterior shot of the helicopter, show Hammond and Malcolm are sitting looking out the same window, across from each other in the helicopter engaged in an active discussion. Obviously left over footage from them first arriving at the island. (01:55:00)

Correction: The second scene must take place a few minutes after. If it was left over footage from them first arriving, Hammond would be on the other side of the helicopter. The man sitting across from Hammond is so heavily shadowed he could be either Malcolm or Grant.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hammond and Ellie are in the dining room eating ice cream that was melting due to a lack of power to the freezers, overhead fans are operating. Where did they get power?

Correction: Not all the systems went off - the lights are on as well as the fans. This is before they have actively deactivated the whole park; the freezers losing power must have been a side-effect of Nedry's meddling.


Corrected entry: When we see the helicopter descend to the helipad when the team arrive at Jurassic park. The waterfall in the background is angel falls, the tallest waterfall in the world about 10,000 ft, located in Venezuala.

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Correction: These falls are not Angel Falls in Venezuela. They are actually located in the Hanapepe Valley on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Anyone that has taken the helicopter tour there will confirm. In fact, most of the outdoor scenes were all shot on the same island.

Corrected entry: When Malcolm says "You do have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour right? Hello? Hello Hello?" into the camera in the car, his lips aren't moving during the hello part.

Correction: He is indeed saying the words "Hello, Hello?" though. You don't have to move your mouth a whole lot to do it, and you can see his lips slightly moving.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Allen shoots through the glass in the control room at the raptor on the other side, he is using a shotgun. When it shows the holes in the glass, they are very small. Wouldn't the holes be scattered or at least a lot bigger if he was using a shotgun?

Correction: Not necessarily. Shot patterns depend on what choke the shotgun has. This is a constriction at the business end of the barrel that affects how the shot comes out, and a more constrictive choke means a tighter pattern. Barrel length and cartridge type also have an effect.

Corrected entry: In the Badlands scene, Dr. Grant stands at the computer and lectures the group of people about the Velociraptor skeleton. He says that the pubic bone is "turned back just like a bird". However, this dinosaur is not a member of the order of bird-hipped dinosaurs known as Ornithischia. It actually belongs to the order Saurischia or lizard-hipped dinosaurs, in which the pubic bone points forward.

Correction: The Velociraptor is a member of a smaller group of Saurichia called Maniraptors, which are currently (as Allen Grant pointed out) thought by many paleontologists to be directly related to birds. Although the Ornithischia had bird-like hips, this was apparently a coincidence, because the Maniraptor group of Saurischian's had their pubic bones evolve to point backward and fuse as in birds. So Velociraptor's pubic bone is in fact "turned back just like a bird."

Corrected entry: When Tim is knocked off the fence as it goes live again, the laws of physics go straight out of the window. No current could pass through him because he is not touching the ground, and the separate wires in the fence cannot be at separate voltages because there are thin cross-wires between the main strands. It's not impossible that he could get knocked off the fence (he'd be charged up, and like charges repel) but any injuries sustained would be as a result of the fall, not electrocution. (01:39:10)

Correction: Actually, to be electrocuted, you don't necessary need to be touching the ground. Since Tim was holding on with all fours, there was a "complete circuit" that the electricity could go through. Birds with huge wings (eg, eagles) sometimes get electrocuted by telephone wires when each wing touches a wire.

Corrected entry: When the T-Rex escapes from his paddock and Grant and Malcolm are watching, we see the dino move from screen right to left, passing past Dr. Grant, however when we cut back to Grant and Malcolm, the dinosaur is on Malcolm's side, just before he starts to advance to the kids.

Correction: More footsteps are heard, and there is time (while Lex is shown getting the torch), for the Rex to walk round behind Grant and Malcolm's vehicle.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the kids and Dr. Grant are walking through a field, they are then followed by a "flock" of dinosaurs. They then duck under the log and turn round to find a T-Rex attacking the dinosaurs. At one point one of the flocking dinos is seen jumping through the neck of the dinosaur. His top half disappears for a moment, then reappears after he has landed from jumping through the T-Rex.

Correction: This is incorrect. The Gallimimus is blurry because it is moving so fast, but what actually happens is that it jumps and COLLIDES with the Rex's neck, causing it to fall over. It is subsequently eaten.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-rex is pushing the tour jeep, Alan's hat keeps changing places from behind his back, to on the ground, and then disappears completely when the T-rex pushes it in a complete circle.

Correction: His hat simply lands on his shoulder when it is blown off by the dinosaur, then falls to the ground when the explorer is pushed around, and does not reappear.


Corrected entry: When the lawyer leaves Lex and Tim and then T-Rex comes and flips the jeep over it shows the ground being made of rocks or something then when they are upside down in the jeep there is mud pouring in on them but afterwards there is no mud.

Correction: At the point where the explorer is flipped, the ground is very wet and is disturbed by the roof scraping along it. The Rex pushes down on the explorer making it sink and fill with mud. The ground only becomes muddy where it is disturbed and mixed with the puddles (which is also why the Rex leaves deep footprints in the supposedly 'rocky' ground)


Corrected entry: In the scene where Lex is looking out the window for the T-rex when it is raining the rear leg of the goat lands on the window. A few seconds later the T-rex swallows the goat head first and it still has two rear legs.

Correction: The Rex actually eats the Goat rear-end-first (though it's difficult to see the head) so it is the two front legs dangling out of its mouth


Corrected entry: When Elli and Dr. Grant are at their dig site, arguing about having children, she puts a red bandana around his neck. They walk back down the hill, and in the next scene, it's gone.

Correction: Perhaps he removed it? There is enough time for him to do so while not on camera, and she didn't tie a knot so it is just loose round his neck.


Corrected entry: While the bull is being lowered into the velociraptor paddock, the lights on the electric fence are off, indicating that the fence is not powered. When Muldoon arrives to talk to Grant and the rest, the lights are on once again, and Muldoon leans against the electric fence through the entire scene, placing his hand on the bottom wire, with no visible ill effects. (00:32:54)

Correction: He never touches the electric fence, and in fact, is leaning on a handrail. During the same scene but in a different shot, The Chaos theory guy is leaning on the same rail but it is more clearly visible. You can see it is not part of the electric fence as they all are just approaching the cage.

Corrected entry: In the jeep, just after they arrive on the Island, the lawyer says "If they're not convinced, then I'm not convinced" when referring to the financial insurers he was referring to. Of course, what he should have said was "If I'm not convinced, they're not convinced".

Correction: He's referring to the experts on the island, like Malcolm and Dr. Grant - he's not knowledgeable enough, but is going to trust their opinion.

Corrected entry: When the t-rex is running after Malcolm, Ellie and Robert, it shouldn't take them so long to go faster than 30 mph (which is what John Hammond mentioned earlier in the film that they had clocked the t-rex at). If you really need to, you can go to faster than 30 mph in less than 20 seconds (depending on how fast you can get the revs high enough to change gear), so why does it take Robert a minute or two? He should have been away from the t-rex before Malcolm went anywhere near the stick. Considering there's a massive monster ready to eat them, wouldn't you be speeding away as fast as the jeep will go? Even conceding a muddy road with trees on either side - they are in a four wheel drive jeep and the trees would shield the road from much of the rain, making it not quite as muddy as the earlier shots when the t-rex attacked. The jeep is built for these types of conditions, plus Robert (the driver) has been all over the world tracking animals; there is no doubt he has been driving jeeps in all sorts of weather and would be quite an expert at it.


Correction: Firstly, it doesn't take 2 minutes to get away from the T-Rex as you describe. And it is doubtful that Muldoon's experience at driving jeeps extends to being chased by a T-Rex that became extinct 65 million years ago.


Corrected entry: Grant says that he and the two kids need to climb over the electric fence. So to check if the power is off to the fence he throws a stick at the fence, most people would know that wood doesn't conduct electricity, therefore even if the power was on it still would have just bounced off.

Correction: It was just an act to try and scare the kids. Grant looked up at the fence before throwing the stick and saw the light on the fence was off indicating the power was down. He then acted like he was checking the fence using the stick and then scared them by grabbing the fence and pretending to be electrocuted.

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Corrected entry: When Nedry is seen stealing the embryos from the freezer, in one extreme closeup shot of his hand he isn't seen to be wearing any gloves. This is absurd as some sort of protection is absolutely necessary while holding objects stored at such low temperatures (indeed Crichton puts it at -10 degrees). (00:54:50)

Correction: No 1. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to take out the embryos with cold-protection gloves on, they are just too cumbersome. No 2. He picked up the vials by the plastic cap, which wouldn't have been very cold.

Correction: And he's too wound up to care about a small amount of frostbite on his fingers anyway.


Corrected entry: There's a problem with the "faulty lysine gene" idea. If the idea is to insert a faulty gene to prevent the dinosaurs metabalizing lysine, then feeding them dietary supplements won't help. They won't be able to metabolize the extra lysine, so what's the point of them eating it? If the idea is to stop them manufacturing lysine then they are on a hiding to nothing anyway, as lysine is not "manufactured" in the body and is obtained exclusively from dietary sources. Either way, those dinosaurs are in trouble from the getgo.

Correction: The faulty lysine gene wasn't inserted to prevent the dinosaurs from metabolising lysine: It makes them lysine dependent. Word for word from the book (since it explains it better): "we don't want them to survive in the wild. So I've made them lysine dependent. I inserted a gene that makes a single faulty enzyme in protein metabolism. As a result, the animals cannot manufacture the amino acid lysine. They must ingest it from the outside. Unless they get an extraneous source of lysine - supplied by us, in tablet form - they'll go into a coma within 12 hours and expire."


How is it even possible to administer tablets to a dinosaur?

Depends on the dinosaur. With a T-Rex, just get another animal such as the goat and put the tablets in the body of the goat. Same way you put a dogs tablet in a bit of ham.

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Correction: Lysine could be administered by making vegetable matter high in lysine available.

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Corrected entry: While Nedry steals the frozen embryos he has no problem picking up these up with bare hands, even after they have been stored in liquid nitrogen.

Correction: It is never said that they are being stored in liquid nitrogen. The container that Nedry is GIVEN to smuggle the embryos contains liquid nitrogen for the trip.

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Continuity mistake: When Tim and Lex first arrive, Lex is wearing a purple tank top with a colorful design, and in the following scenes or even between consecutive shots her tank top changes to completely different designs, though it's the same style of tank top.

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Trivia: The T-Rex roars are a combination of tiger, elephant, alligator, whale, and dog sounds.

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Question: Are the people present at the digging site when they're discussing new approaches to analyzing skeletons supposed to be paleontologists in dr. Grant's group? If so, why would they laugh at his musings of "how dinos learned how to fly"? And why would he have to explain it to them? Seemed to me like he is explaining very basic stuff to the people that would already know this (and of course, to the movie audience).

Answer: They are not paleontologists, just people interested in dinosaurs. It is common for museums and other scientific organizations to offer the general public an opportunity to participate in a real paleontology dig. For a fee, they become an exhibition team member for a period of time, learn about dinosaurs, help excavate fossils, and so on. This is likely how Dr. Grant (or his institution) supplements his research funding.

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